Pundit urges relegation-threatened Premier League side to target Arsenal man

Former Chelsea star turned pundit, Joe Cole has urged Newcastle United to move for established Premier League stars like Kieran Tierney.

The Scottish left-back has been one of the finest Arsenal signings in recent seasons, but he has fitness problems.

The Gunners signed Nuno Tavares as a backup to him in the summer and Mikel Arteta has enjoyed using the Portuguese youngster in recent weeks.

Tierney is a better option, but Tavares is improving all the time and Cole believes Tierney could help to save Newcastle from relegation.

He urges them to sign him alongside the likes of Jesse Lingard.

‘Jesse Lingard, I think, would be a great signing for someone,’ Cole said via The Daily Mail.

‘I’m sure he’s come across Newcastle’s radar. They’ll have the financial power to go and buy him. Kieran Tierney as well, is another who is out of the team at Arsenal, I think would be fantastic.

‘I think he’s ideal for Newcastle, fits right in and he needs a new challenge. I don’t know why he’s not playing regularly at Arsenal recently.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Tierney is the best left-back at Arsenal and it is great to see Tavares perform so well for the club when he is unavailable.

However, the club cannot sell the former Celtic man so soon.

The best clubs, like Liverpool and Manchester City, have two accomplished players in each position.

Arsenal isn’t there yet, but we should aim for that and that means we cannot lose Tierney.

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  1. such an idiot. Tierney loves Arsenal, is the future captain and will not go to NC. what have you been smoking…nowadays pundits, waste of time and money.

  2. His agent thinks this could be done in the summer as he wants to move back north and they are offering him more money. but deffo not in Jan.

  3. Daft comment from a daft pundit. Why on Earth would we want to sell a solid LB to strengthen a PL team with massive financial funds?

    Tierney is going nowhere anytime soon; and certainly not Newcastle. Tierney is quality, potential captain material, and lots of experience for a young player.

    Cedric Soares is probably available if they are interested, probably Chambers too. Otherwise go shopping at our noisy neighbors, those with the super chicken emblem are looking to see Ali and a couple others. I would keep the receipt though.

    1. I think the point is that if Tavares keeps improving and showing up the way he has been that it will be difficult to keep both happy as both would deserve to start and clubs will be looking to pick up one of them.

      1. PJ-SA
        You are certainly right, and no doubting the point you make. Hopefully Tavares could eventually be moved to a midfield position; his engine and all around game seem more suited there than at LB.

        I think he could improve our engine room with his runs and contributions, and neither him or Tierney would be wasted on the bench.

        I would love to see a midfield of White as DM, and Sambi and Tavares as the other 2 midfielders. Odegaard competing also depending on the opponents, tactics, and sub late in a game.

  4. Every player has a price, including Tierney. They should come and buy him……as long as they can meet our asking price

  5. We shouldn’t even sell to Newcastle our used loo paper. Well maybe just the loo paper but thats it. Scum owners.

  6. It seems not to have occurred to Brain of Britain Joe Cole that Tierney might just have some say in this daft rumour, even had it any legs, which of course it does not.

    Those who imagine there will be a rush of top players all desperate to live in chilly Tyneside and play for a team likely to be relegated are – how shall I say this politely – a sandwich short of a picnic!

    I think there will be hardly any outside their own fans who are not desperate to see these SAUDI SHILLING TAKERS get relegated. I am convinced they will and that will delight me.

    As for Tierney wanting to go there; there is more chance he will cheer on England and turn his back on Scottsh football . In other words, NO CHANCE!

    Coming soon to rumour led JA; George Graham to come out of retirement and manage Chelsea! Well , it’s no dafter than “Tierney going to Newcastle”.

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