Pundit tips Arsenal to ‘choke’ in their bid to earn Champions League qualification

Stan Collymore has upped the stakes in his disbelief in this Arsenal team by vowing to wear an Arsenal shirt if they clinch fourth spot.

The pundit has been full of criticism for our side in recent seasons, and that hasn’t stopped despite our impressive efforts this term, where we turned around our dreadful August to climb into a clear fourth at present.

Despite holding a keen advantage in the race for the top four at present, Collymore still insists that we are set to choke in our bid to close out Champions League qualification, and even vows to wear an Arsenal shirt with the manager’s name on should the Gunners clinch a top-four spot.

“Arsenal, this is it,” Collymore said (via the Express). “This is the run-in, this is where we get down to business, and it’s time now for Mikel Arteta and the boys to ram everything I’ve said about them again this season firmly back down my throat.

“They’re in pole position, their youngsters are absolutely thriving and they’re playing quality, on-the-front-foot, attacking football.

“But they have also been dross against the very best and let’s see what that means in the shake-up.

“They still have some decent teams to play, they’re up against Tottenham and Manchester United for that fourth and final Champions League spot, and both of those other clubs will be quite happy for Arsenal to be talked about in column inches with everyone raving about how great they are.

“I’m going for United or Spurs to pip them to the post, though, with Arsenal to choke in the run-in.

“And if they can prove me wrong, I will quite happily wear an Arsenal shirt with “Arteta 8” on the back and post a picture of it on the last day of the season. So come on, Gunners, bring it on.”

I’m not sure why some can’t just hold up their hands when they have already been proven wrong, but Collymore insists on doubling down on his criticism in hope of a major turnaround, and I can’t wait to see it.

At this point, even losing to both Tottenham and Man United would likely still see us clinch fourth, but we have to win those other matches as we have been all season, with those games proving problematic for most of our rivals.

Our consistency is what has got us to this point, and I would be shocked if we threw it away now, so Collymore may as well get his Arteta shirt printed and ready in my eyes.


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  1. We dont care who collymore is, if he decides to wear Arteta 8 shirt with “NO PANTS ON”, then we talk.

    1. fairfan find me someone who is NOT bored and I’ll show you a rare fan!

      Personally, if I was forced to choose between international football only OR, say, flower arranging, then bring on the greenery!

  2. Talking down on us gives us the conviction to push harder because of many are afraid of a “rising” Arsenal… Here comes project “INVINCIBLES 2” This time around, we’re going for the CHAMPIONS LEAGUE TROPH. 🏆😁😂💪

  3. He will not only wear Artetas shirt, he will strip naked on the last day,bcos we are finishing 4th on the tree…..COYG….

  4. Boring! Boring! Pundits? He’s only argument is that we’re a young team. Arsenal gonna do this? Arsenal gonna do that? But no mention on how other clubs are also under pressure.
    These idiots should just bore off!

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