Pundit warns Arsenal could remain underachievers if they don’t act fast on transfers

Gabby Agbonlahor has warned Arsenal to act fast in their business dealings or they risk becoming another underachieving club.

Mikel Arteta’s side nearly won a Champions League spot at the end of last season, but they fell short in that pursuit.

They are expected to bolster their squad in this transfer window and do even better in the next campaign.

The likes of Gabriel Jesus and Youri Tielemans have been linked with a move to the Emirates in the last few weeks.

However, Arsenal hasn’t been making as much progress as the fans want in terms of signings.

Former Aston Villa man, Agbonlahor, says they must act fast, he tells Football Insider: “Arsenal will be frustrated because the longer the Jesus deal goes on, they will be nervous. Is it going to get done? Is he going to come?

“It’s nervous times for Arsenal fans because they need midfielders as well, they need a right-back. For me, there’s plenty of positions in that team that need replacements. They need two strikers, not just one.

“I know they’ve brought in Marquinhos but you don’t know how good he’s going to be at 19 years of age.

“Arsenal need to get their act together otherwise they’re just going to be a Europa League team and that’s not what the fans want.”

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We need to build on finishing fifth in the last campaign and fans will be anxious to see what happens in the Jesus deal.

The club needs to get the business sorted fast so that we can now focus on preparing for the season.

Signing a player late in the transfer window is usually not the smartest thing to do and we need to avoid that in this summer transfer window.

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  1. was Gabby born yesterday??? buying late has been our MO for quite some time now, so I very much doubt that will change anytime soon…talk about small fish in a small pond

  2. We dilly dally and when we get some in then were months behind as it takes time to settle , while the top clubs have there new players settled in much better and are in the best position to start well while we wonder why the hell did we wait so long.

  3. I’m confident we will get deals done.late or not it does’nt matter so mr.toshster keep your advise to ur lil bald-headed self.

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