Pundit tips Arsenal to get convincing 4-0 victory this weekend

Paul Merson has tipped Arsenal to get their first win of the 2021-22 season with a convincing 4-0 win over Norwich this Saturday.

The Gunners have failed to score a single league goal so far this term in losing to Brentford, Chelsea and Manchester City, but are firm favourites to get on track with a win this weekend when they host the Canaries at the Emirates.

Merson insists that Norwich are the exact team that we would want up next, before going onto tip us to win convincingly.

‘If you asked Arsenal’s fans, players, and Mikel Arteta who they’d want to play at home immediately after the international break, I’m sure they’d all pick Norwich,” the former Gunner claimed in his weekend predictions for SportsKeeda.

‘This is where Arsenal’s season starts, and they cannot afford to drop points this weekend.

‘Norwich City have looked out of their depth in the Premier League, and Arsenal’s fans will want something more from their team this weekend.

‘This is a big game for Arsenal – I think they’re capable of rolling over the lesser teams and should be able to win this match by a considerable margin. Arsenal 4-0 Norwich City.’

I can’t say I disagree that we will be winning this weekend, but I feel that Mikel Arteta is going to be reserved in his team selection, and that could well take some of the impetus out of our attack.

I would love to see us go into the game tomorrow with confidence and conviction with the onus on showing our dominance over Norwich, but we will have to wait and see what kind of Arsenal side will turn up this weekend.


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  1. I agree we will win but we really shouldn’t get carried away if we do. I’m looking at the next 5 games:

    Crystal Palace

    We need 4 wins and a draw minimum. Anything less than that is unacceptable. That would leave us with 13 points out of a possible 24 from our first 8 games which is still a relatively poor start.

    1. Totally agree and would probably have us in 11th ot 12th, which would be way below where we should be after 8 games. The next 5 games are games that are very winnable and we cant afford excuses or messing about. Probably before xmas we can only afford a couple of defeats. Im not confident!!!!!!!!

      1. Lucky you don’t bet Reggie. Or if you do you would be bound to lose, given your prediction that played 8 points 13 would have us as low as you claim. It is not so . Accurate stats based on regular past seasons are ONE, among MANY other matters, that pro bettors use to make their way. You are so far out, it is laughable. Only a mere handful of teams have an average of anywhere near two points per game after 8 games played.


        1. Oh dear Jon, quoting jon foxs fact that are so far out its untrue. Last season which was a low points scoring season we were 11th after 8 games on 12 points, yes 12 points, you know a million miles from facts. In fact 1 point jon, yes 1 point. Thank you for you unhelpful intervention and your attempt to make my opinion look rediculous by telling us jon fox facts. Well jon fox, you are not so well informed and i wasn’t so far out in my guesstimation. Better luck next time with your jon fox facts that aren’t facts. And for your info, i dont bet, its a mugs game, i used to but i saw the light and very happy i did.

  2. Merson was a decent PL player.
    As a manager he managed Walsal for one full season for a 14th paced finish.
    As a pundit he knows angry fans are easy click bait. So he has thrived as Arsenal went 0-3.
    Wins are on the cards now so Merson is demanding an avalanche of goals so he can still moan about “disappointing” wins.
    Soon Merson will say only an unbeaten PL season is acceptable.
    It’s silly but is just the business he is in where moaning is King.

    1. But he loves it when Arsenal win, he is a fan, i know he like Chelsea but he champions Arsenal, nothing wrong with that.

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