Pundits give their predictions for the Everton v Arsenal clash

Pundits predict the Everton v Arsenal result and they all agree on one thing.

The Everton v Arsenal match is the first one up on today’s Premier League schedule and if recent form is anything to go by it’s going to be a cracker.

I have dug up the predictions from some of the more well known pundits and as usual, I will kick off with what Mark Lawrenson is predicting in his weekly BBC column. The former Liverpool legend is going with a 1-1 draw.

Next is our very own Charlie Nicholas. The former Gunner is not confident that Arsenal will send Freddie off with a win, in fact, he is going for a home win for the Toffees by a 2-1 margin.

Michael Owen, writing in his weekly bookie’s blog is predicting a win for Everton. The former Newcastle United forward. as is normally the case, does not give a score prediction

Finally, former Tottenham and Manchester United striker Dimitar Berbatov is following Mark Lawrenson and predicting a draw, albeit with a 2-2 scoreline.

So, the one thing I get from these predictions is that all four do actually agree on one thing. They all agree that Arsenal will not win.

Two go for a home win and the other two go for a draw. It has to be said that it is hard to disagree here. I actually went for a 2-2 draw myself in the preview here.


  1. I mean, based on our away form for the last 2 1/2 seasons and the way we’ve been playing recently I wouldn’t be backing us to win neither 😂

  2. I hope Ljungberg shows Arsenal that they have made a mistake by not keeping him till the end of the season

    Therefore he can leave with his head held high, if he chooses to work for another club

    1. The time it took for Emery’s replacement to be announced made it awkward for FL to put in any plan so it is difficult to assess whether or not keeping him to the end of the season would have been a good idea. However, DF at Everton had an immediate impact.
      I hope that FL will stay at Arsenal but fully appreciate that he may want to give management a go elsewhere. I believe him to be an Arsenal man and a decent bloke

    2. He’s staying put as a member of Arteta staff, he said he couldn’t handle the hot seat and Arsenal should appoint a permanent manager sooner rather than later

  3. 3-1 Everton. It’s going to get ugly before it gets better for us. But, once Arteta gets his fingerprints on the team they will turn it around.

  4. I am going for a Arsenal win. The players will want to give Freddie a proper send off, although I hope he still remains with us in some capacity, and impress Arteta. Hope Arteta’s presence from the stands is the rub off the green for Arsenal. 2-1 to the Gunners!

  5. No left back…I wonder who will play there…if it is saka… arsenal will lose bcos Everton Brazilian will exploit that…if bellerin is fit then Nile should be on the left he has done it before…I am not still seeing a win for arsenal except if our attackers double their hustle

  6. One option could be with Freddie go with 3 CB’s and allow Saka and AMN to go on the attack supporting the wingers, with Toreira and Guendouzi providing defensive shield. I am still going for an Arsenal win.

  7. Everton recent form in EPl, 3-1 win ro Chelsea and draw at Man U they could have won, dowa not predict any good.

    Looking at our current run and defense, we have reasona to worry.

    But playing with sacked coach simply has me speechless.

    This highlights that it is no management at AFC, Kroenke manages since Wenger sack…

    No clue nor care about football,.no respect for fans and club Just wants us at stadium.

    How can Arteta work in this mess with no Captain on board,no manager!

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