QPR v Arsenal review – Gunners get battling win!

That was just the sort of physically tough and energy sapping game that Arsenal could have done without less than a week before going to Old Trafford to take on Man United in the FA cup. But it was also the sort of game that the Gunners could have crumbled in, as we did away to Stoke this season. But we held firm, took our chances and then held on under late pressure, so fair play.

The powerful QPR players were full of running and not afraid to get stuck in sandArsenal knew they were in a game straight away. It was frantic stuff at times but we did manage to get the ball down and give the home side some real problems and that seemed to increase as the first half went on. Arsenal can feel a bit unlucky not to have led at the break.

Coquelin was a busy boy but the whole team worked hard. Rosicky was full of energy and craft even though it did not always come off in limited space. Ospina was calm and in control and made at least one great save to keep us level. Alexis and Bellerin were giving them plenty to think about on both flanks, while Ozil and Cazorla were trying to unlock the door.

We did lose Gabriel in the first half though and have to hope it is not a serious problem.

Arsenal started the second half as we finished the first. Ozil should have won a penalty and we looked like scoring but just as they started to come back, Giroud pounced with a great finish to make the most oif a lucky deflection on Gibbs’ cross. And then Alexis made it two with a superb solo effort.

It looked like we were cruising and going to get a third but we didn’t and with 10 minutes left, Austen was allowed to turn and score, meaning a tense and nervous finish. Job done, just about.

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    1. So glad for Alexis to get back on the score sheet, just the lift he needs, thoroughly deserved for his attitude this game. Again, we didn’t dominate, and the more I watch us, the more doubt I have that we can put 3 past Monaco.

      1. But I rather see this battling non stop arsenal over the pass pass pass dominate concede arsenal.

        1. Uhm I’d rather we figure out how to have best of both worlds….Chelsea have figured it out.

          It’s not one or the other, we’re still in a fight for top 4 so I’d hardly say there’s cause for “much rather this way than that”.

          To be title contenders we need to be able to pass and hold the ball better than this.

        1. what more could u ask for…..
          few more goals.
          dominating the game.
          girls giving bj’s at the exit
          free taxi rides home
          list is endless…..

        1. Good for him, but he needs to score when the need is there for him to score. Giroud, Giroud, again Monaco he was poor and now we are with one foot out.

          1. shit happens.
            he is scoring nearly every game now- cant fault that

            we should have plan b when hes having dry spell

          2. Why not aim your discontent at the more deserving? We scored 1 at home in the CL, no way on earth should we be conceding 3 regardless the number of chances we could have scored.

    2. Can’t believe how lucky manure are,they don’t deserve to be fighting for champions league

      1. they are doing what we are. scraping games.
        we are only a little better

        monday will give us alot of answers

      2. It is almost as if other teams are letting them win…. I mean Krull never makes mistakes like that, and to do it in the last minute of normal time…

        Mind you, we gave them the match as well…. that Monaco match brought back the nightmare performance against manure at the Emirates, as we played both matches in exactly the same manner.

    3. Iv been having this dream for a few nights in a row.arsenal to beat manure 5-1….I have a dream

        1. Man, I don’t know why de call it “WET” dream. Is it becuz one sweats while dreaming?

      1. We are a better team and we can do it. We just have to block out the fact that we’re playing manure, as it seems to be some sort of mental problem.

    1. You’d slate him for missing it, but not an ounce of praise for when he does score them? Funny old view.

  1. alexis can make something out of nothing better than almost any other player i have ever watched

  2. We looked solid until Austin scored that goal. Good performance by the squad. Ozil or Coq MOTM for me.

      1. What about Gibbs? 2 assists and countless interceptions. I don’t think he was at fault in the goal, it was Koscielny’s fault as Gibbs followed his man making a run on the left.

        1. Sorry, but that goal was Gibbs’ mistake. Kos had not yet slid over to cover Austin and Gibbs was right on Austin. Gibb’s should have stayed with Austin as he began to turn to set up the goal. Instead Gibbs just wandered away. Mistake. Clearly.

    1. Solid? I could only watch first half and it was terrible. Loads of pressure. They had more chances than us. We kept turning it over. Rosicky and Ozil were in a turn over competition. Not sure who won? To me this line up was bull sht. Once again, Ozil and Santi, and Alexis and Rosicky? Would’ve started Walcott and Ramsey. Rested Ozil indefinitely.

  3. Please ooo please Arsene ask Bellerin to sign an new contract. Damn he was phenomenal both in attack and defense.

  4. I can’t’ believe OG tonight. He must have won a good 15 balls in the air.
    An important game coming up. The days off will be much needed.

  5. i know many fans are scared ahead Utd clash, but i think they have nothing special, if we cant win than draw is good, i hope they play with 3-5-2, perfect game for walcott, if i were wenger i would go with ox–alexis–walcott

    1. True. it’s just the fact that we haven’t beaten them in what feels like centuries. But no doubt in my mind though we can end it Monday.

      1. you r really tempting fate.
        what have we said last few times before we played them….
        man u are lucky there rubbish, we will smash em…then we lose

        1. gotta change at some point. like putting it all on red. eventually you hit. it’s our bloody turn! and again in the upcoming epl match.

    2. It’s Wenger vs LVG tactically, because our squad is superior. Wish I could have the same optimism from a tactical standpoint…

      Fingers and toes well and truly crossed.

  6. Bellerin or Sanchez MOTM!
    Wellbeck also did well not to give the ball away when he came on.

    Snorzil did well.

  7. I prefer this counter attacking, pressing, points arsenal, over the pass pass concede one. #COYG 3 massive points
    Welcome back Alexis!

    1. So do i especially when we are playing away. Our defending capabilities have overall improved too which makes it easier to play that style of football.

  8. That game has to really hurt all the people that waned to sit Mesut, Alexis, and the BFG. Each did their part tonight. Another goal from Giroud – oh how I wish these could happen in the champion’s league AND the league, but I guess beggars can’t be choosers.

    Alexis finally got his goal; Mesut shifting his body weight and couldn’t be touched…and shoulda had a goal. BFG doing a job defensively. I still believe Mert is liability against the big teams, but definitely has a role to play in games like these.

    Did le Coq put a foot wrong the whole game?

    Hope Gabriel isn’t out for a long time.

    1. Yes, le Coq missed the chance to feature sponsors on his Phantom of the opera mask. Kroenke won’t be happy..

  9. Alexis was MOM for me. I am very happy for his goal. I was waiting from long time.
    Ozil, Rosicky, Cazorla and Bellerin everyone played well.
    Not sure it’s only me but BFG did a good job today.

    Next game Manu 0 – 3 Arsenal

      1. LoL. Has Hafiz ever said something positive after a win like “Im glad we won, the players played well, hope this continues”.

  10. Alexis had a terrific game. Wish he could use his left leg to cross though. I find him a bit awkward on the left wing.

  11. Ozil is transforming from a La Liga player to EPL player and should he stay injury free,I bet he is gonna be EPL player of the next season

    From loan to 10 straight EPL starts,need I say more about Le Coq?

    Bring on Manure

  12. Nice, we did win but our rivals are doing their job aswell. Somehow Arsenals famous style seems dead to me, the team plays some very unatractive football.

    1. remember when we use to pass to death and dominate then draw games?
      now we scrape wins

      i will take that

      1. Compare it to today? Do you notice any diff? Back then we played so good, creating chances after chances, only to be led down by school boys defending mistakes, and today we play with our hearts out just to have the same results as years ago. Think about that muffin man.

  13. If u like urself just forget monaco, we r out, how r we going to score defensive monaco 3 0. I ll just watch d game for fun. I don’t deceive mysef. Good game today, am happy.

    1. we aren’t going to score 3 against them. We blew it already. Best to just aim for FA Cup and highest possible finish in the league. Its not like we had a shot at UCL anyways. If it wasn’t Monaco it was going to be Bayern or Real Madrid.

    1. wengers notes:

      -should have bought cavani
      – shouldnt have made zlatan do that trial when he was teen

      1. we dont even have a proper 3rd choice backup now…..what if kos and or BFG get injured???

        Chambers is not ready and inexperience

  14. Now Arsenal needs to defeat Manchester United on Sunday to get our Swag and confidence back.

    I Have a very strong feeling we will this time around, and go on to defend our F.A Cup title.

  15. I’m very happy. An away win. 3 points
    That’s all I wanted.

    Now on Monday we go to Old Trafford on the back of a win (so do United) and 1 point ahead of United at 3rd place in PL.

    We need to remind ourselves that we can not only beat teams away but we beat Man City so beating United is definitely doable.

    Lets face it. Monday night match could define our season. If we lose then our season will have been a failure. We MUST WIN. we MUST defend our FA Cup.

    I can honestly see us finishing 3rd or 2nd place and winning the FA Cup. That would be a successful season

    1. fans should be realistic that its almost impossible to beat Man utd and especially at OT…..

      they will be parking the bus….relying on counter and mistakes….will Wenger change his strategy and tactics???

      or stick to the same and have a bad day at the office????

      1. They never park the bus. They will be up for it and even if half of their players are out of form I will worry. We have to give 110%, any lapse in concentration then we will be in for a long day. Only fools will under estimate them.

        People call them lucky but I saw their match tonight ( Kind of scouting). honestly they should have won it comfortably. Krul made some amazing saves and MU were denied a clear goal when refs adjudged it to be offside.

        Like I said I am happy they are getting all the unwanted attention but truth is we have been equally boring in past 1 month or so

  16. A Good performance from all the players.no team is easy to beat at this closing stage of the league: If a half goal exists in the game of football and guarantees 3points,I had take a half goal and 3points against any opponent no matter how lowly placed. Out of topic; the general performance of referees this season is really shocking, a Newcastle player was brutally brought down inside the penalty box right in front of the ref and he ignored the incident and at the end Man U managed to win by such a damn lucky goal. The will certainly run out of luck on monday night..

  17. Again 2 wins andwe have forgotten that we ourselves arent doing great. This has been what we have been doing for whole season. Calling Man United lucky eventhough I see us and there is no difference of how bad we are playing. Happy that all the unwanted attention is going to United but we cannot change the truth that we have been equally bad. Time to correct some wrongs and beat United

  18. When will Chambers get to play? 19 yr old can’t be riding the pine.

    Wegner needs to rotate the squad.

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