Pundit urges Arsenal’s players to do this one thing on the pitch

Danny Mills has urged Arsenal’s players to ignore Mikel Arteta’s instruction at some moments on the pitch and make things happen on their own.

The Gunners have lost their last three league matches, and it has dented their hopes of finishing this season inside the Champions League places.

Arteta has proven his worth as a decent tactician even though his career is just starting and the players respect his instructions.

However, former Premier League star, Mills believes sometimes they need to ignore what the manager has asked them to do and go for what they know can help them win a game.

He tells Football Insider: “When we talk about leaders, it’s players with a voice, influence and experience. So when things aren’t quite working on the pitch, whatever the manager’s instructions are, you’re not a robot and you can change.

“Football is one of the most fluids games. You can have a game plan but it might change, it’s not stop-start, you can’t reset every two minutes.

“If things aren’t going your way you need players to be adaptable, to adjust to certain situations and tell their teammates to adjust and do things a different way.

“If you don’t have that ability within players and they constantly look to the bench then there’s an old saying, if you’re looking at the bench then you should be on it.”

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Mills played in the Premier League for several years and he knows what it takes to function in the competition.

His comments are coming from a place of experience, and it could be what Arsenal is missing now.

The likes of Thomas Partey and Martin Odegaard have played at big clubs before moving to the Emirates. They can use some of that experience to win matches for us.

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  1. The manager is the man in charge of the team, so players should do as the manager says. That’s what it’s about in a team sport.

    1. Agreed, and when they Do what the manager taught them and didn’t yield positive results, we go ahead to abuse, criticize those players and leave the manager out.

      1. Is it the manager that mis-places passes, is it him that fails to score a tap in, is it him that concedes a penalty?

        Criticising and abusing players maybe ok with you, but not for me.

        1. Yeah, definitely not ok for you.
          But except when it’s the likes of Auba and guenzo, emery those are absolutely ok for you.

          1. Not at all ! I’ve called out Auba for his lack of following the clubs rules. I’ve called out Guendouzi for his attitude problems here and at Hertha Berlin. I backed him for what he did at Brighton, because that’s what our players used to do. As for Emery, I backed him at the time certain players were taking the piss out of him. Shame the club didn’t, but then it was cheaper to get rid of the Head Coach than the players.

            Nice try, but no cigar.

            1. Well I don’t take cigar but great you admit you have criticized them in this new comment.
              Because you claimed you were not the type that criticize in the past.
              And your last paragraph, you were right it’s more cheaper to get rid of a manager than players until now.
              Mikhy, sokratis, Willian, ozil, auba, guenzo, mustafi, kola, chambers, nketia and laca and elneny to follow soon. Those are the players gone with zero transfer fees.
              How come it was easy getting ride of these much players compare to the manager.
              But you claim getting the manager off is easy than the players.

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