Qualifying for the Europa League would be a fine end to the season

Arsenal has had a terrible season so far and since the resumption of football, it has not got much better, though the last three games have built up some momentum.

Thanks to the efforts of Mikel Arteta we have improved since Unai Emery but in truth, this has been an underwhelming campaign and I cannot wait for it to finish.

We started the season looking to get back into the Champions League and who can blame us for dreaming of that, after all, we reached the Europa League final last season and finished just outside the top four.

After a fine run of form under Arteta, we began to dream of the Champions League again. However, the return to the campaign after the coronavirus-enforced break showed us that we’re not quite there yet.

At the moment, we can see that our players are still struggling to get to grips with Arteta’s demands on them and the Spaniard is also trying his best to work his preferred starting XI.

Winning games is important, but it shouldn’t be all we care about at this stage. I think we should consider if the team is getting better on a consistent basis, even if they fail to win the games.

For me, this end of the season is more like a pre-season for Arteta and the boys and I’d take a return to the Europa League next season as long as we are making lasting changes to the way we play and building towards success in the next few campaigns.

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  1. That would obviously be good for Arteta, meaning he has done well, but good for the club? I would even go as far as to say, that I don’t even want Champions League qualification this season.

    Our squad, our club, is in a complete mess, and don’t let a few wins in row, and some early transfer business distract you from that. A European free season would be so beneficial for us to FINALLY make some headway in the league. The reduction in fixtures and travelling, will allow Arteta more time on the training ground for his first full season, and would hopefully mean less injuries as well.

    1. Sir, you are right about travel and injuries, but there is one squad player who gets sick/injured by just sitting on a seat in the stands and by not even playing football! Many of his pals say that it is not his fault that he was offered those wages (which I too agree) but they fail to realize that he is at fault for not making himself fit and ready for the games and offers nothing when he plays.
      All gunners are pinning our future and hopes on Saka an 18 year old raw lad on 30K/week while the mercenary draws ten times more money out of club for doing nothing. Shame.

      1. I don’t mind us being in the Europa league it brings more revenue plus it would enable us to us the whole squad and develop more players

  2. It’s possible. Our next few game are winnable, considering the current form, except wolves and Liverpool, we can win the rest i we are serious about it.

  3. Didn’t see Guendouzi in any of the training photos. Has he played his last match for us??

  4. I wondered that too Sue.
    Good to see Martinelli has just signed a new long term contract though.

  5. Let me tell the truth,the whole truth and nothing but the truth; If we don’t win today against wolves season over!

  6. Saka,Gabi,Cedric, Mari signed long contracts with the club,Auba just wants some more money to sign abaut 250k which is not resonable.We just need to tie down Cebalos and focus on the academy that team can perform πŸ‘.

  7. And if Ozil has any morals he should pack and go.Hes a divisive figure in this club ,don’t show the Muslim brothers that you just care about taking money.

  8. How far this great Club has fallen, when making a Europa League place is seen as success.

    1. I was all for not aiming not getting a EL place as it certainly helped Chelsea improve their league position!! I can see all the positives of the team having more time to train and gel together.

      I’ve since changed my tune a bit –
      From where the club was last October, a European place would mark a turn around under Arteta and at least show some intent

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