Pundits and Super Computer predict Man Utd v Arsenal result

The big Premier League game this week is taking place Monday evening at Old Trafford when Manchester United welcome Arsenal and the pundits are already giving their predictions.

BBC pundit Mark Lawrenson is taking on former Tour de France winner Geraint Thomas and is predicting that honours will even with the scoreline being 1-1.

Former Man Utd forward Michael Owen, who never gives a scoreline, agrees with former Liverpool defender Lawrenson that the game will end up as a draw.

Former Gunner Charlie Nicholas is going for an Arsenal win with 2-1 his predicted score and that takes us to the most unreliable supercomputer in history.

The lovable BT Sports so-called Super Computer, fresh from predicting an Arsenal 6-1 win over Aston Villa, has gone with the more reasonable 2-1 win for Arsenal

So, we have two going for a draw and two going for an Arsenal win, in better words, none of them believes that United will beat the Gunners on their own turf.

I wonder what the opinion would have been if Arsenal had tripped up against Nottingham Forest midweek or not managed the comeback against Aston Villa last weekend. Football really is small margins.

I have to admit that I do agree with the predictions above, that United will not win the game and that Arsenal will leave Manchester with some form of a positive result, be it a draw or win.

The difference could well come down to which defence has the better game and the advantage has to be with Arsenal following the return from injury of Rob Holding, Kieran Tierney and Hector Bellerin.

And of course, United hardly have a strike force.


  1. Greenwood, Lingard, James, (Mata?) Pogba are the players that will be attacking us. These players struggled to score against Rochdale, and got demolished by West Ham and they had Rashford for most of that game. There is no good reason United should give us trouble, other than the fact we have a horrendous OT record. This is the time to break it. Emery cannot have us sitting back and being afraid. The alarm bells will be going off if we only leave with a point.

  2. United can always pull off a result like the one vs Leicester so let’s not be over confident going to old Trafford and our defense in the league has been horrible any EPL team can be confident of scoring against our defense or else we are slotting in few of the injury returnees

    1. we have a better squad on paper than Leicester. We should be looking to do better than they did. United won’t even have Rashford, who was the goalscorer, and it was a penalty. Let’s not make any excuses. This is a bad United side that Arsenal should beat.

      1. Man u would want to defend but Boone will score for them to defend. We have strikers who can score for fun and on a good day our defence can showup o k

  3. Wouldn’t it be typical for them all to turn up.. De Gea to save 15 shots.. Pogba to play out of this world.. Lingard.. well the less said about him the better!
    I just want to win… 3 points is all… Auba to flip..or even do Pepe’s celebration (like on Sunday – loved it!) If i get what i want, i will be the happiest gooner in the world & will scream from the roof tops how much i love my team! If not… then bugger it, I’m going in to hibernation

  4. Just select your best players Unai, play attacking football, drop the disastrous six yard tappy football and we will win the game.

    At least Freddie will know what is needed, he could be the twelth man.

    1. Ken, before we go any further I just read your replies to the rubbish spewed up by Viju Jacob and that Third Man chap earlier and thought they were great! Bit late to comment there.

      Now let’s move on to the Man U game where you suggest:
      “Just select your best players Unai.”
      Ken, that’s your worst advice ever! ๐Ÿ™‚
      If Emery does select what he considers to be his best players then we’re going to be in trouble from the start.
      Apart from anything else it’s common knowledge he thinks Xhaka is his ‘best player’, making him captain and so ensuring his will be the first name on the teamsheet. Once he’s screwed up the midfield as best he can he’ll turn to the defence.

      He’s already said he won’t risk Bellerin so it looks likely he’ll yet again try to fit a square peg into a round hole and shoehorn the ever willing AMN into a position he absolutely hates and is clearly not cut out for. On the other hand, because of his recent good displays, he could decide to play Chambers there. Unfortunately, like AMN, he’s another who has always been taken apart in that position when confronted by decent, skilful wingers.
      OGS is not stupid so will be licking his lips as he directs his team to make their attacks down their left flank. And if Sokratis is picked OGS will be positively drooling.
      There are other problems of course but unless Emery has a complete re-evaluation of his players methinks we’re going to be in trouble from the off. Or, as you implied Ken, he could just hand the teamsheet over to Freddie.
      Now to get to work to try and throw a team together to beat Utd.

  5. You guys do not even know how much I want us to humiliate them on their turf…. And I feel we have a good chance, coming off a morale boosting comeback, and large goal margin victory……. I’m just scared tinkerman might ruin things for us.

  6. On paper we should beat them but when it comes to united at their ground I don’t trust arsenal, though we got a draw there I think last season, have seen a worst united team defeated arsenal, Rashford scored his fist ever premier league goals against arsenal, I will never forgive Wenger for that match, everyone tipped us to beat them but am sure we all know how it ends, I won’t say anything until after tge match.

  7. I think it all comes down to Emery. If he stuff’s up his selection and tactics like usual, we lose.
    If he has the right selection and tactics, we win.

    Chambers Luiz Holding Tierney
    Torreira Guendozi
    Pepe Auba Saka/Nelson

  8. Here’s my two-pennorth.
    Emery says he’s not risking Bellerin to start so:



    —————-Chambers —————–


    Pepe ————–Auba—————Saka

    Don’t think Utd will be able to stroll through that midfield and I especially want to see AMN vs Pogba again.

    Martinez, Bellerin, Willock, Ceballos, Ozil, Nelson, Martinelli

  9. it’s a perfect time for arsenal to win this match…a must win match..we must take this advantage now..with return of holding, tierney, chambers, bellerin, it is a perfect solid defence right now.. front 3 no need to worry, they will score..2-0 for arsenal..

  10. I donโ€™t a draw is a positive result considering how terrible Utd have been and there current form. I believe tierney and chambers will both start the game

  11. Those saying United can not win will do well to recollect the game where Rashford scored 2 against us. Recent history makes us “bottelers” against them. Hope it is different this time.

  12. There is absolutely nothing we are doing differently that warrants us a result at Man Utd…

    I am tipping them to actually beat us because from team selection to actual playing on the pitch we’re not any better than them.

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