Pundits and Super Computer predict Sheff Utd v Arsenal result

Pundits make their predictions on Sheff Utd v Arsenal match

The Premier League is back tomorrow after another international break and it could not have returned any sooner.

The international break is required and I understand that but it really is a boring period. Now, we can focus on club football for the next few months.

On Monday evening Arsenal travel to Bramall Lane and some of the pundits have already made their predictions.

Former Liverpool star Mark Lawrenson in his weekly BBC prediction battle with a guest has gone with an Arsenal win. Lawro is predicting a clean sheet with the Gunners running out 2-0 winners.

Former Gunner Charlie Nicholas is going with a goal feast, the Sky Sports pundit reckons Arsenal will emerge 3-2 winners. In better words, the defence will be porous and the strikers prolific. That sounds familiar.

Michael Owen takes a different point of view, according to the former Liverpool hitman it will be a draw. As usual, he gives no score prediction but reckons United will take points off Arsenal on Monday evening.

The utterly useless BT Supercomputer also predicts a draw and gives a scoreline. A ridiculous 4-4 draw I kid you not. That said, it would not be the biggest surprise in football if we saw that outcome.

So, two go for an Arsenal win and two go for a draw which I must admit I find slightly surprising. Arsenal really should be beating promoted teams. I understand there are no easy games anymore but even so, if you cannot beat a team like Sheff Utd then you will struggle to finish top-four.


  1. At least in Wenger’s time these small teams were not much to panic about. Well, I don’t say we never lost to them but the probability of winning was higher than that of today’s erra. I wish we win and I predict a win for Arsenal.
    OT: last night I dreamt Arsenal leading by 5-0 in half time in the next game that Ozil starts😂😅🤣 Ozil it’s me and you no matter what they throw at you. Am here at Arsenal to stand and support each and every player who wears that shirt.
    I cant ignore the fact that I became an arsenal fan bcz of Wenger and T.Henry. Yes they are no longer here but them leaving don’t prompt me to leave with them. Everyone has their story as to why they choose arsenal over 100 clubs in EPL. The same way as to why some began supporting this amazing club
    because of Ozil.. however, I don’t think Emery has brought in a single fan and that’s where the problem lies

    1. Arsenal lost to many small teams in the last several years of Wenger’s tenure

      I also became an Arsenal fan because of the way Wenger found hidden gems and polished them, but Wenger’s preference over small, slow and tactical creative midfielders made him suffer many losses. He forgot the physicality as one of the aspects that made the Invicibles dominate EPL in 1997 – 2004

      Emery’s appointment excited me because he brought a different system in and rebuilt the squad with more physical players, but he needs to give us more convincing wins ASAP. A draw or a loss in Sheffield would make Spurs, Man United or Chelsea able to chase us

    2. @kenyanfan
      You must have all the years, where we were said not to be able to win in the North.
      Maybe the 4-4 prediction comes from, when we collapsed and threw away a 4-0 lead at Newcastle.

  2. Sheffield United are another oil billionaire backed team so are ambitious.
    A point may not seem a lot but that’s what we missed top 4 by so I’d take a draw.
    Chambers Socritis Luiz Tierney
    Xhaka Guendouzie
    Pepe Willock Saka.
    Subs Martinez Bellerin/AMN Holding Kolo Ozil Ceballos Martinelli/Lacazette

    Vitoria FC

    Bellerin Holding Mustafi Kolasinac
    AMN Torreira
    Ceballos Ozil Nelson
    Leno Chambers Tierney Burton Willock Lacazette Pepe

  3. I have a positive feeling about this game. Tierney likely to start, with Lacazette and Martinelli all possibilities. Unfortunately, this is an away game, so I believe the “we should win with style” boys will be in for another disappointment. My prediction is a hard fought 2-1 win and another week of moaning from the usual suspects.

    1. LMAO
      I’m so tired of the moaners too.
      They will continue regardless of the score

      I think it will probably be 2-1 too. It will Def be hard fought and tight score.

      1. I’m also positive given key players are returning to full fitness. I also find the negativity on this site depressing.

        1. And what’s the guarantee that when said players are back that Emery will even put them in the side ,then what excuses will he have left or will we some if you still have a few tucked away in your lockers .


    This match is like every normal match to achieve 3 points but our away form is questioning.

    In fact this match is one of the most important match this season cause it tells a lot of story of Emery and the team.

    This game will test our top4 stance and we will see if Emery is beginning to learn anything this season too with his selection.

    I desire a win but to play safe I will put my money on a draw and wouldn’t mind losing it if we win.

  5. We will win if Emery gets his act together. Drop Sokratis & Luiz. Bellerin. Chambers. Holding. Tierney.
    Luiz Torreria
    Pepe Ceballos Martinelli
    Obv Leno in goal.

  6. I can’t predict our road games. We won one game on the road this season and we all know our road record last season. This means a draw is a likely outcome. Having said that looking at our squad on paper, we should win these games without any problems. If you want to be in the top 4 you have to accept that you have to win these types of games more often than not.

  7. More often than not these things are self-fulfilling prophesies. The more we talk about our away record and that it is poor and therefore we will probably lose, the more likely it is that we will do just that. Let us be positive for a change!!

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