Arsenal-target makes it clear he wants to come to the EPL (plus video)

It is always helpful to Arsenal when a player that they have actively targeted comes out and admits publicly that he wants to play in the Premier League and even mentions the club by name.

That is exactly what has happened with Belgium international Yannick Carrasco, who currently plies his trade with Chinese Super League club Dalian Yifang.

Arsenal apparently came close to signing the winger back in January but the move collapsed at the last minute due to Dalian Yifang blocking any deal, however, the player is now desperate to move back to Europe and is hoping he can persuade the clubs president to sanction a move.

Speaking to the English media Carrasco said: “There was interest from Arsenal and I had a lot of teams in January giving me the chance to go back to Europe, but here the president said it was difficult to go then.

“Maybe this summer it is possible. If it is a good thing and I want to go, maybe I can speak with the president.

“I try to do my best because I am a professional for my team, after we can think about a solution. If I have a lot of teams who want me but the president decides I have to stay, I cannot do anything.

The big issue for Carrasco is that his wife has left China to be closer to work, family and friends in Belgium and this is now having an effect on the player.

“All that you want is to be close to your family, and to go back to Europe is a good solution, said the 26-year-old

“I’m OK here, the club is good with me, the players and fans also are nice with me.

“But you know, when you are far from your family, and I think I can do good things in the European game, I am thinking it’s a solution if I can go back.”

“My wife spent the first year with me, but this year she is back in Belgium and she comes for a short stay and then goes back.

“When we play, we go two days before the game, and when you play away you come back the day after the game.

“Four days me being out of the home for one game was very difficult for her, and also she needs to be in Belgium doing work for herself.

Carrasco spoke about why he would like to play in the Premier League, why the English game would suit his style of play and what he can offer clubs.

“All the people know England is one of the best championships in the world, it’s a big competition.

I think I can play in a lot of competitions in the world, I can attack and also I can defend

“The players who play in the Premier League tell me it is a physical league, strong, but you also have a lot of space.

“Sometimes when you play in other countries you do not have a lot of space but in England it is open, the play is up and down the pitch.

“That would suit me. I think I can play in a lot of competitions in the world, I can attack and also I can defend.

“With the national team I play as a winger, but also I can play in behind. England would be a good competition for me. I think I would be OK.

“If I have the opportunity to go to England, why not?

“I don’t think if you play in China you lose your quality. You see Paulinho when he went to Barcelona. He stayed a lot of years in China, but he went to Barca and did well, and he played the national team and he did well.

“Now you see Axel Witsel with Dortmund, he stayed for one year in China and he also did very well with Dortmund.

“Why not me? I need to have something. I try to find a solution to be nearer my family?”

It is fairly clear from his comments that he wants to leave China and his preference is for England, it is also noticeable that he mentions Arsenal.

Now, that could just be him laying out the facts and have no motive in naming us but at the same time it could easily be his way of saying to us that I want out, you wanted me back in January, please try again.

On the face of it, this is good news because Carrasco is definitely a good player, I have seen him play a few times and the video below highlights some of his strengths. He would be a good signing for us and I will be keeping an eye on this one for sure.

This is one particular piece of speculation that has tons of credibility simply because the player himself is on record making his intentions abundantly clear.


  1. I wish we could get our Hands on Him… He has vast experience… Blending in into English football won’t be that difficult for him, plus he suits our style

    The wingers I’ll go for is Carrasco, Ziyech, and Ryan Fraser…

    A midfield of William Callvaho of Real Betis

    A Attacking midfielder with Flair and hunger in nature of Fabregas or santi… I can’t think of one who will come cheap

    I will bring back Martinez as backup to leno

    I gat no player in defense honestly as it is a very crucial part of analyzing… But the rest of our defense except Mustaphi, Licht, and bring in 2 quality defender… All Liverpool needed was one VVD

    1. He couldn’t compete at Atletico Madrid and he was not impressive in World Cup

      He played as a right-footed LWB for Belgium and his successful dribble rate is low

      Prefer an inverted winger like Pepe

      1. Base on your theory Alexis Sanchez is not also a good player giving his recently stat is low. Also Andre Shevchenko of Ac Milan was one of the best he move to chealsea what is his stat? Likewise Fernendo Torres… I can keep on calling names… My point is a player who is in top for at one club can flop at the next club if the style don’t match… As I basically said Carrasco fits our style of play… His form dropped at ATM but he was a very good player at Monaco the style of play at ATM is mostly Defensive… Thomas Lemar isn’t doing great there himself… Carrasco will be a good fit… I hope we get Him. at 20mil for that, he is better than Zaha who is 100…

        We have to spend wisely and gain quality

  2. Who would you choose…..Yanick Carrasco or Wilfried Zaha? For me Zaha is on fire. He’s 26, in his prime and exciting. C’mon Arsenal. We spent on Sanchez, Ozil, Laca, and Auba, now is the time to get a real performer and put our money where the title lays. To me Zaha fits the bill.

    1. Yes but is Zaha worth the £100M fee that has been touted? And even if he is, we are rumoured to have less than half of that amount to cover all our summer transfer targets. Don’t forget Ramsey hasn’t been replaced, Welbeck, Lichtsteiner and Cech are leaving with Mustafi also a possibility.

  3. I think he could make a good replacement for Mikhi if we are lucky to offload him , but we should try Leroy.

    1. I wish so much we could get Leroy! But that would be a major step down for him not to mention Bayern are rumoured to also be after his signature. That is a guaranteed spot on Germany team if he accepts the move, fellow worldclass players around him, plus league title and possibly Champions League. We can’t get him in short.

  4. Lol! His wife left him in China to go back to Belgium to be closer to family and friends? Some wife that is! Those must be some power friends as well if they can make her abandon her hubby for them.

    1. That is a most unfair comment since you cannot possibly know their relationship and have no right to comment on personal relationships , which are private matters,. Shame on you QD! Why the “lol” either? Do you think by merely adding it you are excused from amost impertinent comment perhaps? Because IF you do, you are mistaken. Not the comment of an fully evolved human, I’d say!

  5. I’m not too impressed with him. He didn’t make it at Atletico Madrid and his stats are Meh

    But we definitely are in desperate need of wingers. Welbeck is gone after the Europa League final. Mkhitaryan, Ozil, Iwobi aren’t good enough. Aubameyang isn’t a winger.

    We need for both the right and left.

    I like Neres, Leon Bailey, Pepe, Fraiser, Sessagnon

    If it’s true that we will only get £50 million from Kroenke then we will need to try to sell some players ie Mustafi, Elneny, Jenkinson, Ozil, Xhaka, Mkhitaryan

  6. Let’s go after Leicester’s Ndidi, get him to give
    Xhaka the fight/competition that he needs or possibly replace him. Ndidi have consistently performed well in midfield for Leicester in Epl in-fact he’s one of the best if not the best tackler currently. I believe we can afford him if we are serious, he will develop like Mane and Zaha, let’s go for him now. I will welcome the acquisition of Carrasco it will surely give the squad depth, he can shoot and can also take on players with dribbles and has pace which Mihky, Xhaka and Oil lacks.

  7. Fine player,am not sure we ca afford his wage demands around 175k/w, i dont really rate Zaha, unlike most here, if am ask to choose, i will choose Carasco of ATM. He is strong and direct. All those players linked to us so far are not bad, d summer seems potentially good for d gunners

  8. We can afford him, his wage is far less than Mkhitaryan, and he can offer us far more than what Mkhitaryan offer us quality and age wise.

  9. I can’t even imagine that people even try to compare Carrasco and Zaha (the big diver)!!!! Really arsenal fans get damn serious. Carrasco is in the league of Hazard. At one time he used to even bench him at the national team.

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