Pundits still not impressed with Arsenal’s top-four chances despite away win

To say that few people were not impressed with us last night is an understatement and that certainly includes the pundits, notably the incorrigible pair of Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville on SkySports.

Let’s be honest, they have never been enamoured with Arsenal, especially this team and so they were never going to come out and say anything positive, though, on this occasion, it has been made easy for them.

Carragher does not see us as favourites to finish in the top four and remains convinced that it is our away form that will undo us. He said: ‘No they’re not favourites. I said before, I didn’t think they’d get in the top four because of their away form. I didn’t expect them to win tonight, obviously the circumstances have gone with them tonight. Unai Emery is not soft, that was a great result, but not a great performance. That doesn’t matter. The fact the opposition team were down to ten men and probably should have got something, that’ll be a worry for the other away games. You look at the home games and think they’ll look after themselves for Arsenal. But the away games, you still feel they’ll have to win one of them. Looking at it… they should win one out of three, with the team Arsenal have, but you’d still fear for them away from home. Six points for me is a guarantee and that gets them to 72. Whether they could pick up another three or four points, that would be enough. But they’re not easy games away from home.’

Neville took a different tact, he actually thinks we are performing brilliantly because, in his opinion, we are a far inferior team than Man Utd or Chelsea. He said about on Arsenal’s performance this season: ‘I think I said before the game, for them to be where they are with a game in hand over Chelsea, navigating the Europa League – we’ve always talked about how difficult it is to play Thursday and Sundays. I think it’s a brilliant performance when you think of Chelsea and Manchester United have spent a fortune. Chelsea have the better squad, with Eden Hazard. Arsenal are nowhere near that. When you look at that Arsenal team… there’s a lot of questions to have answered. You think of Ramsey leaving, of Ozil, the defenders, the midfielders still don’t look right, you’re not convinced about the goalkeeper, the full-backs look like they could change every week and yet, he’s getting that level of performance out them. I think it’s a brilliant performance.’

What irritates me is that yes, we have some tough teams to play away, yes, our away form is bad but have they not seen Man Utd’s run in, have they not seen how poor Chelsea can be on occasions, both home and away, have they not clicked on that we actually have a game in hand over Chelsea and are above them?

No it would seem, it is when it comes to Arsenal that they get all negative with their analysing, we are were we after 33 games, their is a reason for that and that is despite our away form we have still had a better season than United and Chelsea and so if we have issues in our run in, what about that pair.

We shall just have to prove them wrong won’t we?


  1. We will win our remaining two home matches, inaditiion to winning Burnley away and getting at least a point from Leicester and Wolves away matches.
    That should give us 76points, and should be enough to clinch a top 4 place. It’s totally within our capability to achieve the above.

    1. Yes, I agree. 76 points should just be enough, so we need 10 points from 5 matches. Difficult, but also possible.

  2. Also good to see United crash out of UCL.
    Now we know that 4th place will be enough to secure UCL football next season.
    There wouldn’t be a reaction of Chelsea feat in 2012 when then denied a 4th place Spurs from UCL spot by virtue of being UCL defending champions.

    Our fate is now firmly on our hands.

    1. what makes you guys think 76 points should be enough? Not sure we can afford to drop 4 more points.

  3. Have to get at least a win against Leicester and Wolves. And then win rest of our games. Looking at our rivlas we can afford to drop points probably just one more time. A Chelsea draw/loss to United would benefit us greatly. Looking at Spurs’ fixtures and form, they are likely to get in. Arsenal must, and I mean must, WIN AGAINST BURNLEY. We’re all overlooking this away game when we can easily bomb this one too.

  4. I couldn’t believe Neville actually said question marks over the keeper? He said that with a straight face ? Leno has been outstanding, one of our best players all season.. just because we didn’t spend 70 million Leno in their eyes is an average keeper! Alisson and kepa make average saves and the pundits are drooling at the mouth! I’m muting Neville and Carragher next time those 2 clowns are on my TV! OT congratulations to united, Ole might need to take his driving test again ?

      1. Ole ? Haha it’s not Ole at the wheel anymore it’s Ole steering the ship, that ship being the Titanic although he’s sinking quicker ? Have you seen the BT Sport ad with Gary Lineker Sue ? I slipped, it’s the shoes.. go practice your passing! Lol hilarious ?

          1. Haha you can get it on YouTube Sue ? lol Ole had colour in his hair when he first came now he’s completely grey ?

  5. Well we aren’t favourites to get in the Top 4. In fact my prediction at the beginning of the year was 6th place. So we are doing well considering the lack of quality in our starting line-up

    5 Matches left
    We need to aim to win every one.
    Try our very best.
    Its definitely possible

  6. Our most important match of the season so far is against Napoli tomorrow. Let’s focus on that.
    I am not completely against what the Pundits are saying. We are not favorites for to 4, neither are Chelsea and Man U. Only spurs are due their run in and form. The last spot will go down to wire.

    The only objectionable comment he made is on Leno, who is outstanding last few weeks

  7. Of course the pundits weren’t impressed with us, they are realists. Not many on here were impressed either. Knowing us we will win our away games and lose the two at home?

  8. i have decided not to listen to any pre-match analyses when arsenal is playing because they is so many bad comments and negative things they say about players and the team i don’t enjoy listening people been negative to the team i love, owen hargreaves such an idiot i vow never to listen to him he is so negative to arsenal

    1. Sometimes when I’ve tuned in before the game starts, they’ve been bigging up Liverpool, Klopp & Salah….. but Arsenal were playing!! Sheesh!! I don’t bother anymore…

  9. Nevilles’s comments concerning Leno just shows how utterly stupid and unprofessional he is.I never listen to him nor his uncouth sidekick Neither of them were in my opinion great players and in the case of Neville he has some nerve to criticise Managers after his pathetic attempts at Valencia.Please do not give either of them more “air time” on this site.We don’t need them to tell us what is wrong with our team.

  10. That goal from Henry against Liverpool where carragher was fooling himself on the ground… I wonder if he still watch that goal to know how awful he is during his playing days. Yet his the master at critics

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