Pundit urges Declan Rice to force through a move to Arsenal

Talksport pundit Danny Murphy has expressed his opinion on the transfer situation involving Declan Rice and Arsenal. Murphy has urged Rice to take matters into his own hands and push for a move to Arsenal, especially since West Ham has rejected the Gunners’ offers for his services.

Arsenal considers Rice their top target and has made substantial bids for his signature, both of which have been rejected by West Ham.

Rice himself is open to the transfer and hopes that both clubs can reach an agreement swiftly, enabling him to have a new club for the upcoming season.

While West Ham is reportedly willing to sell Rice, they are holding out for a record-breaking transfer fee from Arsenal before granting the England international’s departure.

Murphy believes that now is the opportune moment for Rice to take an active role in the transfer process. He seemingly suggests that Rice should consider going on strike as a means to force through the move to Arsenal.

He said on Talk Sport:

‘As of now City aren’t in, so Arsenal don’t have to rush it,’ the former midfielder said.

‘It gets to a point where Declan has a decision to make, and that and that means has he got the courage to kick off to get out if he needs to.

‘You have to be Craig Bellamy, Joey Barton. You have to look after yourself. I only had it once in my career and you have to be able to follow through.’

Just Arsenal Opinion

Rice has had a good spell at West Ham and might not want to ruin his relationship with them by forcing through a transfer to Arsenal.

However, we expect both clubs to find an agreement soon without him needing to do something drastic.

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  1. There are many ways to skin a cat.

    Declan Rice could let it known to the powers that be, that the next time Arsenal table a bid he expects it to be accepted.
    As simple as that, I understand a gentleman agreement is in place, so it would be a very reasonable request.

    The screw can be turn gently.

  2. What absolute BS. West Ham have agreed that Declan can go – if his asking price is met. Arsenal haven’t met it and West Ham are therefore completely within their rights to say no deal. For a second-rate ex-player like Danny Murphy to advocate a player strikes to force a move is disgraceful. Bet he wasn’t saying that when Steven Gerrard wanted to move to Chelsea. Man’s an idiot.

    1. Bish, “a second rate ex-player? ”

      Nine England caps – selected for the world cup (had to withdraw through injury) – played in the PL with clubs such as Liverpool.

      WHU have actually moved the goalposts since agreeing with Rice on his move, by rising the price from £100,000,000 to £120,000,000 it is being reported, so they are NOT playing fair with the player they claim to respect are they…. even if they are within their rights?

  3. Murphy is not up with developing news , as City has already lodged a bid ,though its more probable this article was written first and before he knew the latest news.
    Either way, the irrelevant opinion of a well known pundit alters nothing

    Its just one mans opinion and though valid, its of no relevance whatsoever and IMO not worth penning an article about what is actually an out of date opinion.

    1. I wish the Guy used his senses man city is full of midfielders at the end he will be on the bench.i wish he chose arsenal instead man city

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