Pundit urges Aubameyang to leave Arsenal if he has any ambition

Chris Sutton is unimpressed with Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang not giving a straight answer when asked about his Arsenal future, and he has urged him to leave the Emirates for his own ambitions.

The striker has entered the final 12 months of his current Arsenal contract and the Gunners are hopeful that he will sign a new deal.

The Gabonese striker has been arguably the club’s most important player since Mikel Arteta became their boss, and the Spaniard will not want to lose such an important player.

Aubameyang, however, is refusing to verbally commit his future to the club and with several teams looking to take him away from the Emirates, Sutton thinks that he needs to come clean about his plans and leave the Emirates if he has any ambitions.

He was speaking to BBC, and he wondered why the striker cannot say yes or no with regards to committing his future to the club.

“I don’t get why can’t he just say – yes or no. What is there to sort out? You can say contract terms, but I’m sure Arsenal would have offered him a fortune,” Sutton said.

“If he had any ambition he’d want to go elsewhere. Arteta himself before the game said that it would be a disappointing season even if they won the FA Cup. He knows how much work he has to do.”

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  1. Hopefully that pic of CS was taken
    shortly after Auba kicked him in
    the nutz. 😁😂

    Sorry Chris, nobody gives a flying
    you know what about your
    opinions on Auba and AFC.

  2. These English pundits are ALWAYS trying to unsettle Arsenal football club.

    Has Chris Sutton said anything about the lack of ambition Harry Kane has, for remaining at Tottenham Hotspur?

  3. I think the picture was taken, when Sutton was listening to his own dribble and nonsense played back to him.

    1. Because MA selected Ozil for every premier game from the start of 2020 until the coronavirus and we were undefeated in those games.

      Unless you think he should have defied MA selecting him and reacted like Guendouzi has?
      What a field day that would have produced eh?!?!

      1. Incorrect Ken! Arteta had no involvement with Arsenal when Ozil decided to sign a new contract and stay at Arsenal. That’s what I am referring to.

        Ozil ONLY stayed for the money. If he had any ambition, he would have moved on, just like all our other top stars kept doing in the past…even club legend Henry.

          1. And Arsenal was killed in the rush by suitors for Ozil, if he hadn’t been available on a free.

        1. Money is always the ultimate ambition. Say what you will about passion and whatnot but in the end you need food, shelter, clothes and medical expenses. After you are fortunate enough to secure those you either choose to live in luxury, use your fortune to help those in need or both.

          I don’t think football players with their short careers and who are on their last years on top such as Mesut or Pierre will choose ambition over securing their financial futures. They have the rest of their lives and those of their families to think for.

          1. HH, I think Mezut Ozil is well beyond the level of “food, shelter, clothes and medical expenses” in Mazlow’s “Heirachy of Needs”!
            Also he and Aubameyang have well and truly “secured their financial futures”.

          2. A post about about Auba and the usual suspsects turn it into a Ozil debate SMH ,maybe try supporting your team rather than putting it down every opportunity you have .
            Unbelievable ….

          3. Yet they accuse others of being obsessed with him!!! 😂😂😂
            You couldn’t make it up – an article about Sutton and Aubameyang becomes an Ozil slanging match again.

            I just said “you couldn’t make it up”, but keep an eye out for the accusations that have no validity whatsoever.

  4. Chris Sutton you are a w£+=#r. Always trying to bring down Arsenal at any opportunity. You behave like an ex girlfriend with a chip on their shoulder.

  5. Ambition at the age of 31? He will soon be 32 and there will be no one coming in for him with the kind of salary he is demanding.

  6. If Auba goes then we have to replace him from Eduard from Celtic. The former PSG man is on Fire already and is kicking on from last season in Scotland with a hit trick on the opening day.

    I really want Auba to stay and build the team around our captain but if he wants to go then by all means go to Europe,no English team & I’m sure the Arsenal fans will give you our blessing as he is a superstar and deserves UCL at least in his last few years at the top.

    We will find out this week hopefully

  7. Chris Sutton is a sulky Chelsea man and his opinion/views are of no importance to the Arsenal faithful. Let him concentrate on why Chelsea lost the FA Cup final, rather than foccussing on Arsenal stars. If Auba is happy to be working with MA, is convinced about the Arsenal project, and loves arsenal, he will always stay on and deliver for the Club, no matter what the sulking Sutton thinks.

    1. But as far as English punditry is concerned Arsenal is a fair game. Even our former players are on the bandwagon. Have you ever seen former Man utd players bash their team on a daily basis even though they have been just as bad as us in the last few years? Carragher and Liverpool before they became contenders? They may do it now and then to lie to themselves that they are not biased but its not daily like they do to Arsenal.

      1. Perhaps you could write his posts for him then, as no mention of Ozil or his contract has been made anywhere else.
        On the other hand, MA has been mentioned, so the link made by TMJW when he asked his question was totally irrelevant… as the posts before and after indicate in regards to the article… pleased to know that you have an official interpreter now, TMJW, I will wait until SueP clarifies any new ones before commenting in the future👍

          1. Good ol spin doctor Ken1945! Hey I think you owe all of critics of Ozil an apology Ken, wouldn’t you agree? In fact, we have all been proven right even more than any of us could have imagined.

            Not only have his performances been laughable under FOUR managers now, but his wage, and then his refusal to take a wage cut, have now played a part in some losing their jobs…just as some of us dared to predict!

            You could say sorry individually, but probably easier if you just pen an article, explaining how you got so wrong, and apoligise to those who dared to speak the truth, and in turn, were proven right. Maybe you and Dan kit can team up for an apology for lambasting those truth speakers?

          2. TMJW, explain your use of spin please – you always use it as a cover when you can’t answer a question or, as in this case, go totally of subject to bring in your favourite subject for no reason whatsoever.
            As for your original question off topic question “why do we think Ozil stayed?”… that’s obvious, the club wanted and asked him to, he accepted.

  8. Every time I see his smug face I just want to slap him, can’t help it and I honestly am not a violent person,anyway the guy knows that making negative comments about Arsenal is only way for him to get talked about !

  9. Age is against him. If he can stick around longer, he will end up not winning anything because he’ll be playing alongside deadwoods like Xhaka, Mustafi, Torreira, and Ozil. Don’t expect to win anything when playing alongside these guys

    1. The deadwood that just five days ago won the fa Cup?

      See what I mean Dan kit? The puerile rubbish just keeps on coming 😂🤣😂🤣

  10. If Auba were to leave, then there’s only one player I like to replace him.

    ALEXANDER ISAK (Real Sociedad)

    It’s time we acted like a big club and either tie him or just sell him and buy a replacement. No one is invincible.

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