Race for top-four – Arsenal to finish third, Tottenham to finish sixth

The race for the top-four is down to the final two Premier Leagues games and has had more twists and turns than an episode of Game of Thrones and I believe there are yet more to come.

I am going out on a limb here by predicting that we will finish top four but Tottenham will miss out and I will explain why.

I do not see Spurs collecting any more points this season, they are out on their feet, injuries, lack of signings and almost their entire team being involved in the latter stages of the World Cup has finally caught up with them.

I am confident that we will win Thursday evening against Valencia and that will give us a much-needed boost that will see us collect six points from our final two games.

I cannot see Chelsea beating both Watford and Leicester City but I do predict that Man Utd will both their remaining games.

This is how I see the scenario I predict unfolding


Away Bournemouth 0 points
Home to Everton 0 points

Season total of 70 points


Home to Watford 3 points
Away to Leicester City 0 points

Season total of 71 points


Home to Brighton 3 points
Away to Burnley 3 points

Season total of 72 points

Man Utd

Away to Huddersfield 3 points
Home to Cardiff City 3 points

Season total of 71 points

So, my prediction is that we will finish third and Chelsea fourth on goal difference over Man Utd and Tottenham down in sixth.

Probably a bit controversial but anyone watching Spurs in their last two games against West Ham and Ajax cannot have failed to see how lethargic and tired they were, Watford and Leicester will be very hard games for Chelsea, we really should put Brighton the sword at the Emirates and by the time the Burnley game comes around they will have nothing to play for and United should really be beating two relegated teams, well, Cardiff will be relegated by the time they play.

Let me know what you think.


  1. i appreciate your optimism and courage.. lets hope you’re right ^^ with our performances hope is the only thing we could have..

    1. The writer needs to stay off the mind bending drugs he is on and take a very big dose of reality
      There is no way Spurs will drop enough points for Arsenal to come anywhere near them
      To think Arsenal on current form will go to Burnley any win is dilusional at best

      1. I just think he is in dreamland but when he wakes up he will discover it was in reality a nightmare season.

    2. If you are a Spurs fan then you are even more sad than we ever thought. What’s the matter with your own forums? Still nothing to talk about i suppose with an empty trophy cabinet you bunch of losers are the laughing stock of English football.

  2. Have you not watched your last 3 games? ? Burnley are a notoriously difficult team to play against at home, so my predictions are as follows :

    Brighton – 3 points
    Burnley -1 point
    Finish on 70 points

    Man U
    Huddersfield – 3 points
    Cardiff – 3 points
    Finish on 71 points


    Bournemouth – 3 points
    Everton 1 Point

    Finish on 74 points

    Watford – 1 points
    Leicester 1 point

    Finish on 70 points

    So 3rd to 6th

    Spurs – 74
    Man U 71
    Chavski- 70
    Arse -70

    Thats my take anyhow

  3. I can’t see how we are going to win away at Burnley given our recent form.

  4. That is a lovely dream. You have ignored the fact that this team is totally void of fight and character. Four of the regular 11 should never wear the red and white again.
    We will be 6th. We will get stuffed away at Burnley

  5. You wish!
    Brighton will park the bus as they did against Manchester City, and we will not be able to break them with our ineffectual backwards and sideways passing.
    Burnley will always have something to play for especially against Arsenal; and with their strength and physicality, we stand no chance against them on their ground.
    So 67 points for us; same as last year. Talk of progress!

  6. All the teams in contention for top four but us, are going to drop points, yeah right. Judging by recent performances, we’re the most likely to drop points, as we couldn’t even salvage a draw against teams that supposedly no longer have anything to play for in the league this season…… and believe it or not, Ajax would’ve shredded us…. it’s not bad to be optimistic though, I would also love for us to finish top 4, but I’m not keeping my hopes up.
    PS : we’re playing Valencia on Thursday night, not this night……. I’m rooting for barça tonight…. go Messi ?

  7. I hate when you can look back and see the difference – Winning the Palace game could’ve made, why did our team not realize how big that game was. Tott are running on almost empty, their fans must be worried because without their physical qualities they don’t have much in the way of inspiration, improvisation, sheer genuine quality, they need to work extremely hard for 90m to get their points. Some players will be feeling the effects more so, the ones having a good season are the most knackered, their legs are looking Very, Very heavy!

  8. Let’s hope so although i find it difficult to believe spurs won’t pick at least 1 pt. Our best chance is pipping chelsea to that top 4 spot since chelsea and man u are playing just as bad as we are this season.

  9. Nice of you to try and cheer us all up admin but I think you’ve finally lost the plot. No way we will finish third and equally no way spurs will be sixth. Son is back for them now and Lucas is in good form.

  10. You point out correctly, that Spurs looked “tired and lethargic” but your obvious bias prevented you saying the same , which would have been true, about us. Trouble with articles that are clearly Arsenal biased is that to realists like me , who NEVER allow natural bias to cloud OUR judgements, they are clearly allowing biased hope to cloud reason. I don’t do this, ever, and get angry when others regularly do so.

  11. You want to hide something for a Spud fan? Put it in a trophy!

    Imagine that some have the nerve to come here after they escaped some pasting by the hands of Ajax. Well, let’s see how it goes. If I were you, I would not write Arsenal off.

  12. What exactly are spuds fans doing here.
    Admin, isn’t this site supposed to be just Arsenal ?Why should we have to tolerate spud fans here and their opinions?

  13. The writer needs to urgently change his prescription from 3*1 to 3*3. Arsenal will not make top for this season. Period!

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