Rabiot to Arsenal transfer boost as Blanc admits it’s out of his hands!!

Arsenal could be on the verge of completing the fifth transfer of the summer in the next few days. The player in question is the 19-year old central midfielder Adrien Rabiot who plays for PSG and the France under 21 international side.

Normally, with the amount of money available to them, getting a player from the French champions would only be possible for Arsenal if they were keen on selling, but it seems as though the FFP rules and sanctions from UEFA may be starting to bite on PSG a little bit, which may be why the manager Laurent Bland has revealed, in a Metro report, that there is little he can do to stop the club selling Rabiot.

Blanc said, “I want Adrien Rabiot to remain in Paris.

“The decision is not mine, he might leave the club. [But] he has had an offer to extend his contract with PSG.”

They know that he will be able to leave for nothing next summer and they cannot afford to lose good players for nothing when they have to somehow try to balance the books a little better. And with central midfielders like Yohan Cabaye, Blaise Matuidi and Marco Veratti in the squad, they are pretty well covered. The fact that Blanc is talking about him leaving says to me that a transfer could be close and, as far as I know, Arsenal are the only club seriously linked with the youngster at the minute.

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    1. How is Cazorla Ozil’s cover? By what ratings is Ozil ahead of Cazorla..
      Stop being dramatic…

  1. He may be one for the future but we need a more established player in that position. He loves to get forward too which is something we do not need.

    Not keen on ‘the rabbit’.

    And LOL some saying wellbeck to arsenal? Lmao.

  2. Id of brought song back if we can get him for 10 million looks like bull but swap og for canvani and 32 mill would be an open and shut case…..and if we truly are in for reus swap deal deal for poldi plus 12 million it should be doable and there still is space for ox,theo and sanchez……dreams who’d have them….

      1. as make weight cheaper price that way we dont have reus and much game time does poldi get…….EXACTLY,So how much would game time would he get if we had reus……

      1. Not really OG is probably worth 20 million and Cavani hasn’t cut it in big leagues or big games. that’s a 50m+ deal and there’s no way we are paying that much.

  3. DI MARIA and loan cb and cdm this season then buy proper young cdm and cb next season with them hopeful REUS as well then from they that 8yrs of taking a real short at the ucl and epl ,other wise looking at other top teams right now you cant blame someone how things that until the club puts fans first before players [the b2b,cbm,lw,rw and lb should be sorted comparing to other team’s quality .i think we had 10 years of average players at arsenal already

    1. this coming from someone who hates target man ,as 1 who support Italy football , am glad balo is off to anfield its a win win for balo Italy and arsenal Italian football fans. balo will be great there but arsenal is better of with out another target man .SANOGO is enough wants the goals come then giroud is unwanted . here is hoping cambel , walcot , sanchez , poldosky score and giroud is on to Monaco fc they can use some hold up play.

  4. I don’t knw why we should go for this boy. Where and when will he play when Wenger has his nursing boy Wilshire? A striker shld have been a better signing. I mean a striker not a false 9.

  5. i will sell this three Cazorla 16m, podolski 12m, Camble, 14m
    and i will sign Dimaria 40m, Khdira 20m

    1. Cazorla is the best cover for Ozil, I rate him over Rosicky as a CAM and Campbell is a bag of talent and energy I can’t wait to see on the pitch.

  6. Eduardo Vargas has just moved to QPR, lets not get carried away on any transfer rumours! Even Liverpool, Newcastle, Man utd fans thought they had signed Leroy Fer.

  7. Rabiot situation was the same with Pogba 2-3 years ago…when fans say Pogba wasnt needed at Arsenal and he wasnt good enough

  8. The kid is good on the ball and has a great passing range but he is in no way the finished article for the EPL. Get him cheaply now and give him 2 seasons to mature.

    If we get him at a cut price it is good business. Send him on loan in the EPL and get someone like De Jong for the next 2 years.

  9. It is high time Wenger should see the need for a strker, he should be concernned or else he kills the morale of the strng midfield. They fight so hard to deliver the ball to OG but he doesnt finish well. He wastes the ball. We also need a CM urgently, astrong one the likes of Khedila.

  10. i would be disappointed if we are in for this kid , i have watched him a couple of times and i know for a fact he is not what we need. He is a box to box midfielder with little stamina and strength and he is so young and in-experienced, not d DM we are looking for. I hope wenger sorts out the dm and cb positions quickly because it will be difficult to win the league without strengthening those positions. As for the striker position, if we cant spend 50m on cavani or falcao because they are the only world class strikers i feel can move in this window, we should use walcott as our striker.. seriously i see something in that guy, his movement and pace is crazy, and he is a little bit taller than sanchez( they can both swap anyways during a match to confuse opponents),walcott just needs to improve on his finishing which i think has gotten better anyway, and his strength and hold up play.

    1. Little stamina or strength, and yet, the PSG Manager wants to keep him, and, the French U21 Manager has him in the side.
      I am sure IF Wenger has any interest, he, and the scouts would have watched him, and so, IF we make a bid, which it appears we have, I trust Wenger to identify top players rather than your opinion.
      Tell me, when we were associated with Callum Chambers, a player only second choice RB for Southampton last Season, and, for the price tag, did you honestly think Wenger was mad to buy a 19 year old, and, put him straight in to the team in the Community Shield against Man Cty.
      You see, THAT is why some of us TRUST him to run our club.
      Will we buy a CB/DM/ST, YES, IF, Wenger can get the players he wants, and, at a reasonable cost, but, he will also try NOT to destroy the futures of our promising young players.
      BFG, Arteta, Flamini, Tomas, Podolski are coming close to the time to retire or move on, and Wenger is nurturing their replacements, or, buying them, if he feels those coming through are maybe not going to make it at AFC.
      That is why Wenger is a little reluctant sometimes to buy, especially players of 27 plus, or for top money, and wages, as his vision is to build a great team that can play together for many years and get better.
      Maureen spends whatever he can to bring in the best he can, never young, because he will not care in a few years when he will leave for another club with money to burn.
      Problem is, some on here share Maureens philosophy, as they only care about the NOW and not the long term.

      1. @ The bounty hunter
        firstly, you fail to see what is needed, a defensive midfielder, a striker and a center back. Is rabiot even a defensive midfielder? NO!!!!!! and i also care about the future, we have a lot of young players at arsenal that can come up if needed so why would we buy another one when we have more pressing issues, I’ll say buy for the first team first then can start buying young players for the future. I don’t mind buying a kid for the starting 11 if he is good enough but trust me there is nothing special about rabiot. Yes chambers was a great buy and i liked him when i saw him play, the question is have you watched rabiot play before. Wenger will continue to buy for the future, that will not stop but we also need players for the first team which is more important at the moment to have a chance at the title.

        1. As I said, IF the players become available at a cost that is reasonable, he WILL buy, be it a CB, DM or ST.
          No I have not seen this player, and, that is why I said Wenger and the scouts WOULD have watched him, and, IF we do buy him, THEN I will see for myself, but, as I said, I would rather trust their opinion than yours on a player.
          I hadn,t really seen Chambers, but, I am sure many thought it was a mistake to get him rather than a more well known top defender, but, I do NOT hear many complaining now.
          Just maybe, Wenger has seen something in him, like Chambers, and, he is going to play another position too.
          I doubt this transfer will go through, as the price is too high, but if it does, he MAY just be another gem, we will have to wait and see.

          1. Why can’t we buy Chambers and and a well known top defender?lets not be complacent,we need a dm urgently we’ve had all summer to find one

    1. Welback I can see Wenger going for seriously. Homegrown, BPL experience, etc. Wouldn’t be a bad signing. Liverpool would jump in him if they weren’t in for Mario.

      1. Ya. Welbeck as a back up is a good option. Immense work rate, talent. Can make an impact like sturridge did at lfc. He can play anywhere upfront. For 10 mil irrespective of goalscoring we should get him. Because wenger is the right man for him

        1. I think if we sign welbeck, giroud will become the backup- welbeck probably lacks a bit in the hold up play but has electric pace and would suit our counter- attacks. In fact of all the striker BS rumors floating around, this seems to make sense!

  11. I don’t think we will see any of the following players come here this summer: Khedira, Carvalho, bender, Reus, di Maria, Cavani, Falcao, Hummels, Nastasic, Cuadrado, Schneiderlin, Gustavo, Song, Bony,

    But we may get someone from whoever is left like Welbeck, Smalling, fellaini, Agger, Nani, Manolas, Rabiot, etc

    1. nani is already gone 🙂

      Manolas is decent as backup up. Welbeck may be the surprise package if he is actually up for grabs!

  12. Rabiot is gunna be a great player. Great range of passing, tall, powerful and he sticks a foot in. In a couple of years time when he’s beefed up in the gym he’ll be one hell of a DM. I’d have him.
    Rumours doing the rounds that Podolski is off to Galatasary. We wouldn’t miss him on the field but we might miss him in the locker room. If I’m honest, I hope it’s true. He offers little on the field and he’s 29. I’d cash in while we can. If Podolski leaves that does open the door for a new LW. Who knows maybe we will snatch Di Maria from United ( would love to do it just because) maybe Reus or we might even go back in for Draxler. Whatever happens it would be an interesting end to the transfer window!!

  13. Wake up people, no more big names will come in.
    Maybe we should drop out of Class on Tuesday to focus on league.

    Rather win something than nothing

  14. On a separate but more realistic note, Did I see Ryo back in training with the club in the pictures on Arsenal.com? Looks like he has added some mass. Anyone heard any comments about his status. If he can get back in form, and stays healthy, the LW issue could be a postivie. And if he his healthy it could mean the Poldoski move looks more likely.

  15. Wellbeck is the next rumour for us lol. Although i wouldn’t be averse to us signing him, at least he can make runs. Not quite Cavani lol but hey ho, it’s tick tock time in the transfer window.

  16. I reckon, the best strikers at City (Aguero, Dzeko, Negredo) United (RVP, Rooney, Chicharito), Liverpool (Sturridge, Ballotelli), Chelsea (Costa), Everton (Lukaku), QPR (Remy), Swansea (Bony) are all at the very least slightly better than Giroud and Sanogo. That’s pretty shameful and Pathetic

    Not sure about Spuds. I think Giroud is better than Soldado and Adebayor

    Giroud is also better than Torres and Drogba.

    1. You totally right, except for Adebayor, although he does care more about money, he is a quality and rarely goes missing

      1. Luis Suárez Liverpool G31 A13
        Daniel Sturridge Liverpool G22 A7
        Yaya Touré Manchester City G20 A9
        Wayne Rooney Manchester United G17 A3
        Steven Gerrard Liverpool G13 A14
        Sergio Agüero Manchester City G17 A6
        Olivier Giroud Arsenal G16 A7
        Rickie Lambert Southampton G13 A10

        There is strikers and midfielders in the top 8 and if you pick out all the strikers giroud is 5th in this 2nd season

        Luis Suárez Liverpool – G31 A13
        Daniel Sturridge Liverpool – G22 A7
        Wayne Rooney Manchester United -nG17 A3
        Sergio Agüero Manchester City – G17 A6
        Olivier Giroud Arsenal – G16 A7

        Add 4 more goals and 3 more assists thats 20 goals and Top class midfielders assist record 10 As a BPL Striker.

  17. it does not matter if the player is cheap or not the bigger problem would be that very player will be on our books for four years so he better be good ,that’s why when I look at Chelsea and city these clubs throw players out with in a season un less that player is expensive or injured, so waiting to sign wclass 4 years is better than signing just to compete for a season to complain about more signings

  18. Can’t see Man U selling to us anyway especially after selling TV5 to Barca.
    Have no idea what Rabiot is like as a player but would prefer a proven DM player.

  19. Can’t see Man U selling to us anyway especially after selling TV5 to Barca.
    Have no idea what Rabiot is like as a player but would prefer a proven DM player.

  20. Off topic why is Jack nearly always on the Arsenal website photo’s is he our ‘poster boy’? Really!
    Secondly why does he always look so fed up and pained when photographed?

  21. i don’t think we are actually going for rabiot at all. similar positions of the same age are well covered already by wilshere, ramsey, and zelalem. arteta, flamini still playing a role in squad.

    unless Rabiot is Wenger’s idea of cover for arteta defensively, or i just don’t see this one signing happen at all.

    where as the chance of manolas is much more likely, as long as we have CL qualified.

    and if we’re still bargaining for cheaper for manolas, then i think that wenger does want to spend big on someone. Whether or not that will be successful is also depended on CL qualification.

  22. You guys are just a bunch of empty heads, you fall for the same tripe every season…Wenger isnt buying anyone. Its a money making buisness…and 4th position in the EPL guarantees that…so sit back , support your club and enjoy football….Hopefully Giroud wouldnt give us a heart attack

  23. Rabiot would be a good buy. at least a good wenger buy, on to another rumor, Welbeck, many may not like the idea but i think he is ahead of Sanogo in maturity and play, has pace to burn and is a real hard worker would not mind him at all, i think he could become a lethal striker at arsenal and on to another rumor Podolski i understand that several teams have been making an enquiry for his services, If its actually true and he goes, welbeck could fit in nicely

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