Tennis superstar and Pundits predict West Ham v Arsenal

West Ham v Arsenal – A real mixed bag from the pundits this week.

Not too long ago this game would have been seen as a banker for Arsenal, not no more such is the form the Gunners are in.

I will start with BBC’s Mark Lawrenson, the former Liverpool defender is going for a West Ham win by a margin of 2-0. He does not even think that Arsenal will score against the Hammers.

His guest this week on his prediction column is non other than tennis superstar Andy Murray. The Scot does not think that Arsenal will lose but neither does he feel that they will win. The Olympic champion goes for a 1-1 draw.

Next up we have former Liverpool hitman Michael Owen writing on a betting blog. Just like Murray, he goes for a draw but as usual, he does not predict an actual scoreline.

Finally, we have Sky Sports pundit and former Arsenal ace Charlie Nicholas, he backs his former club to win. He is fairly confident that Freddie Ljungbers’s men will run out 3-1 winners.

For comparison, JustArsenal has gone with a 2-2 draw. So, we have one going for a West Ham win, one going for an Arsenal win and everyone else is predicting a draw.

The bottom line is that the vast majority do not feel that Arsenal will win. Hopefully, they will prove all the doubters wrong.


  1. Sue says:

    We’ll be playing against 12 men tonight – Mike Dean 😖

    1. ThirdManJW says:

      We’re definitely heading for a defeat then! Cannot stand him!

      1. Sue says:

        Watching him strut round the pitch as if he’s god’s gift… he makes me sick!!!

  2. Lenohappy says:

    If the coach start Ozil and wilock, we will surely lose, am still waiting to see what Ozil and wilock bring to the team.

  3. Sue says:

    Everton have approached Emery 😳

    1. Andy Hallewell says:

      If Everton have really approached Emery the toffees will be in meltdown

    2. RSH says:

      Iwobi knew the whole time 😉

  4. Samuel Akinsola Adebosin says:

    Arsenal tonight are going into their week no 15 match in the PL this season to play against West Ham to beat them at away. And I am banking on Freddie Ljungberg, the Arsenal interim Head Coach will do his possible best to coach the Gunners to overcome Irons offensive in the game against Arsenal and also break their resistant in the game to resist Arsenal offensive game against them from profiting to come with away win in the match. For, I believe the Gunners will play positively in the match to achieve a win over the Irons irrespective of whatever be the level of offensive game and match defending game that the Irons will deploy in the match to play against the Gunners but it will be foiled by the Gunners and rendered obsolete and none starter against Arsenal.

    Even with Mike Dean at the centre refereeing in the match tonight alongside his 2 match assistant linesmen and also with those match result manipulating personnel manning the VAR who apparently will collaborate with Mike Dean who is more than well known for his anti-Arsenal match refereeing in the PL stance against Arsenal F C who will obviously from the look of the bad match refereeing treatment ment to Arsenal so far this season in the PL will surely await Arsenal in this match to unleash another mistreatment in the match to them while officiating in the match on the orders of his boss Mike Riley, the PGMOL kingpin who have his elite select match referees refereeing in the PL on orders to continue punishing Arsenal but for no offence committed in matches to intentionally be refereeing against them in the PL to be dropping points which normally they would not have been dropping if match refereeing in the PL in Arsenal matches were normal.

    But however, the Gunners should not worry themselves over the likely anti-Arsenal match refereeing in the PL that Mike Dean and his 2 match assistants including the PGMOL cohorts VAR officials who are jointly doing the bidding of Mike Riley for him in Arsenal matches in the PL and will continue with doing it against Arsenal tonight in the match. But the Gunners should emboldened themselves to foil the PGMOL villains plans against Arsenal in the match tonight at London Stadium between themselves and the Irons by playing the superior game in the match above whatever match playing the Irons have on offer to play against Arsenal in the match. And nullify any anti-Arsenal match refereeing in the PL that referee Mike Dean and the PGMOL cohorts personnel manning the VAR by scoring undisputed goals in the game that will beat West Ham hands down in the match which Mike Dean the match referee, his 2 linesmen and those match referee personnel at the VAR cannot rig against Arsenal but be forced to respect and honour the scored Arsenal goals that led their match win over West Nam.

  5. Bur says:

    we will capitulate like always and Dean will be a sure bet for the hammers. Hate to say this but but it wont be us smiling at the end of the game.

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