Pundits, former players, journalists all ripping into Arsenal following Watford debacle

The condemnation of Arsenal’s second-half performance against Watford yesterday is almost universal, fans, former players, pundits everywhere are simply ripping into Unai Emery and the players.

Where to start? well. Paul Merson is as good a place as any, the former Gunner rounded on Emery claiming he got it horribly wrong and lamenting the Spaniards decision to take off Ozil telling SkySports “The manager got it horribly wrong. I couldn’t believe he brought Ozil off. Who else is going to open up a team bar him?

Another former Arsenal man Nigel Winterburn questioned whether Emery knows his right formation telling LoveSport Radio “You can’t have that if you’re going to be a top-four team. Emery needs to find a solution very quickly because you can’t keep conceding two or three goals and hope to win games”.

TalkSport host Alan Brazil basically called the Arsenal midfield useless telling his listeners “Arsenal’s midfield is not good enough, not classy enough. They might sneak into fourth place, but no way will they be first, second or third. Not with that midfield, no chance.”

Arsenal supporting journalist John Cross took to Twitter and posted this

Pundit Tony Cascarino, speaking to the Times also had a pop at David Luiz, opining “They needed to sign a defender, someone who is cool under pressure and has leadership qualities – and spent £8million on David Luiz, a player who has never embodied any of those qualities.”

And on it went, there were tons more but it will just get boring and more depressing reading and listening to the reaction of so many to what we all witnessed yesterday.


  1. Why wont they? When u examine this team critically and you see that the team has all the elements to excell except for a world class centerback. He has turn players like torriera to a laughing stock

  2. Am looking forward to the next drama who’s turn is it to come to the party am smelling Niles will be thinking about this too.

    Frankford coming up.

  3. As long as Emery is managing our club we’ll have more days like yesterday! But with our spinless board they’re probably preparing a new contract for him. We often get told Arsenal are a classy club we don’t act like other clubs which in other words means we accept mediocrity.

  4. ________________Martinez___________________

    No niles__ Chambers __ socratis __ kolasinac




    what have MARTINELI and saka done that Nelson keep
    Getting chances ahead of them

    1. We all have our favorite players and players we don’t rate but Nelson?? Seriously?? He is far from our biggest problem. In fact, he has had quite a small part in our problems IMO.

      Xhaka, Sokratis, Luiz, Leno all rank miles ahead to Nelson in terms of problem players.

  5. I said it before the match yesterday that it will end in score draw. Now listen to more. We will win our next 3 matches due to players effort and massive fans support but lose to man utd and hell will be let loose. By november when he starts experiencing amensia we will be 8th on the table if we dont replace him with freddie. Time to act is NOW
    I said it here first

  6. I just read an article on football.london about Emery’s time at Valencia, in particular the spanish super cup final 2008/9, against Real Madrid. Emery had a 1 goal lead v 10 men. They then equalised, but got another red. The score then went from 1-1.. to 1-4!!! Against 9 men!!! They scored another losing 4-2!! And that was with the likes of David Silva, Juan Mata & David Villa…christ there’s no hope!!

    So who’s up for the brain fart on Thursday? My bet is on Xhaka.. seeing as he rotates with Sok/Luiz & they both had one on Sunday….

      1. They kept her in Kev ? she needs to go on a drip & have a scan.. as you can imagine, i cried like a baby at leaving her there. Thank you for asking, btw ?

        I’m dreading Thursday… didn’t think I’d be feeling this way so soon into the season….

        1. Damn Sue I can imagine she’s the family pet, part of the family ? well rest assured she will be well looked after and your welcome ? Mike Dean flashing red tonight again, does that fella ever stay out of the limelight? Oh I know me too I wonder what the formation and gameplay will be this time ?

          1. ?.. we’re on the same wavelength, i mentioned Mike Dean down there ⬇️ haha!!
            I just saw Leeds U23’s beat Watford U23’s 6-0.. and guess who got a brace? Yep.. young Edward ?

          2. I heard Emery subbed Ceballos because it was too warm ? Too warm.. he’s from Seville, the hottest place in Spain! You couldn’t make it up ? haha just saw it Dean loves a red card and Taylor loves awarding a pen against us ? happy for him Sue the loan move is good for him.. I remember saying last year Nelson is nowhere near ready for Arsenal and I got panned for it, now only people are only seeing it ?

          3. Too warm… omg… I’ve heard it all now.. cringe!!! We’ll probably hear that again on Thursday ?‍♀️
            Well, i listen when you talk, you know your stuff! ?
            Surely Holding will feature? Hector? Kieran?

          4. He was muscled off the ball a couple of times yesterday like a little boy the kid needs to go on loan to a less physical league. Haha maybe that’s why Martinelli doesn’t play it’s too warm for him you know him being from Brazil the English heat is probably too much for him ? and I don’t even play FIFA ? holding might Sue doubt Tierney or Bellerin will feature in our next 3 games.. hopefully Pepe plays he needs a goal for confidence ?

          5. Haha maybe.. don’t want him out there sweating like a pig!!
            You don’t play fifa?! ??
            I agree.. it’s been long enough, this may seem a little harsh.. but he’s had chances..

          6. No no I’m old school Sue the only console I personally owned was the super Nintendo street fighter, castlevania ? haha yeah possibly Sue ? you watching CL tomorrow night?

          7. I used to love my mega drive ? Sonic ?
            I’ll probably watch Dortmund v Barca… then on Wed – PSG v Real.. oooh!!! How about you? I just hope Liverpool, Chavs & spuds lose ?

          8. Haha yeah my cousin got the mega drive the same Christmas I got my super Nintendo so I played it often I loved streets of rage played it for hours ? yeah I’ll watch the Napoli vs Liverpool game hoping Lozano turns it on at least we have already won there eh Sue ?

          9. I can’t stomach watching Liverpool!! ??
            Streets of rage – that’s where us gooners will be heading before long!!
            That seems like ages ago, Kev.. forgotten what it’s like to win a game!

          10. What not even when they lose ? ? Haha yeah Sue the Adidas kit is jinxed ??? oh god I know we usually win every 4 or 5 games on average now ? Tammy Abraham for top scorer ? ?

          11. No, not even then, they make me sick.. come to think of it, when did they last lose a game? ?
            Who’d have thought that hey, Kev?? I always said he was gangly (bambi on ice-esque ?) maybe i jinxed it ?‍♀️

          12. Barcelona in Spain ? probably can’t even count that given how it was a 2 legged game that they won ? haha like welbeck ? ?? So when is this 4th Arsenal kit coming out Sue ? ?

          13. Jeez… that long ago?!
            Haha just like Welbz ?
            Ewww saw some pictures online of the supposed 4th kit… if they’re right.. it’s gross!! Shocked at Adidas!! Defo not getting that!!

          14. The green kit number 2 ? ? Haha yeah and only one premier League defeat in well over a year ? my mum’s 60th birthday tomorrow these birthdays come along like buses eh Sue ? what did you do for your 60th ? ??

          1. Thank you Sue but I’m working Sue I can’t afford anymore days off ? I’ll pop in with a card after work get her one of those medium books shes into all that stuff. Haha you love it ? can’t believe I just watched that Watford game again I’m a glutton for punishment aren’t I ? might even pass on the Frankfurt game ?

          2. So your Mum’s a mystic meg? Now we know where you get it from ?
            Hahaha yes i do!! ?
            Oh sod that Kev, i don’t ever want to watch that again… you are indeed! I’m not looking forward to it.. especially if it’s hot and they’re scared ? crap ain’t it – when your team don’t fill you with confidence. You just wonder how many goals they’ll concede ?

          3. Haha no just the spiritual side of it ? I reckon you saw the highlights on MOTD ? if it’s hot Emery might just decide to sub the whole team ? haha well as people say we’re already 2-0 down before kickoff so at least 2 goals ? have you noticed Rashford is trying his best to mimic Ronaldo? Taking free kicks and pens like him, shooting like him, celebrating like him, and trying to copy his hairstyle even Solskjaer has said he reminds him of Ronaldo which is like comparing Chamakh with Messi ? anyway have a good day at work Sue and enjoy the Liverpool game tonight ?

          4. Haha no MOTD for me on Saturday or Sunday!!
            2 down already – make it 3 ?
            Yes i have.. and Solskjaer saying that was hilarious!! So the howler (DDG) is staying then ?
            Have a good day? Kev.. the sun is shining, just not in North London!!
            Only 1 of us will be watching that crapola & it won’t be me ?
            ?? for your Mum!

  7. If we win at Frankford it will be because some of this old shot players didn’t play and young stars given chance am tired of Niles can’t we try someone else?

  8. Dnt fret,we will win in frankfurt through the effort of the players. Team- leno,niles,sokraties,luiz,kolasinac,xhaka,guedouzi,willock,ceballos,pepe,aubameyang.
    First to be substituted at 71st is nelson for ceballos

  9. We got too many lazy players wehn not on the ball. The only attacking ayers that defend are Lacazette and Ceballos. If I were emery I would play this team when fully fit,


    You can put Pepe in as striker as sub or when in form as a starter upfront or evenwhen needing to change shape for width. The full backs will be okay on their own, because they will have cover from the cmf.

    This starting 11 will give more security in midfield than any other formation or any other player. You got more ball winners here

  10. At least the women got a late goal beating Man United women 1-0!! ?

    Just saw West Ham are down to 10.. Mike Dean loves that red card!!

  11. We have lost our identity under Emery.
    I can’t tell you what style of football we play, I can’t tell you what formation we play, I can’t tell you who is our best X1 is.

    He’s not gonna take us back to the top, I doubt he will even bring us back to top 4. The players are confused, the defence is weak.

    Why would Auba & Laca stay? Why would Torreira stay if he is not getting game time?

  12. Hard to draw comparisons.
    Liverpool is a city of comedians and Klopp fits in so well because he is a comic. Don`t get me wrong they (the people) are serious comedians and Klopp is a serous comic hence they bond and communicate successfully.

    Arsenal supporters, on the other hand, have become serious critics (understandably so) there is no fun and little or no bonding between the supporters, players and manager. They fool around when they should be serious and vice versa ,bit like kids, but they should be mature enough to know the difference and they obviously don`t.

    The Kop let their manager know their feelings and Kloppy listens, may not do as they say but, he listens.

    Emery can never make Arsenal players or supporters bond and he hasn`t learned to listen. (Bit like Wenger)

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