Pundit tips Arsenal to miss out on Champions League after ‘big setback’

Roy Keane has claimed that he expects Arsenal to miss out on the top-four once again this season.

The Gunners narrowly missed out on fourth in the final fixture of last term, with Spurs sealing the final place in the elite European competition, but that seemed an unlikely scenario going into the final weeks of the campaign.

Our implosion was painful, seeing us drop a points advantage when retaining a game in hand also, and we will now have to pick ourselves up to go again in the new term.

The feeling in north London is extremely confident at present however, with a number of impressive signings having bolstered our playing squad, and on the back of an impressive pre-season including some excessive wins over both Chelsea and Sevilla.

Keane isn’t feeling the same kind of confidence about our side however, and seems to claim after blowing our lead last term is a huge negative as we look to try and improve on our fifth place finish.

“I couldn’t agree more I think this [previous season] was their opportunity [to return to the Champions League],” Roy said via Football.London. “They blew it, they got into a great position, four, five games to go in the season you think they’re in pole position and they blew it.

“They couldn’t get over the line. They were poor, the Newcastle game was a real blow to them where they never turned up and the manager was quite critical of them after the game, some of the players were – senior ones – so you wouldn’t be putting any bets on Arsenal to finish top four next season because the other teams, Man United will better – you’d of thought. Tottenham will be stronger, you can’t see it, big setback.”

Assuming that Man United will be better is a regular hope for their fans, but we have seen many disappointments in previous seasons from them under a number of different managers. While it is easy to claim we blew it, you could also argue that we outshone expectations in even getting that close to the top four, and with a much-improved squad to play with this term, there is plenty of reason to feel more confident in ourselves.

This team should get better year on year as our youngsters continue to improve, and I feel like we will be in there challenging again come the end of the campaign, but how much others will improve is where the question marks come from.


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    1. Nothing we haven’t heard b4, even some of our own supporters think like this. Let the season begin

  1. Looking at it with a cold head, I could see why we wouldn’t be favoured to make top 4 – competition. The others have a bit more recent history in their favour, even utd, and I do think utds new manager will improve them.

    However I do think we can surprise a few people. I think we’ll be much more of an attacking force and I really like the look of our first team, and we do have a bit more depth. It’s often overlooked, but many of our younger players will be better than last season, including unexpected ones like lokonga. Might be good if we’re seen as the underdogs tbh.

  2. Keane is entitled to his opinion.. These pundits know as mucn as us where any team will end up..

    No has has a crystal ball.. The only teams that we can all be confident about are City and Liverpool.. The rest is just guesswork.

  3. I don’t think he meant united will be better than Arsenal. He just meant they will be better than last season and that’s expected. They finish 2nd two season ago, and suddenly found themselves in 6th last season.
    As we are all expected to get better this season, so does other teams even tho it’s unrealistic as nobody knows what will happen along the way but everyone just want to be better than the previous season.
    According to the comments so far, it will be interesting to know where we will finish as almost everyone here is expecting top4 finish.
    Hope we won’t have to hear nobody was expecting top4 narrative once the season is concluded and we don’t find ourselves in it.
    I must say this squad looks much better than the last one, but it does not always guarantee results.

  4. We had a golden opportunity to finish top 4 last season and failed. I said at the time that this season would be even tougher and haven’t changed my mind. The new signings could make the difference but it’s no certainty and Ten Haag and Conte would need to fail for us to succeed. Top 2 will still be Man City and Liverpool and, even with their problems, I fancy Chelsea for third place.

    If Arteta can get that 4th place his Arsenal future will be assured and he will have deserved it. Whatever happens it’s going to be one hell of a season – can’t wait!!

  5. Even Liverpool will not beat arsenal like before we will surprise every critics this season

    1. Remember 1989, out of nowhere, we won it! GG made some astute signings plus we had a few academy players shine through and we did it. I reckon Arteta has madr some game changing sognings. I do hope our midfield lasts, but seems like attack and defence havebeen sorted.

  6. Last season Man U was fighting West Ham for 6th place….this season it will be the same…..!
    We’ll be in top 4 and spuds 5th

  7. If I were Kean, I’d be better off advising Manchester United; or is there a gag order? Will they even make top 7?
    Let the games begin!

  8. If we had won thr Prewm for thr last ten seqsons in a row I still would not expect misery guts KEANE to ever admit we had a chance of top four. When you have spent a lifetime being jealous of our club and hating everything about it ,it is surely just par for the course to diss us , as he does at every opportunity.
    Only super sensitive souls will show any concern at all about his ahem “considered” view!

    I find it reassuring, TBH, coming from HIM! There is of course GOOD REASON for his jealousy!

  9. i would be very worried if the thug keane ever said anything good about us !.he is a gobsheen and should never be taken seriously.he can never see beyond his beloved united, so he will be grand, who listens to the likes of keano anyways, even his own fans disown him.

  10. Not a ball has been kicked, yet everyone thinks they know who’ll lead the pack. We stand about as good a chance as anyone else, if Arteta gets it right. Both Pool and MC are beatable, it’s been done before…IJS

  11. A paper thin squad punching above their weigh more or less all season. Arsenal managed to compete top four solely because of key players staying fit most of the season. In addition, did we have the Auba case which wasn’t beneficial for us.

    When injuries and fatigue on key players became reality in the last part of the season, our young and paper thin squad didn’t have more to offer. Arsenal became fifth in the league which reflects the quality of our squad compared to our opponents.

    I expect our players to continue their development, and together with the new players recruited in this window, we should expect a better and more competitive squad next season.

  12. We will be far better than last season leave all these nonsense people to say what ever they like

  13. I see Arsenal my beloved club, winning the EPL this season. Over optimism you think? Yet it is possible. Gunner for life! Good luck to Arsenal. We are watching keenly.

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