Pundits and Super Computer predict Arsenal v Bournemouth result

Former players and Super Computer predict the Arsenal v Bournemouth result

Last time the pundits predicted an Arsenal result two of them got the result spot on. Mark Lawrenson went with a 1-1 draw against Man Utd and Michael Owen went with the draw as well.

Charlie Nicholas predicted an Arsenal win over United last week. He will be hoping to get it right this weekend predicting an Arsenal 3-1 win. The Scot is convinced that Arsenal will be too strong going forward against Eddie Howe’s men.

Michael Owen, who never predicts an actual scoreline, has gone with a straight Arsenal win over the Cherries at the Emirates today. Shame the former Newcastle hitman is not confident enough to predict an actual score.

BBC Pundit and former Liverpool star Mark Lawrenson will be looking to get it 100% right two weeks on a trot and is going for an Arsenal 2-0 win. Would be a remarkable feat to get the correct score twice in a row and I reckon he could go close with his prediction.

Finally, the much-derided BT SuperComputer who may actually get close this week with the machine predicting a 3-0 Arsenal win. Less said about it’s predictions the better.

So, a unanimous decision this week with everyone going for an Arsenal win and I cannot say I disagree. Home advantage and strong confidence are usually a good enough combination against limited opposition.


  1. Its hard to expect arsenal to keep a clean sheet when we will have sokartis..luiz. kolas in the back 4 ,
    I think we will win 2-1 auba ..pepe to score this is the match pepe will get his first goal from open play ,also would like martinelle to get 20 mins…

  2. The PL is very strong this season with ten teams in contention for top 6.
    Bournemouth is one of those teams so it would not surprise me if Bournemouth win.
    Arsenal’s central defense is the worst in the league.
    Score prediction: Arsenal 3 Bournemouth 4.

    1. If arsenal defence is the worst in the league then what would you say about Tottenham defence that have conceded ten goals in two matches…you’re just being biased…

  3. Bournemouth are no mugs and Arsenal might get a shock if they like many Gunners are complacent.Gunners 3-2 Cherries.
    This ain’t to say I wouldn’t mind 10-0 though.👋👋💣💥

  4. With good selection we are going to win. Prediction? Pardon me. I don’t know those that Emery will field. But if the Scot will not be on the pitch then Emery has an issue. I don’t want to ask for too much, if not, why not Martinelli?

  5. OT

    They let seven in
    They let three in
    That’s TEN in
    And still won nothin

    Wish for a good sunday to all Gunners 😀

    1. 🙂 🙂

      One more pin in their coffin
      Maybe goodbye to Pochettin
      On they’ll keep marchin
      Arsenal will keep winnin

      Good Sunday to you

  6. Enery should make this selection

    Chamber. Holding Luis. Tierney

    Guendozi. Toreira. Cebalos

    Pepe. Auba. Saka

  7. Result will depend entirely on which Arsenal team pitches up, firstly, and secondly the selection. Gunners did not pitch up last week against ManU, attitude and tactics entirely wrong, player selection was the least of the problem. Let’s hope they get it right today.

  8. It is up to our genious coach picking team. Many options to lock that worst EPL central defense he is credited for, if he keeps pairing Luiz Sokra with Xhaka to cover them; we will remain that shaky team.

    Hoping Auba saves a draw or lucky win won’t last all season long. Spurs were unlucky and tired from CL game wednesday. Unfair to see Reds play yesterday when did on wednesday, city playing today, one more day rest.

    Can see how these middle week games affect; Liverpool were fortunate to not draw or lose but showing champions character.

    We wont be as tired as we play so called “B team” on mid-week games, but Emery main team even rested is beyond shaky as we see this season so far…

    He has it all wrong and will persist in that same no sense team pick. He has options to secure central defense even with Mav & Holding injured, now both available.

    Niles should have been played with James speed last week, as RB or at least infront of Chambers. Why have torreira there? He can’t run forward on flanks nor defend as Niles.

    We mainly had Holding available, but not played, Sokra Luiz instead…

    Niles – Mustafi Holding Tierny

    This defense was available and should have been if Bellerin bit short, not anymore…But Emery had other plans…

    We played on wednesday Forrest, then monday; all players had time to recover for Man U, rest some for dumb Liège game. Play our n’est team today again; nope he always has other plans but de are 6th today, third with a win but we can drop to 9th or 10 if lose while Chelsea and Man U win. To be third means nothing with such tight table, we draw or lose next game, we can be 10th.

    Today, Emery must start our best team, rotate ones tired at half Time, make sure we score at least 2 by then.

    Bellerin Mustafi Holding Tierny
    Niles Chambers Willock
    Auba – Saka

    Martinelli for Saka, Ozil for Ceballos and Gendouzi for Willock all between 60h to 70th.

    Can also start Ozil who will be able to show his class with these players around. Can put Messi in wrong team, it will kill his game! Oz is World class but as any players, he will lose his motivation with such Bad coaching and no ambition board.

    We missing a top CB and beast as DM for years, we have enough to do better, Chambers can make up for that DM more than anyone. As long as we have Sokra Luiz Xhaka as central defense, we are in Big trouble. But do have options Indeed.

  9. Bellerin, Holding and Tierny have been out injured for a long time. Playing them with just 2 days rest is a bit risky wouldn´t you say?

  10. BT supper computer my foot. Are you aware that they predicted that after 19 games Arsenal will be at no 10 with man utd at no 9? Chelsea number 5. Burner mouth 4, leister 3, Tottenham 6, westham 7 and Burnley 8. Weird

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