Pundit slams Rice again for making “sideways and backwards passes.”

James McClean criticized Declan Rice again after his performance in England’s game against Denmark.

England has been underperforming and uninspiring in their two matches at Euro 2024 so far.

The Three Lions are one of the favourites to win the competition, but they have not met expectations, and individual players will admit they have been underwhelming.

McClean, who has been serving as a pundit during the competition, recently criticized Rice for being overrated, stating that he cannot control games like Rodri and Toni Kroos.

After the last England game, he again called out Rice for making safe passes. He said, as quoted by the Daily Mail:

‘I made a comment about Declan Rice that people have got their knickers in a twist about but for a £100million player I want to see more than just five-yard sideways and backwards passes.

‘He attempted one forward pass in the half and it went straight into the goalkeeper’s hands. I want to see him do more, break lines, but in the battle in the first half, Denmark just won it very comfortably.’ 

Just Arsenal Opinion

Every player in the current England team has struggled, just like Rice. The midfielder is performing poorly because of the players around him and the instruction from his manager.

He has been fantastic when he plays for us, and we expect that to continue when he returns from the Euros to play an important role for us next season.


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  1. Asking Declan Rice to make forward passes to become worth £100 million is like asking Mbappe to effectively man mark to be worth £100 million. Players are rarely great because they can do everything but because they do a set of things in a way very few can do. So I am hoping the following comments share the same sentiment and people like this are in the minority

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