Pundits give their predictions on Arsenal v Manchester United

Huge game at the Emirates and the pundits are unanimous on one thing.

Just a couple of weeks ago I am sure that most of the pundits would have predicted a win for Man Utd today, however, circumstances are now a little different as the pundits’ predictions show.

Let’s kick off with resident BBC pundit Mark Lawrenson. The former Liverpool defender is unable to split the teams and is going with a 2-2 draw.

Next up is former Arsenal and Celtic striker now turned Sky Sports pundit Charlie Nicholas. The Scot is expecting a bit of a goal fest with Arsenal emerging the winners 3-2

Finally, we have the former Man Utd and Liverpool hit-man Michael Owen who has not given a score but is of the opinion that Arsenal will end the game with all three points.

So, the conclusion is fairly simple, not one of these pundits reckons that United will win, at best they will get a draw according to Lawrenson.

It goes to show that the improvement under Mikel Arteta is being recognised and not just by Arsenal fans.

Remember this is a United team that beat both Man City and Tottenham recently and so you would think that the pundits would have seen United as a shoo-in against Arsenal today. Not no more.

Hopefully, the players will step up to the plate today and vindicate the opinions of the pundits and Arsenal fans everywhere and put the Red Devils to the sword this evening in North London.


  1. I would like to be that confident. A win is vital.
    WH are already 3 up against Bournemouth. Apart from anything, I’d like my husband to get his cumuppence (dodgy spelling) for teasing me for being a Gooner

  2. Arsenal actually has a strong squad.
    Remember Unai got with in 2 points of third last season.
    And this season’s squad is stronger with Martinelli and Pepe.
    Also remember Arsenal was one point off 3rd after 8 games.
    Under Unai Arsenal was unbeaten at home in the League.
    So beating Man U at home is no surprise at all in fact it is expected.

  3. The simple logic in their predictions is that United struggle with teams on the other half of the table ,we re arsenal but we re on the other half of the table simple…
    I also do believe we will ‘knack them something’
    Let the Guns come out blazing we re winning this one….
    Let’s take some tactical yellow cards around the half way line ,disrupt their counters and we are home and dry…
    Happy new year to everyone..

  4. Norwich leading Palace at half time so all our competitors
    for 5th place have lost, are losing or will lose.
    So Arsenal has a great opportunity to suddenly rocket up the table if we win today.
    But that’s no surprise because Unai had the team in 3rd after 8 games.
    Top 5 minimum, top 4 is still a real possibility.
    You heard it here first

    1. Didn’t you mention that you saw the new year in before 10+ hours ahead of the UK dwellers? Have you got the results before us????
      You are a hoot!

  5. top 4 just hopen 2 stay up this season..marvo starts 2nite couldnt b any worse then the wrestler..

  6. They have beat chelsea spurs and man city this season and are the only team to take points of liverpool so I’m not too confident to be honest! They have far too much space for us ut if we can play like that first half of chelsea we could be in for a win, ha e zero idea which way this game will go

  7. Always really nervous about playing the Mancs…. an hour long Eastenders and the darts final are also on. Please Arsenal, 3 points please.. make it worth my while missing (live) the darts and my soap!!

  8. Draw or defeat is not an option, we are being drawn into a relegation battle and our hopes of European football next season is looking distant. I repeat we cant survive without European football, it would be a disaster greater than people realise if we cant get CL football but doomsday if we don’t get Europa at least. The money and the way it was spent in the summer was reliant on CL football next season. This game is huge, just because also new managers are getting new manager syndrome at their clubs and all we get is bad results syndrome.

  9. No you won’t Sue
    I have been bleating on about this all afternoon.
    Too many of the teams below us have had a very good day. The teams above us can stay that way for a while. We need the teams below us to lose.
    Can you put the darts and your soap on catch up?

    1. I was glad Brighton scored earlier though Sue, and was moaned at for that (can’t help loathing Chelsea 😂). So they’re level on points with us now.
      Going to record Enders and keep an eye on the darts on my phone… hopefully not from behind my sofa haha!!

      1. CAN YOU NOT SEE WHY I “MOANED” THOUGH SUE? I have no idea what that expressionless emoji meant either. Seems you care more about our traditional rivals losing than the lower teams we NEED to lose to help us stay up. CAN’T IMAGINE WHY TBH!

        1. I can’t stand Chelsea, Jon! You know that. That was why!
          We’re level on points now.. Luckily with 18 games left…
          It was a roll your eyes emoji.

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