Pundit tips Arsenal to make long-term defensive change

Pete O’Rourke has claimed that Ben White and William Saliba are the likely long-term defensive pairing for Arsenal moving forwards, despite Gabriel Magalhaes impressive start to the new season.

The Gunners currently sit top of the table, with their defence earning plenty of plaudits for their role in a tremendous start to the new campaign, and that has naturally attracted plenty of interest in our star players.

While Gabriel is being eyed by a number of clubs, pundit O’Rourke has tipped Arsenal to look beyond him by using White as the long-term partner for Saliba in the heart of our defence.

He told the FootballFancast: “So, I think long-term plans still will be for Ben White to play centre half and I’m sure an exciting partnership with him and William Saliba, who are both young and full of potential and they could be a great partnership in the making for years to come.”

I think White is better suited to playing in a back five, and that he lacks a little strength to be coming back into the CB role at present. He is still relatively young however, and could be moulded into the ideal partner for Saliba in time.

I think I can see us looking to keep Gabriel for an extended time giving how strong he and the Frenchman have looked together, leaving White out wide or to consider his role in the side.

Can you see White and Saliba working as a strong first-team pairing?


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    1. I don’t see such happening anytime soon since Gabriel is where he wants to be. The 3 as they are here for the longterm

  1. Not sure where the writer got his ideas from but I do think the gaffer likes Ben White though I must admit I like him too as a ball playing defender.

    Arteta is a meticulous coach who likes a left footed defender in the left side of his defense, the gaffer is more likely to add a next left footed defender to his squad when the time is right.

    Ben White will always be included in central defense, the minute he is required.

  2. Saliba will stay because Arsenal will not allow him to leave us. But will do all that they can to keep him and keep him as long as they still want him.
    But I am not so sure if Arsenal will not allow him to leave them in future on transfer if any top club sides like Real Madrid, Barca, PSG and even Man City or Man Utd who are money bag rich club sides submit an outrageous sum of transfer signing sum of money to Arsenal in the region of say, a £t100m plus to Arsenal wanting to buy him. But if Arsenal will not accept collecting the money to let him go. And later invest the money to sign some new top grade players that included a new top CB.
    In the meantime, why change what is currently working? So therefore, let Ben White stays at the right fullback position that he is in the team playing very well. Where he’s at the moment doing so well for the team this season.

  3. Do not meddle around with the current CB , LB & LB . They are the Gunners very reliable for somtime now and they dont leakes in as much so please don’t do it.

    What the Gunners needs now is no.10 someone who plays upfront with Gabriel Jesus.

    We have been known for leaking in goals and Boring Boring Arsenal so please do not disturb the back line.

    This team has very much potential to be EPL Champion. The Gunners is HUNGRY for that as we did not celebrate for many years .

  4. Ben is the third choice center back at Arsenal and thats obvious to everyone behind both Gabriel and Saliba right now. He was moved to right back not just to accommodate Saliba . and if u ask most arsenal fans GM and Saliba are the best center back pairing right now

  5. Gabriel is an aggressive type of centre back that pairs well with more standoffish defenders like saliba and white.
    I think a pairing of saliba and white might not work so well due to them being too similar in style. I’d rather use Tomi to cover Gabriel if that were needed from our current group.
    Anyway, I think white is doing fantastically well at RB in this system, better than he was playing at CB imo.

  6. Why would you break up a CB pairing that is clearly working well together, and move a player who is playing his best football at RB?

    White is showing he is a better RB than CB; nothing wrong with that, our team is very solid in the defensive department.

    Only a fool would tinker with something that is working, and Arteta shows no signs of moving White back to CB.

    Personally, I’d rather see Tomi as CB before White if any player is taking over in the CB pairing.

  7. It is absolutely amazing how ppl who are not part of Arsenal’s Club structure at any level watsoever not even boot shiner can talk abt supposed switches in cb and rb pairings,wat utter rubbish! Please leave our team’s structure and setup to Mikel

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