Pundits bet against each other after major disagreement on Man United – Arsenal

Manchester United will play host to Arsenal in tomorrow’s big game, and the Darren Bent and Andy Goldstein have vastly disagreed on the predicted scoreline.

The Red Devils have returned to form of late, winning three straight games on the bounce, but you would have to say that their performances have been far from perfect.

Arsenal on the otherhand have started their season with a 100% winning record, whilst mostly playing some really dominant football also, and already sit top of the table despite many of the other teams (including Manchester City) having played six times already.

While you can understand why both sides would have reason to back their teams going into tomorrow’s clash, the Man United and Arsenal fans on TalkSPORT had very differing predictions.

I’m a little shocked that Goldstein has moved to predict a 3-0 win, claiming that none of our wins will have convinced him when we have already beaten 25% of the division, while his side have already suffered at the hands of Brentford and Brighton, whilst scraping three wins by just the one-goal margin.

I know all clubs have sections of fans who get ahead of themselves, and we are all biased to some extent, but having watched plenty of United this term, there is very little to scream home about…

Do any of you have bets against you Man United fans worth sharing?


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  1. Realistically we have been good against utd under Arteta and believe we have improved our team. Im not frightened of utd because they are in some disarray but i am not foolish either. It will be tough going to OT and we should be good enough for a draw. Anything more would be a bonus.

  2. All the players need to do, is to believe they can do it. A lot of times we lose games before even going to play them. Players just get nervous and lack confidence in their art. That hasn’t been the case so far this this campaign. I believe we will get back from there with something.

  3. This fixture is so jarring no what form both teams are in, we can never get the win there(except 2020 with no fans) since Fergie retired I would say we have generally had a better team then them most seasons and we could be on a good run and them a poor run and we ended up losing. The only reason could be described as mental block which we hopefully alleviate tomorrow.

    I think the game will pan out with us having more possession and pressing on the front foot, United trying to catch us on the counter so our defense needs to keep concentration. Also not sure we will create the same volume of chances we have done In our previous five games so when we get opportunities we need to be clinical. Finally if we can handle the raucous atmosphere(their crowd will be up for it) then I have no doubt we will collect the three points.

  4. For Erik ten Hag and the Manchester United team, tonight’s game will be one of the defining moments of the season.
    A win will surely strengthen United’s resolve and determination to march on. A draw or loss will put the brakes to a good but checkered start.

  5. Well first….when are we going to have an article on Arsenal man of Steel, GRANIT XHAKA, who rarely get injured and starts every game, should he be missing on team sheet, 🤣 he is on red card…..super fit, strong and always committed , sure majority of fans are yet to give this player the recognition and respect he deserves.

    But for me, if we can scout and sign injury free player like Xhaka in our midfield ….we are good .

    I mean I look at Inaki williams who have never missed a match for 6 years, never injured and never sick🤣 and I scream, sadly that streak ended few days ago as he left the pitch smiling injured.


    1. You’ve said it all. Xhaka is such a committed player, strong like a bull and passionate about this club but very little is done to honour him.

  6. Distroyed? Utd has conceded more goals and scored less than we have this term – imo, that will continue tomorrow. This isn’t the Utd of old, we have no reason to fear them, in fact l think its the other way round. See us getting all 3 pts tomorrow to extend our lead atop of the PL table. #GOYG

  7. My concern is majorly the central mid field where our top players in that area will be missing. If we are able hold the mid field with the available players with Ramsdale in goal, I don’t see Man. Utd escaping defeat at OT.

  8. A safe pair of gloves between the sticks; a daring attack squad; a solid mid field and no nonsense defense. That is the side facing a home team with very strong attack, weak midfield; resurgent defense and standard goalkeeper. My prophecy: Arsenal 2 vs Man United 1

  9. All arsenal have to do tomorrow is, to create more chances and take the chances created to out score United.

    Gabriel Jesus Man of the match
    Xhaka boom
    Matineli the killer

    Man U 1:2 Arsenal. Arsenal to score first by Jesus’ Man u to equalize, arsenal to score immediately by Matineli
    Assits by Lonkonga and xhaka.

  10. All arsenal need in today’s game is just confidence. put aside any form of inferiority complex and go do the job.
    My prediction is 2:1 in favor of Arsenal.

  11. Honestly, we need to defend and counter. We always try to prove a point by attacking against the top 5. Utd are the more desperate team or should be. If we can let them attack and we halt them in the process, the pace of Saka and Martileni can give us a goal or give the yellow cards and red card. They had a good number of cards against Leicester, now think of what Martileni, Jesus, Odegaard and Saka can cause them.

  12. No PATRICK, I do not believe nor accept that “you are shocked” at all.

    If you truly WERE shocked , you would have to be the most naive media studier around.

    So I will not insult you, by agreeing with your own untrue comment. Those who take as “gospel truth” all they hear or read media people say are certainly lacking in IQ.

    SOME media people are trustworthy but a great many more, esp on downmarket radio shows, like Talksport, are NOT!

    You must surely have noticed THAT, Patrick!

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