Pundit urges Arsenal target to wait for ‘more compelling’ offer

Simon Jordan has claimed that Brighton defender Ben White should have no interet in joining Arsenal with ‘far more compelling’ options supposedly available.

The England international is strongly linked with a move to the Emirates this summer, with offers already claimed to have been lodged, and they appear to be unchallenged in their pursuit thus far.

Jordan questions if the defender should even be considering the move however, intimating that a better offer shouldn’t be far away for the ‘Rolls Royce’ of a player.

“Why would he want to go there?” Jordan asked on TalkSPORT.

“With respect to Brighton it’s a step up but there may be other steps available to him that are far more compelling than Arsenal

“If Ben White is now in the international squad and revered the way he is, because he’s a top quality player, why are Arsenal in the mix? Arsenal are all over the place.

“If you’re comparing and contrasting Brighton to Arsenal then yes it is a step up but if you’re comparing somebody who’s in the England squad that people in the game think is a Rolls Royce then what is the move he’s making to Arsenal for?”

Jordan then turned to question Arteta as coach, adding: “They are a long way from where they need to be and there’s a lot of people looking at Arteta, me included, who started out thinking this guy’s got the chops but are maybe thinking he’s all theory and not enough practice.”

The former Crystal Palace chairman clearly doesn’t rate our chances of becoming one of the top clubs again in the near future, but if the rumours of a large transfer budget prove to be true, then I don’t see why White couldn’t be part of the team that helps us do just that.

Jordan’s opinion has never really been one I’ve ever been in tune with, and I’m certainly not on his wave-length here…


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  1. Because Arsenal are a massive famous club, maybe that’s why he wants to come! Simon Jordan is nothing more than a waste of ink and airtime! We get it he doesn’t like Arsenal.

    1. Kev.. did you watch Wales get spanked?
      I kept looking at their assistant coach thinking he looks familiar.. he’s our, or should I say Mikel’s assistant coach!

      1. Yes Sue and that VAR goal took an eternity 😛 I didn’t notice at all I had to Google it Albert Stuivenberg.. I’m too knowledgeable about the assistants isn’t Steve round another one we have ? Lol

        1. Good old var – thought we were back in the PL for a moment 😆
          Yep, see you’re more knowledgeable than you thought!
          Wales were disappointing and Robbie Savage commentating… 😫

          1. Haha yeah shocking Sue 😂 Garth Bale wasn’t too happy with the ref was he lol he needs to shave that fluff off his face, it looks like a 15 year old boy attempting to grow a beard 😂 he would almost make you want to mute the TV wouldn’t he ? Great news about Kieran Tierney Sue 👌

          2. Garth? 😂 Are you watching Wayne’s World?! Haha, party time excellent!
            Yes, very happy with that, Kev. Now for ESR and we’re sorted!

          3. Haha Gareth 😝 not if Villa have they’re way Sue they are beginning to become one of my most hated teams the arrogance of them 😂 you watching the Italy v Austria game Sue ?

          4. Here we go Sue extra time 😉 haha VAR spoiling things again 😛 Italy have been disappointing Austria looking more likely what was your prediction 0-0 ? 😂

          5. But does it count ? Because the result should only stand in 90 mins like it does in betting 😂 who do you think will win it Sue ?

          6. It’s over 120 minutes.. so I only picked up a point. Initially I thought Belgium, but it has to be France, you?

  2. First of all who’s Simon Jordan?
    Answer: He’sa failed club owner who couldn’t even manage a small club like Crystal palace. Why should we even ate his opinion serious?

    How can anyone even think leaving Brighton to arsenal is not a good thing for a 23 yo kid. I see a bright future for our club because of the players we are tying down for long term; Balogun, Martinelli, Saka, and now Tierney. Also looking at the players we are shipping out I can only think of something good coming.

    If these players can be sure enough to secure their long term future to the course who is Wanna be club owner to question what our club is doing. If he had any sense inside his head he wouldn’t have mismanaged a fine club and eventually lost it and now what does he do? Punditry. Imagine Kroenke being a pundit someday. Rubbish.

  3. The Arsenal hater and critics will never be objective and fair in their criticism… Simply put, Arsenal is rebuilding like Liverpool did and Man United is doing… As a club Arsenal has brand recognition, marketability and recent historical footballing significance… No one criticized player going to other big name club… But Arsenal makes the career of many so it is what it is.

  4. The laughable scorn from non serious- thinking fans on here towards Simon Jordan is frankly pathetic. Instead of insulting ahighly intelligent man who has made money, lost it and still does very well financially and whose regular opinions are eagerly awaited by TalkSport regulars, they would be better employed wondering WHY SJ thinks as he does.

    If they had any REAL intellect, they would realise that SJ is known for giving forthright, though honest opinions and he is merely fulfilling that role on TalkSport that is expected of him and for which he is very well paid.
    He is NOT an Arsenal fan and it is a cheap and unthinking shot to shoot down a man for merely giving his honest opinion.

    I do not agree with his opinion – not remotely – but recognise that he is on TalkSport for a reason and is simply fulfiling his role. The lack of intellect of so many fans, to a serious thinker like me, is so intensely irritating. I do not suffer fools gladly and never have, never will. They are so predictably dimwitted!

    1. Oh you a deep thinker are you? So that gives you and this moron the right to float your dribble but others can’t because you won’t suffer it?? Well we are all suffering thanks to you and you buddy Mr Pundit! What an idiot! Why would he come to Arsenal?? Oh I don’t know maybe because we are a massive club who are in fact on the rise, our first half of the year clouded out how damn well the team was doing for the rest of the season. Why would White not won’t to join a team full of young, exceptional talent like himself, and join a team where he will for sure play weekly, get damn well [paid, live in London and more than likely be playing in Europe the following season and be playing for other titles. Like it or not Arsenal are going to be doing better and better and our team will be getting better and better, who would not want to join that? Anyone who denies this or can’t see it is just a hater or is stupid or both. Probably both!

      1. Well said sir.
        The self acclaimed wise men on this platform would want only their “wise” opinions to thrive. It is wrong for anyone to disagree with their kind. But the truth is that you cannot have it both ways. It’s either you think Ben White is too good for ARSENAL or Simon Jordan is a clown on this matter. Chose one.

        1. Well said GoGo
          I would go as far to say anyone who actually listens to that sh1t show is not a true Arsenal fan ,after the crap they have lumbered on this club over the years ,petty much a gutter radio station that should never been given air time to real Arsenal fans ,on par with the Sunday sport newspaper ,if that is still a thing .

          1. Well Dan kit you have done a great job at insulting me.
            You may not like Talksport but I enjoy listening to Martin Keown and Ray Parlour when they are on. So I’m not a true supporter?

          2. Omg, Dan, you know you’re not allowed to slag off TalkSport or Arteta, doesn’t matter about any of our players, just not those 2 things, right? 😉

          3. It does not take much to insult you then @suep.
            Regarding parlour didnt he recently embarrass himself and the club he was ment to be associated by attacking Robbie from ATV ,if that’s the kind of person you get enjoyment out of listening then fair play to ya .
            Maybe I was abit harsh about saying not being a true supporter ,but personally as an Arsenal supporter I honestly could never listen to that crap after the attacks they have made on this club over the years .
            Gutter radio station,I would rather listen to classical FM

      2. Ok mr jordon the answer is simple he’s making the move to arsenal to help the club get to where they belong that why you’re so mad,because you don’t want us to sign quality players you want us to stay in the rot so you can continue to have more reason to criticize arsenal,because I know for sure come next season we’re have a good season it will be a very bitter pill for you to swallow

    2. jon, I agree with you. Agree or disagree with Simon Jordan, he is entitled to his opinion. As you state he has “put his money where his mouth is”, having lost a lot of money owning Crystal Palace.
      It’s easy to criticize when it’s not your money.

  5. Simon Jordan is such a deluded pundit. He lost everything to join punditry, now he is making a heck out of comment. What a shameless individual whose brain is already jeopardised.

  6. SJ hasn’t actually said anything very much that neutrals and some fans could disagree with.

    There are plenty of people on JA who’d agree with his assessment of Arteta in any case.

    It’s also undeniable that Arsenal aren’t challenging right now. It is hardly rocket science that a team without European football for next season isn’t as big a draw as one that has

    Arsenal is a big club that needs to rediscover those winning ways and attracting White or any other important target is a step in the right direction

  7. As Talksport pundit comments go this is pretty tame, hard to argue with and not at all worth getting upset or excited about

    If any player gets a “a far more compelling option” with another Club rather than joining ours then of course they would consider it, the clue is in the word compelling

    We don’t know if we have made any kind offer, what that offer looks like, whether there is any other interest etc

    If the quoted comment about Arteta is accurate then again it’s pretty bland, it’s measured, reasonable and not particularly critical of Arteta or Arsenal

    Seems like Talksport may have lost it’s wind up edge from when I used to listen to it

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