Pundit trolls Arsenal over Ben White moving to the Emirates

Danny Mills seems to be trolling Arsenal after claiming that Ben White’s ambition should be questioned over him choosing to join Arsenal this summer.

The Gunners are set to complete the transfer of the Brighton defender after he returns from his holiday.

It is believed that both clubs have reached an agreement and it just remains for the former Leeds loanee to return from holiday and the transfer will be completed.

The 24-year-old has enjoyed a meteoric rise in football in the last two years after helping Leeds gain promotion to the Premier League in the 2019/2020 season.

He built on that by becoming one of Brighton’s most important players last season.

His performances for the Seagulls earned him a place in England’s squad for Euro 2020 and he is now set to join Arsenal, which is a step above Brighton.

However, former Premier League star, Mills reckons that the defender is better than Arsenal and his ambition has to be questioned if he moves to the Emirates.

Mills said on talkSPORT: “I think he is a great signing for Arsenal, he is a really good addition and he is an excellent player.

“I just wonder what his ambitions are?

“I am surprised that there aren’t bigger clubs who came in for him or better clubs who are more likely to win something.

“I look at Arsenal and probably Arsenal fans are probably steaming on Twitter or whatever, but are Arsenal going to win or even challenge for the title in the next two or three seasons? I think that’s unlikely.

“He is 24, so he is going to be heading in that two years of 26 and 27. He is not going to do a year at Arsenal for £50m and then leave.

“I don’t see him winning anything at Arsenal.

“I think he would have options of going to bigger clubs with a better chance of winning trophies, playing Champions League football, which would do his international career a world of good.

“I think he is better than Arsenal, he can do better than them.

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    1. You are so wrong, Danny Mills was a legend he won the League cup with Boro in 2004 when they beat the mighty Bolton Wanderers.

      He may be right that white deserves better, but like any footballer it’s just a job for most. The love for a club is only found when it changes your life. For me my life changed at 3 years old, here I am 52 years later and would never even look at another club.

      1. So…winning a league cup makes some player a legend. Arsenal won several FA cups recently.

  1. Danny Mills is just an Anti-Arsenal troll. Really rubbish pundit only on when no one else is available.

    1. He’s not the only pundit who feels arsenal deserves nothing. I remember a period when they were pushing man city to sign Tierney🙄🙄🙄. I don’t know why they don’t want arsenal to rebuild, sometimes it feels like they love to see arsenal get relegated

  2. It shows that Arsenal is really starting to give other teams some nightmares soon.
    Arsenal is slowly waking up n challenging for the top 4 table. And these new players are smart to join now n want to be known n be involved in the New Arsenal Evolution.

    1. Arsenal haven’t proven a thing yet so why would you say that? Not even played a game yet. This time last year we all thought we would be stronger. It turned out to be our worst season in over 50 years. Get a grip and stay grounded please!

  3. I remember city won nothing with him, so only 4 clubs won trophies last season and utd were not one of them bit of spoofer that guy even pretending he could play football

  4. Mills, Owen, Neville, kean, souness, carragher, scholes, are just some pundits who’s opinion I care little about. No player could ever dream of matching Danny Mills’ ambition…

    1. Graeme Souness knows football and is worth listening to, whether you agree or not.
      As for Danny Mills, if he had ambition or was good enough, he may have got a call from Arsenal. He never did.
      At the end of the day it’s which club(s) come caller and the size of the pay cheque for most players. There are very few Matt Le Tissier’s, who stayed with Southampton, when he could have gone to any club in the world, including Barcelona.

  5. I think mills is a coward for saying a thing and criticizing himself at the sametime, saying white is good but he can’t win anything at arsenal is the same as saying white isn’t good enough to help arsenal win trophies in the future. Just like we saw good defenders leading their teams to glory like van dirk of Liverpool.

  6. His remarks are mean spirited
    ManC came calling and some very fine players joined a club that had been in the doldrums for years and were sold a dream which became a reality and a big salary.
    Why shouldn’t Arsenal be able to do the same? Why is White un ambitious for joining us? Whether it’s Arteta or another manager; Arsenal are a big club and will come back again.

  7. Mills is a sheet of pundit and not helping to young English players, why on earth young English players should only play for man u, that was his wish

  8. I’m surprised anyone on JA listens to Talks**t anymore. Who really cares what someone with an agenda against The Arsenal thinks. He’s obviously saying this because his bosses know it will be controversial and get people talking about them, and yes, I do see the irony as I am talking about them. I much prefer listening to sports shows on bbc5live….

  9. This is nonsense by this so called pundit. Deriding and degrading another team is not the way to go about for a pundit. A player can choose a club of his choice based on various factors like his liking of the club, the opportunities available, the pay check, the history and tradition of the club, etc. Arsenal will show all such so called pundits and anti Arsenal individuals what we are actually capable of by doing great this season.

  10. Gave up on Talksport’s call generating anti Arsenal rhetoric ages ago. (forgot about it now to be honest).

    Ah Mr Mills, only the other day having a pop at club legend Robert Pires.

    ” I am surprised that there aren’t bigger clubs ” (coming in for White).

    Grow up Mills.

    Purely in context (citing “club size) – there aren’t many bigger mate !

    Football is cyclic.

    Yes, we are down on our uppers right now.

    But there are so many managers and club hierarchy’s out there praying we don’t ” get it right” and come again because have no doubt – we are “The Arsenal” !

    Can we rest on past glories, history and reputation much longer ……..no.

    But the likes of Mills better pray we don’t rise again – and we will !!!!!!!

    Mills – you just keep bumming up to your little mate Durham.

    Might as well tune into CBeebies !!

  11. Mills is just bitter because of the humiliation he suffer at the hands of Henry but if u check the stats only two clubs in the premiership that’s bigger than Arsenal and that’s Liverpool and Manu so what is this clown trying to say best to keep his mouth shut and to be considered a dumbbell than to open it and prove what we all know

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