Pundit tips Arsenal to finally end their Premier League drought

Former Liverpool goalkeeper, David James has predicted that Arsenal can go all the way to win the Premier League title considering the work that Mikel Arteta has done.

The Gunners have become a better team since the Spaniard became their manager and he helped them win the FA Cup and Community Shield recently.

Their FA Cup win assured them of qualification for the Europa League despite finishing the Premier League season outside the European places.

Arsenal has strengthened their team ahead of the new season, and they have also managed to get Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang on a new deal.

They started their Premier League campaign with a 3-0 win at Fulham, a result that could set the tone for the rest of their season.

James has watched as they have been transformed by the leadership and tactics of Arteta, and he believes that they have what it takes to go all the way.

In an interview with The Gary Newbon Sport Show on Punching.TV, James said: ‘I just think with Arsenal, what Arteta was doing, or trying to implement last season and they started doing, he’s had more time to get his team working well. 

‘They looked fantastic against Fulham, arguably you would expect them to win. 

‘I think Arteta’s got an opportunity with a gifted squad to go all the way. There’s no reason why they can’t do it, other than Manchester City and Liverpool reproducing the sort of form they’ve been doing over the last two years.’

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  1. Boy, I cannot be that optimistic. I spoke to one of my friends who operate a football team of sprat proportion. I asked him his take on Arsenal and he was spot on. Arsenal has the talent to win second tier trophies – not the premier league. What is the difference? The FA has been dominated by our team for a reason. Ever ask what that indicates? It means that The Arsenal have a culture of talent to beat any team on the day – and by extension some good days. If we put our best 11 out on the pitch, and our coach gets it right – and we don’t get certain referees – we can win in a knock-out system that has a limited frame. The problem with the Premier League is that it is long and the gap between the top and base is the narrowest in the world – even with the 3 money bags at the top. You need depth with the talent though. For instance, you need Pepe and Willian, and one more as back up for the same position or rotation. The day I see us having 2 good players for 6 of the 11 positions I will (not shall) be the first to jump up at work and face the indignity of people thinking I am mad. Until then we continue to put pressure on the owners and Board to do the right thing; and we beg the spoilt fans to support the team with all their chakra.

    1. Tell your friend thats absolute nonsense. He is far from spot on. There are more elements to the story than Arsenal dominating the FA Cup all the teams play to win this Cup and might i add. We didnt play Hull to get to the trophy. We played City, Chelsea to then win that Cup. Arsenal has been steadily improving with the group of players that were unachieving. They are only just getting to show a bit of the quality they possess. Do not get me wrong we need to strengthen in certain areas but do not be fooled that we are only able to win Second tier trophies. Thats nonsense. If Arteta gets the tactics and the team consistency spot on. We will lift any Trophy out there. I have never heard more bullshit before………Bout Second tier trophies. These rival fans are prepared to berate the FA Cup the oldest Trophy in Football because Arsenal wins it. Bullshit not buying it.

    2. Herbs bloody spot on mate, hard facts. But we remain loyal and hopeful however always with a pinch of salt. Players are improving gosh those last wins to end the season looked like serious hard work for the guys to pull out those results. …but its progress none the less.

  2. Herbs,you got it spot on!
    The problem with arsenal is lack of consistency through out the season,as a result of insufficient quality back up in all positions. We all know how severe Arsenal’s injury woes is. Once we start recording a lot of injuries,we tend to struggle. Though,in all honesty,this season seams to be a bit different,but not to the extent of winning the tittle. I really do have a strong feeling that this season,with a bit of luck,we might sneak into the top four.

  3. Arteta is in it to win it. Whomever think Arteta came to Arsenal to chase top four is just living in denial. Arteta is a ready to go manager built by Wenger + Guardiola
    Me thinks he’s special

  4. Pundits are there to talk, and talking is cheap. This is how they make a living. They cannot predict the future. The only way that Arsenal can do better is by realizing weak links in the team. Xhaka is one of them. The sooner they realise that, the better

  5. Arteta is bang average in the league. He still has lot to prove. If we beat any of the top 4 away from home I will take him seriously, until then No, Arteta is average.
    Let’s see the Pool game isn’t far away.

    1. Sorry, I can’t agree with your assessment thus far. Time will tell long term, but Mikel Arteta must be supported in the transfer market to get the players he wants.

  6. Depth of squad is important, because in a contact sport like football you are going to have injuries. Liverpool and Leicester City before them may have lacked squad depth, but had dream runs with lack of injury to their first elevens.
    Consistency of performances means cutting out the mistakes, which costs games and building teamwork, with everyone contributing with no toleration of shirkers. This is what Arteta is trying to coach and reinforce in training and selection.
    Arteta and Edu know the importance of a strong spine. The defense and attack appear to be sorted; now the quality and balance of the midfield remain.

  7. Arsenal winning the league?

    Thats an ambitious dream. But if liverpool of all teams did it after 30 agonizing years, who said we cant?

    All we need is replicate the winning run we had during emry’s first season win 11 to 13 first games, draw 4 out of 6 top six teams and ensure a nine point gap between us and second place before january.

    If we remain on top of the table by easter? We are champions of england in waiting.

  8. That is all I want as well as a European title… preferably before i pop off!! 😁
    That feeling of utter euphoria when we last lifted the trophy… I want to feel like that again!!

  9. Consistency in winning, managing injuries, good work rate and ehtics and finally a diehard spirit are the essentials of a title winning team. Arteta can imbibe these qualities in our team but he needs support from the Board to buy Partey and Aouar after the sales of some players. A winning mentality should be set in and than sky is the limit.

  10. Unlike previous years with wenger in particular, one thing I’ve noticed about the arsenal set up is no one is guaranteed the starting shirt, I have a weird little notion that players got injured way too easily under wenger(maybe they were real, maybe not) but I think if you knew you were replaceable in the team, you will put in your best and avoid injury as much as possible (which is what is happening now). Doesn’t mean there are not genuine injuries and we actually need a little bit of lady luck to pull through on that, basically, if we stay injury free and we do get Partey and Aouar, I’m not only convinced of a top 4,but that we’ll be challenging for the title as well.

  11. My expectations (or hope) is still a top 4 finish. I’ll upgrade that expectation if we find ourselves in the top 3 after 25 games (with point difference being no more than 3 between first and us).

  12. I really think we should take it one step after another and not worry about that. It is too much to ask at the moment.

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