Pundits and Arsenal – “If you can’t rubbish Arsenal then don’t even whisper their name”

Arsenal do what big clubs do. by Charles Veritie

‘Hush, hush whisper who dares?

‘Hush, hush, whisper who dares?
Rubbish Arsenal are top of the stairs.

(With an apology to the late A.A. Milne, writer and creator of Christopher Robin and Winnie the Pooh)

The BBC Radio 5 station has a program called the ‘Monday Night Club’. Listening to it we hear ‘chat’ about the weekend’s ‘big’ footy moments. It is broadcast live on Mondays from 7pm until 9pm UK time.

I have listened to the last two broadcasts expecting to hear at least a few comments about the league leaders. In the first not a word, in the second, two mentions ‘Leeds, deserved to win the game against Arsenal’ followed with yet more talk about the mighty Leeds.

We were later told they would be talking about Arsenal later. They didn’t.

Can you imagine them talking for two hours, and not talking about the league leaders, and they would be saying how wonderful and great they are when its Manure or Littlepool? I can’t.

It seems to me the remit is: If you can’t rubbish Arsenal then don’t even whisper their name.

Yes, yes, I know, you will tell me that you recently read something good about Arsenal. It happens, but usually there is a put down in the comments. They can start with a ‘put down’, as with this headline in the Guardian one day. ‘There are only three English players in the Arsenal team for the cup match against Man City’. Down in the article we learned that there were NO English players in the City line up!

How many times have headlines like this been published here and all the other football sites? ‘Arsenal lose in race for wonder kid’. Read what follows and you soon realise its just another piece full of empty facts.

Last season with only three games played ‘they’ didn’t just have a field day knocking Arsenal, they had a field season. We were doomed to relegation after game 1, and their joy ride of rubbishing Arsenal went on and on.

After those three losses the team started proving these know-alls: ‘wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong’.

The response of the ‘know-alls’ was to blame Arsenal fans for not trusting their manager!

We are on the top stair and the wonder brains reliably inform us ‘You cannot say Arsenal will win league after only eleven games – but you can predict relegation after three!

‘Relegation after 3’ was last year’s mantra and it went on and on.

Life was wonderful….

This year silent in the Salford, Manchester, BBC nest,
The team they love to hate, they love to detest.
Is on the top stair, showing the world they are the best.
While in the BBC club studio they spout drivel, following the rest.
No doubt hating the evidence that Arsenal are the best.

Charles Veritie.


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  1. I think the pundits criticized other big clubs too. What I liked about their comments was most of them came with suggestions and solutions

  2. Ranting about pundits, fans and broadcasting channels because of negative views regarding Arsenal is IMO not really newsworthy (no offence ).
    Seems more personal on you’re end Charles ,it’s nothing new to me anyway .

  3. Don’t worry about it Dan, let’s leave all this media hate of Arsenal to another more conspiracy focussed blog.

  4. Im not sure really what the article is trying to suggest. The pundits are not Arsenal fans, if they were it would be the other way, Arsenal bias. Every single club, included ours gets really bad press and every single club at times, including ours get overkill and over hyped. And in the great scheme of things, how does any of it affect where we finish in the league or in a cup. IT DOESN’T ONE IOTA!!!!!!!
    If you dont like what you hear or read, turn it off, or dont read it, SIMPLES!!!!

    1. Exactly Reggie.
      I stopped listening to Talksport when Adrian Durham used our club to boost his listeners with rubbish about our club day after day.
      Haven’t missed it one iota, as 99% of it was garbage anyway.

      Would like to see an Arsenal radio station though, run by the club, along with TV channel, that our supporters from around the world could access.

        1. Talk shite ,is what I refer to that gutter radio station Ken ,like you said Adrian Durhams grudge against Wenger was disgusting.
          There used to be Arsenal TV years ago ,not sure if that still runs .

          1. Yes Dan, but I think it folded when the channel went bust?

            I know Jon Fox recommends the 10.00 to 1.00 slot and I might tune into that one day, but Durham is such a turn off for me, I still boycott the station.

            Reggie… mind you, I always read and/or listen to those who agree with me!! 😂😂😂

            1. Ken you would be well advised to give that 10am-1pm spot, Mon -Fri, an extended try.

              Pointless holding an outdated grudge against a whole station because of one silly self promoting man(Durham).

  5. Obviously, many of these pundits don’t want AFC to taste success because other clubs couldn’t emulate the invisible prowess.
    In Arsenal`s game with Leeds United that many are talking about how Arsenal’s team under performed; the tackle on Xhaka, and the legitimate penalty on Jesus were all rebuffed by the ref… Imagine Arsenal being the culprit, 100% Xhaka should have been sent off and a penalty given against the team.
    With all these, arsenal; we move on! Pundits have the right to their analysis and view, but the team stands strong. The team is maturing fast, growing stronger, and making many talk less about AFC…
    They cannot deny that Arsenal has improved tremendously and proved many pundit wrongs. Up Gunners!!!!

  6. Jim White and Simon Jordan have a lively and largely interesting slot Mon to Friday morning
    Regular weekly pundits are Graeme Souness, Danny Murphy and Martin Keown
    Adrian Durham no longer has a prime time show and more or less just does the intros to live football at the weekend and reads the scores
    There are a few morons still alive and kicking on other shows who I don’t listen to. However, I’ve always loved the humour of Hawksbee and Jacobs and the station covers a lot of live football and rugby when there are international matches
    It is almost unrecognisable from that ghastly blokey station from some years ago- IF you are selective

    1. Spot on Sue P. Trouble is that many people will always condemn something they do not listen to and fail to understand that radio progs are forever changing and trying to gain more listeners.

      I DO agree that Adrian Durham is a low class, downmarket, self publicising “shock jock”, addicted to unfair criticism and invented controversy.

      But he is a tiny and irrelevant part of TALKSPORTS output.

      And the MON – FRI Jim White show 10am -1pm, is high class debate with the highly intelligent Simon Jordan, Souness(by far the single best pundit anywhere on tv or radio) and such as our OWN Martin Keown, all giving their football wisdom out to listeners in educating fashion.

      1. Agree on that Jon and AD was never a favourite of mine
        Some of Talksport is banal drivel but so is the tv or in the case of the article writer’s opinion that particular BBC radio 5 live show

    2. I listen daily to the morning show on Talk Sport also SueP. Really rate Simon Jordan & have always liked Souness. TBH I’ve never heard any of the Durham stuff but didn’t like his Mail column, so can guess what it was like.

  7. Personally, I have little time for fan paranoia and fans who get het up about such and such a TV or Radio programe not mentioning us! Like in this slightly hysterical article!

    Why should it matter? Answer: it doesn’t!

    Just get on with your own supporting and leave those in charge of such and such a radio or TV station to manage their own business. Paranoia is childish and pointless!

  8. I am not ‘het up’ just reporting what I heard or rather didn’t hear. It was true to pundit form. That’s all.

    1. The Arsenal hate as gone on for years Charles mate ,I would imagine every fan of every club in England says the same .
      Usually when that happens it means the club is doing something right .


  9. It is no longer hidden that the BBC Spots Radio 5 live, or Sprout Radio Live personnel are anti-Arsenal. And are even to the core of it they are.
    But notwithstanding their being anti-Arsenal, and even to the core of it that they are. But their sproutings of anti-Arsenal broadcasts sprout will not stop Arsenal from winning the English Premier League title this season. So therefore, Whatever maybe the anti-Arsenal sprouting that they sprout this season will be to no avail as far as Arsenal are concerned. For, their sproutings will in no way hinder Arsenal nor block them from lifting the Epl title trophy at the end of this season’s campaign.
    Irrespective of whether the irresponsible anti-Arsenal sprouters like it or not will not matter to Arsenal as they will be unconcerned with whatever it is that are being sprouted against them by the sprouters, as the Gunners campaign in all the 4 campaigns to win the quadrupled of titles this season for Arsenal in a record breaking quadrupled title winning season by Arsenal. Which has never been achieved by any club sides but Arsenal this season in the history of quadrupled of titles winning.
    So, let Sprout Radio 5 Live be sprouting any anti-Arsenal sproutings that they like and want to sprout against Arsenal this season. Those sprouts that are sprouted will become food, water, honey and energy to Arsenal propelling them more than ever before to win the Epl title this season. And will take their winning this season to a higher level of winning the quadrupled of titles at the end of the season’s campaign in all competitions this term. For, the Gunners are more than set ready to not bother themselves. Nor be fazzed by any sprouters who sprouts anti-Arsenal sprout but will regret their sprouting anti-Arsenal sprout as Arsenal not only at season’s end won the Epl title this season. But the quadruple as well which will leave the sprouters in a state of trance for days.

    1. Oh wow ,Samuel Akinsola Adebosin posts have gone from 2 to 3 last week now to 4 😂😂
      Love it 👍

  10. Can’t believe you lot are so sensitive
    Use to love Durham 5.15 arsenal slot
    Didn’t agree with most of it but brought a smile to my face on many occasions when he used to pipe on. Some times he was totally correct on his assessment on how we were.
    Fair play to him. He covers a lot of games and says it as he sees it. Don’t always agree but it’s his job and other pundits jobs to mention some times controversial at times.
    If you don’t like it then don’t read about it or listen to it but you will the good bits when most will have to eat humble pie.
    Laura Woods is a die hard arsenal fan so it’s nice to hear her give it to Jamie ohara every time it goes wrong for them and right for us

  11. No sleep lost regarding the so called pundits and the anti Arsenal bias. Not everyone is an Arsenal fan, especially if you’re an ex player who has spent a career playing against us. Actually the worst pundits are sometimes probably our own ex players who want to remain in the club’s good books and are afraid to criticise the obvious faults. I’d like to think that as a player you would relish any criticism as it would motivate you further to prove your critics wrong.

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