Pundit supports Arsenal’s decision to offload flop

Alan Hutton believes Arsenal is doing the right thing as they close in on allowing Nuno Tavares to leave the club on loan for Atalanta.

The Portugal under21 star joined them last season, but he struggled, and they have now signed Oleksandr Zinchenko to become one of their left-backs.

Mikel Arteta’s side has to offload some players from their squad, and Tavares could become the first to leave.

Hutton believes they are on the right path because players inevitably have to leave them after the additions they have made to their squad.

He tells Football Insider: “You look at the likes of [Oleksandr] Zinchenko and others who have come in. Obviously Arteta will be looking to free up space, especially on the wage bill.

“So I think it’s good for Arsenal to move players on that have done a decent job but who, in the future, aren’t going to be a first XI player.

“So I think that’s probably a good move.”

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An unnecessarily big squad is a recipe for disaster, and we must trim down our current group to a manageable number.

Arteta has gradually signed players better than the options he inherited at the Emirates, and we need to flush out those who no longer fit into the plan.

Hopefully, we would get willing buyers or clubs that will take them on loan on favourable terms.

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  1. The priority should be to move out those players that have not future at the club at the moment and only 1 year contract ej:Bellerin,Torreira,and Runarsson,then Leno,Mari for which they can get some money and then sort out the situation of the homegrow Niles and Nelson.The other youngsters can be loaned.One or two very well selected additions will be very good result.

  2. Very harsh to describe Tavares as a “flop”.He has flattered to deceive but he has real pace, is physically impressive and has an excellent left foot.He needs to improve his positional sense ,composure and close control but he is far from a lost cause and perhaps a loan to Atlanta will provide him with regular match practise, without which he is unlikely to improve significantlyFundamentally, as a left back, he has to realise that his prime task should be to become a hard, determined defender before he turns to his attacking instincts.

    1. Agree. Was a bit surprised to see that. He played well for play of the season before tailing off. Give him a chance

    2. Agree its also telling that negotiations with sides thus far to loan him have broken down because we refuse to include any kind of optional or guaranteed fee in the deal.

    3. “excellent left foot”,i bet you have’nt seen him shoot or make a cross.brilliant player but still got a lot to improve on.

  3. Agree Grandad and Davi.
    What club does Hutton manage? Surely he is a director of football or head scout at least, with the certainty he speaks.

    To bloviate as if he’s wise, the only certainty is he will be proven wrong in time.

    1. @declan,it’s actually a compliment to him and arteta in the sense that he was signed by arteta for being a promising talent but clubs are lining up to take him from us despite being called a “flop”.that reminds me of he being linked to city last campaign.bright lad with huge potential i think he is.

  4. Flop? That’s lazy journalism.

    Two articles side by side using that word to describe players who are certainly not that at all.

    Tavares would (at worst) be best loaned out for a year to see if he gets up to full speed – and he may be worth retaining too.

    Bellerin was first choice RB for years and was (supposedly) wanted by Barcelona at one point. Hardly flops.

    Why not just say “Tavares” in the headline instead of “flop”? Is it because you need to bait the hook for a click by not revealing who you’re talking about? But… there’s a photo of him behind the text. Sigh. Even I can work that out.

  5. Footballing abilities come first then you take into account a player’s physical and mental characteristics.

    Tavares is poor at passing the ball. And he’s poor at defensive play – whether it’s a poor positional sense or whether it’s not reading the threat correctly, or making the winning challenge or interception, or if it’s just failing to stay strong ..he lacks a lot.
    He has a fair bit to improve upon. This is why he chooses to dribble so often because he has strong physical characteristics but weak footballing ones. This is also why some fans overrate some players. Because pace and power are qualities that can have a good footballer become a top footballer. Pace and power alone however will at times flatter to deceive. Welbeck would be an example player having strong physical but weak footballing abilities

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