Pundit warns that Arsenal and Tottenham must ‘be so careful’ after latest takeover

Newcastle United are the latest club to be taken over by a mega-rich owner this week, and Alan Brazil claims that the likes of Arsenal and Tottenham will need to be ‘careful’.

The Toon are now said to have the richest owners in the Premier League by some way, and many are already scared of how they will flaunt that wealth in the upcoming transfer windows.

The news sources will be rife with rumours linking the St James’s Park club with all the major players in the coming months, but whether they can persuade them to join is another story, with the club likely to need some time to become a major force in Europe, although we do know that money talks.

Brazil doesn’t believe that it will be an instant success up north however, but warns both Tottenham and Arsenal that they should be weary of what this could mean for them, adding that Everton’s owner Usmanov is also one to watch.

“It is going to take a while as far as I am concerned,” Alan Brazil said live on TalkSPORT.

“You can’t just suddenly go and spend a billion quid, you can’t.

“Academies, getting the right players in, getting the right managers in and getting people away from London and Manchester to live in Newcastle.

“Don’t forget Arsenal and Tottenham, they will have to up their game now.

“Then there is Everton with Mr Usmanov, he has got billions.

“Tottenham and Arsenal have to be so careful.”

Are we at risk of being amongst the biggest losers after this latest takeover?


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  1. Why bother with academies or even playing the game.Just send in sealed bids and as is now those who splash the millions,billions win( sorry buy) success.Football as a competitive sport is dead.

  2. There is a lot of BS being written about the Newcastle take over. Any improvement to the team cant be done overnight and money can not be thrown willy nilly at the squad either, unless they break rules. Yes Newcastle are in a better position than under Ashley but it will take years and luck to improve enough to challenge top 4.

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