Quality, concentration and focus – Arsenal gave everything for the whole 90 minutes

Yesterday’s brilliant North London derby win over Tottenham certainly gave all Arsenal fans a giant boost, and has put us right back in the fight for the Top Four. Arsene Wenger picked his very best team and they all looked like they were up for it, and played their hearts out for the whole 90 minutes.

As Wenger said after the game: “Yes, I think we played with purpose, good concentration, the desire to always be efficient and with great solidarity. From the first to last minute the quality of our concentration was very high, we never had a minute where we felt that we dropped a little bit of our focus. Overall it was a very intense game when you look at the physical performance of the two teams. It’s absolutely through the roof, so that means the with the distances the players produced, it was an immense performance on both sides.”

Arsenal have now won 11 home League games in a row, which is our best run since the Invincibles era, but we are 12 points behind Man City because our away form has been dire, but Wenger insists that his team has not performed badly away from home either. “I feel we had a very good game at Manchester City and I analysed it very well, it was a very tight game. We had a few away games where our performances were good but, when you lose, people always go to definite conclusions without going further into any analysis and we were not as bad as people said, we have 22 points today. We are a few points short, but if you can analyse the games I can show you why.”

After most of our defeats, Wenger has normally (rightly or wrongly) blamed the referee’s decisions, but yesterday Mike Dean was thought to have favoured us instead, but Wenger disagrees. “I don’t think so, no. Last week we conceded a goal that was not marginally offside, that was a yard offside and that nobody found a word to say. I watched this one again and I’m not sure it was offside and it was a foul, so suddenly when we concede the goals it’s absolutely normal, and when we are a yard offside maybe you have to answer that in a press conference.”

There are now only four points between Man United in second place and Burnley in seventh and it is still all to play for, despite Man City looking like the obvious winners there is still a lot of games ahead. If we play like this in every game there is no reason why we can’t keep winning and close in on second place at least…

Onwards and Upwards!



  1. Sandeep says:

    Yes infact against man city was also good performance but needed a little more to cross the line but game against spurs even our subs were 100 % focused.What i liked most was our back line monreal ,koss the boss and mustafi played well as a unit and gave spurs no chance.

  2. Eddy Hoyte says:

    Can we tone down the celebration pls? We’ve been here before, we’ve had better performances n wins against top teams. let’s enjoy it but tone it down,
    since yesterday all I’ve been reading points out that suddenly our NLD win has given us the league.
    The only annoying thing is the players played like that cus its a derby.
    next match, we’ll see a diff Arsenal that won’t put in shifts just cus its a small club we’re playing.
    If only we play every match like we did yesterday, we’ll be scoring 5-7 goals against lower teams like City does.

    I want us to play every league match like its a Derby. .

    1. Ivan says:

      Spot on.
      Enjoy (and believe me I have been having fun at my spuds fans expense) but keep a perspective.
      We thoroughly deserved the win yesterday but it also showed how the manager and players have been failing us in so many games. So we should keep pressure on the manager and players to play to that intensity every game. If they do we could have a good second half of the season.

      1. ADoseOfReality says:

        To be fair whilst we’re obviously not challenging for the league and to be frank I don’t see how we compete with a side that can go out and buy the players City have over the last 3 years (Gabriel for instance was the worlds most sought after striker at the time City signed him) but regardless we have won not undefeated but won our last 11 home games that is our best record since 2005! Our best home form for 12 years and people are complaining about our form likewise Spurs get insane praise yet they have won 1 of their last 17 away games against top 6, Mourinho’s recent away record against big 6 is just as bad too so you do have to question the hyperbole surrounding Wenger’s big 6 away performance in this light. There is every chance we can finish 2nd this year and it’s not impossible City have a blip although I find it unlikely. That should have the fans rallying round the team. Just wish the fanbase would realise that as the 4th richest team we are not going to be challenging for the title with any regularity unless the manager performs miracles, it’s totally unrealistic. Can any of you name a 4th richest team from another league that regularly challenges for their title? It doesn’t happen and those are less competitive leagues too! When your team goes on it’s longest home winning streak in over a decade and beats it’s closest rivals you should not be toning down the celebrations. Support you team ffs.

        1. jon fox says:

          I challenge your self description as a realist and say that is precisely what you are not. You cherry pick stats – as all can do if they are dishonest with themselves – to “prove” your case. But you choose to overlook the facts from much of the last decade, which you need only eyes, not “cherry picked stats” to clearly see are what ACTUALLY IS THE TRUTH. Being a truthful, not a fake realist, I list them now for all to see. Whether you choose to see them though is highly unlkely , since you would rather make your “facts” fit your theory. Here they are , in no special order: A manager who has failed to motivate the team to give their all, regularly. Players picked and played in wrong positions. Subs made , not as needed but in the 70th minute all the time(other than for prior injuries.) Constant injury crises at the club. No proper coaching for defensive duties. No real attempt to get a top CDM since Gilberto left. A series of sub standard CB’s with only one proven top one (Kos) since Sol Campbell left. Duds like Walcott kept and on high wages for 12 years with practically nothing in returm from him. Diaby, Denilson, Almunia, Djourou, Senderos, and a long list of duds or injury hospital cases bought and kept far too long . I could go on and on but perhaps you might have the “realism” to comment on these REALISTIC points i make. Over to you, if you have the guts to face and answer a true REALIST!

          1. Kenny Rolfe says:

            The reason he always gives for 70th min substitutions is fatigue . If a manager picks the wrong side and he’s man enough to admit it he’ll make a change at maybe half time. it’s the same attitude every week, “I’m Arsene Wenger and I never pick the wrong side”. Stubbornness beyond belief.

        2. Ivan says:

          I just wish that the casual fan of Arsenal like yourself would show some ambition rather than being happy just being in the EPL.
          We showed yesterday that our very expensive team and very expensive manager can perform to their capabilities and it is not unreasonable to expect them to play to their potential more often. After all 4 points out of 15 against teams in the top half of the divisional is woeful and needs to get better.
          And I know that if weeds like you stop giving them excuses the team will start having a professional attitude and we can enjoy more days like yesterday!!!

    2. Collins Rapheal says:

      you are indeed a great fan,treat every game like it is a Derby

  3. Grandad says:

    Credit to all the players for their application during the entire 90 mins.I am not a fan of Mustafi nor Xhaka but the former was excellent yesterday and hopefully he can produce more displays like this on a regular basis.The fact that we did not concede a goal against Spurs was vital. Shut outs breed confidence throughout the team and players like Ozil and Sanches responded accordingly.The message is clear to AW.Keep it tight at the back and the talented attacking players at Arsenal will produce the goods.

    1. jon fox says:

      Two people have disliked your accurate comments. I am surprised Mrs. Xhaka and Mrs. Mustafi read this site

  4. Ray says:

    They raise their performance for one match when they should do it for one club!!

    The pride of wearing the shirt should be enough. Not just a single game in the calendar year. Lets see if they can use this game and result to put a good “confident” run of games together?!

    We all know that when a result goes bad for us we tend to see an Arsenal side that lose confidence and suddenly find themselves under pressure which, takes an age to get of for some reason?

    Here’s hoping for a really good run of results through the Xmas period and beyond!

  5. Godswill says:

    It was good that Kane, Alli, Ericksen and all their top catapults (not guns) played. If not the British press and the pundits would had been saying we beat a weakened team.
    Looking for to against Man u, the remaining of the big 6 in this phase. If our boys play with the same focus and intensity, the mouthy one will blame the 4th official.

    1. jon fox says:

      For perspective though – and I do agree with your point – it should be said that Poch made a mistake in picking Kane and Alli who were clearly not match fit. KANE WAS A SHADOW OF HIS USUAL SELF, and not merely because of the magnificent defence we had.

  6. Kenny Rolfe says:

    Our home record this season has been superb and really when you think about previous games we should have won at Stoke and we should have won at Watford, we could have even nicked a point at City. Had we done so we’d have been right up there but the trouble is we’re being put off by the bias media. Lets be honest, and this is not a whinge, they jump on us all the time, in a way that no other club has to go through. At the moment their raving about Spurs, Harry Kane, Deli and all who are only a point in front of us, as for the northern sides Liverpool are getting no stick what so ever and Manchester United, well, they’ve always been the media’s darling’s ever since the tragic air disaster. What we have to do is forget all about the media, don’t listen to the likes of Shearer, Murphy, Lineker, the Neville brothers and even our own Merson and Co, put in the kind of performance we put in yesterday with the same commitment,then I believe we can have an excellent second half of the season, then who knows? maybe Ozil and Lex want to sign on, we bring in a top keeper and a top central midfield player, another central defender, then we’ll be flying, chasing City. These are small changes that could make a massive difference

    1. Admin says:

      One small change could be to start playing football in away games….
      18 points at home
      4 points away!

      1. Kenny Rolfe says:

        You’re not wrong admin, but as I said in my post we should have won at both Stoke And Watford and a point at City and we’d have been 3 points behind. I know it’s the old IF word again but it quite easily could have been the case

        1. jon fox says:

          Usually , I scoff at “ifs” but your comment is quite correct. All that stopped the extra ponts from coming was desire and fight to the end. That , sadly, has been the story of much of the last decade. Not that it needed proving BUT yesterday’s perf proved the necessary talent is there. If only we could recapture the desire of Wengers first decade. IF ONLY!

      2. jon fox says:

        Great comment Mr. Admin but some might think that is a big change. Either way, it is so necessary. Suggestion: How about a hypnotist to convince all the players , at away games, that they are actually playing at home!

        1. Ivan says:

          Personally Jon I think that the team lack leadership as they are treated like children by AW who always makes excuses when they fail rather than giving them a rocket.

          1. Kenny Rolfe says:

            Think you’re right Ivan, the changes before that I mentioned plus a change in management

          2. Ivan says:

            If those changes all happened I’d be more than happy

          3. jon fox says:

            Ivan, if it is any comfort to you, and I doubt that it is really, your spot on comments and thoughts are surely shared by tens of thousands of Gooners too.

          4. Ivan says:

            Thanks Jon and really same back to you. It is good to see other fans who truely care and want the best for the Arsenal and not just certain individuals within.

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