Racists at Arsenal and Chelsea should face consequences – not a trip to Auschwitz

Yes this is a discussion about an initiative set up by Chelsea. Yet it’s an issue all Arsenal fans should all be aware of and affects all of our match day experience.

Roman Abramovich’ Chelsea believe those caught of anti-semitism, instead of simply being banned for life should be sent to Auschwitz to be re-educated. Our London rivals hearts are in the right place, yet is it down to football to be educating men and women about an issue where they should know better.

“If you just ban people, you will never change their behaviour,” Chelsea chairman Bruce Buck told The Sun.

“This policy gives them the chance to realise what they have done, to make them want to behave better.

“In the past, we would take them from the crowd and ban them, for up to three years.

“Now we say ‘You did something wrong. You have the option. We can ban you or you can spend some time with our diversity officers, understanding what you did wrong’.”

At most grounds you have to be over the age of 16 to purchase a ticket. Racism is against the law. Would these same people subject others to the same level of abuse, in a shop, pub or place of work? You would expect your employer to sack you if you racially abused one of your peers, not to be flown to Poland to be made aware. If found guilty, a history lesson is not considered a sentence. So If the law has a zero tolerance policy, shouldn’t sport?

For too long, stadiums have become venues where people think they can get away with actions they wouldn’t do in the real world. Do you believe the majority who come up with these sick chants are not aware of the seriousness of their words?The less of them showing up at the Emirates the better. Those cowardly enough to abuse another human, should face the consequences if ever caught, not a paid trip abroad.

I visited Auschwitz myself and found it inspirational to imagine what young children and women experienced. Thousands go there every year to pay respect, to acknowledge history. Racists shouldn’t get the honour of going anywhere the place.

Second Chances ?
Being Educated ?
Being made aware ?
Making excuses for them is a backwards step….

Dan Smith


  1. John Legend says:

    Yeah right!!!

  2. gotanidea says:

    Ban for life could be effective to make the racists realize what they did is wrong

    Actually all humans are racists with various level of racisms and different actions to show/ hide it. Being highly educated or made aware will not remove the racism from a human, as it is our nature

    Racism exists to make humans more competitive, more motivated to be better or to power over the others and eventually makes the balance of the world

    1. Durand says:

      Could not disagree more. No one is BORN a racist; its a learned behavior. Not the place for a Nature vs Nurture debate, but absolutely shocking you think people are born with a genetic disposition to be a racist.

      Psychology and sociology are the relevant sciences to explain that wretched behavior, not genealogy as you suggested. Racism is a behavioral choice plain and simple. Nature doesn’t create racists, people’s behavior does. SMH

    2. jon fox says:

      I find your assertion that all of us are racists deeply offensive. You have absolutely no right to say that about either me or the massive and overwhelming majority of fully evolved humans who know you are writing offensive nonsense. If you truly believe what you have written , then I feel deeply sorry for you. I want to know what evidence you have for your extraordinary and way out of order claim? You owe us all an apology! In future , unless you explain your ridiculous post, I will not bother reading anything you ever post. There would be little point ! I will be asking the Admin to force you to apologise or ban you!

  3. Sue says:

    I bet those vile Chelsea fans that wouldn’t let that guy board the metro then chanted at him still attend

  4. Akan says:

    We know about the Jewish Holocaust, but history has somehow hairbrushed out the genocidal atrocities committed by white colonists on Afroid people for profit
    Question,, is there somewhere a memorial to those estimated (give or take the odd million) 30 million or so human beings who were slaughtered during the slave trade The African Holocaust.
    I think we should be big enough to accept racial chants during the heat of competitive game.
    Wholesale murder of our fellow humans we should never forget.
    Let them be re-educated

    1. Midkemma says:

      History hasn’t ignored the African slave trade, we teach it in our schools in the UK and it is something a lot of people in the UK are ashamed to be linked to. It gets irritating to have people claim otherwise without knowing, spreading BS. Like you did and the African slave trade, BS about it being hairbrushed out… It hasn’t.

      Not that has anything at all todo with the area being discussed.

  5. Midkemma says:

    This is stupid.
    I can’t believe I read this on an Arsenal site.
    I can’t believe there are people so damned stupid that they think punishment without education will resolve the issue.

    Think about people, if you want a population to be more accepting of something then you need to educate them and expose them to the thing you wish tolerance for. Want people to be accepting to the idea that the world is round and not made by some imaginary friend? Do you educate them or leave them to other delusional people to bleat BS over and over and indoctrinate them?

    We can not just punish without looking to educate the individual on why.

    I am not surprised though… Not surprised by Dans ignorance, the same guy who thinks that if a player is in the MLS then he is obviously no good and shouldn’t play for a top EPL club… without learning about the individual in question.

    Any wonder that such a person thinks educating people is bad and we should just lock them up without tackling the issue… Cause well… Works on thieves right? No one ever reoffends?

    Dan, if you are going to push education out in favour of mindlessly punishing people and causing the tax payer to pay over £30k a year then I will call you out, I will call out the BS of this mentality, how it helps breed racism! All it does is put like minded people together and when has that ever resolved the issue when the issue has been the way they think?

    Punish someone without educating them why and do you think they will be like “Oooh, I was a bad boy, naughty me, now I learnt my lesson” or do you think they will claim to be innocent?

    If you want to remove an attitude then you need to educate the population to see past that ignorant point of view.

    Or is it okay to have black slaves? I mean, I have been educated and I do not believe it is morally right but hey… Education isn’t the way right Dan? We shouldn’t learn that these people are like you and me, nooo…… we should remain ignorant and treat anyone not like ourselves to be a lower race and not learn we are all from the same species family, we are all connected… Forget that and just beat people when they do wrong.


    1. Eddie Hoyte says:

      Wow??? I’m giving you a standing ovation for that speech bro!!..

    2. Dan says:

      So worried by this response
      I truly hope your just trying to be controversial ?
      You are being an apologist , making excuses for racism ?
      They havn’t been educated ?
      Is that an excuse
      When did I say , education should be banned ?
      When did I say slavery was okay ?
      But the fact that you are comparing me saying racists should go to jail ( called the law by the way ) to an article based on the MLS, scares me
      I won’t be responding to you ….
      You want to tell me I’m wrong regarding MLS , great
      An argument that racism isnt bad ….,wow lol

    3. jon fox says:

      You fail to understand that some people, racists actually, are beyond education. If you truly think you can change the thinking of a dyed in the wool racist of adult years(ie not a child) you are naive beyond belief. Racists must be banned completely and made to behave whil they are in the company of normal decent folk . If they do not behave they MUST be banned from football grounds for life. Woolly thinking that all can be changed by education is not born out by the reality of life, Have you lived all your life in an ivory tower? Seems to me that you have!

    4. dan says:

      Is it mean or are you making excuses for racism
      Do you really believe that in 2018 Adults need to be told that racially abusing someone is bad ?
      Where did I say education should be banned?
      Ignorance isn’t an accuse?
      Are you suggesting a policemen shouldnt arrest someone if they havnt read a history book ?
      It was a great speech lol
      But When you got to black slavery , you were trying too hard
      What’s black slavery got to do with racist abuse being wrong in 2018?
      And the MLS ?
      The fact we are comparing should racisn have a zero policy to an article about the MLS being a weak Leauge scares me
      I see your rant as nothing more then saying its okay to be a racist ? And blaming it on a lack of education?
      I don’t converse with people like you
      Want a chat on MLS , fine
      Wabt to give racism an excuse ….wow

  6. Declan says:

    @Midkemma, I salute you for your excellent post that education is the way to sort racism out, not just punishment. Chelsea has always been a hotbed of knuckle dragging Neanderthals and similarly West Ham too but i also object to Dan’s reference to ‘Arsenal racists’ in the article headline. We are and have been for many years the most diverse team in the Prem when it comes to nationalities and even when playing our biggest rivals, spurs, have never in my time there, resorted to making the ssssssss sound and singing hateful songs about the holocaust. I even think their own supporters have stopped chanting ‘Y*d army’.

    1. dan says:

      Arsenal fans never done anything wrong
      Grow up lol

      1. Midkemma says:

        Hang on a moment Dan, Declan does have a point about you including Arsenal in the title, it is misleading to suggest we are involved in this in any way shape or form.

        Racists who attend Arsenal games (I do not see them but if there are then this applies to them) are not being sent with Chavski fans to be educated about the horrors that some people had to live through, the inhumane actions done against a group of people for stupid reasons which leave us feeling sick when considering the depth of what happened.

        For any of us, if we wish to become better at something then we need to learn about it, develop deeper understanding other than bleating what Joe Bloggs says.

        How can anyone know that they are doing wrong if they do not know they are doing wrong?
        With that question, how do you then teach people what is wrong if education isn’t the way?

        If you are thinking prison then answer the issue about repeating offenders, why do they keep offending if prison works?

        You say “Grow up lol” like people magically get information pumped into their head which makes them grow up… ignoring the education which allows for people to mature, to ‘grow up’… Unless you are insinuating that Declan is just an overgrown baby still wearing nappies?

        What you really meant with that phrase is learn more… proving that education is the way to go, just a shame you lack the education to comprehend what you did 😛

        1. Declan says:

          Dan, I never said Arsenal fans have never done anything wrong. I was answering the specific racist slur you implied in the title of the piece. As for growing up, ‘lol’, I’m 66 and think I may be a little more grown up than you are coming across as.

          1. dan says:

            Well to answer your question
            Yes Arsenal have racist fans
            Every club has bad apples

        2. Dan says:

          I’m confused though
          So if a fans gets caught of racism ….are you saying he shouldnt get punished or are you saying its a lack of education , eg , they don’t know racism is bad ?
          If you and Declan believe no Arsenal fan hasnt taken part in a racial chant yes I would question your ages – I seen it at the Emiraites
          That’s like saying no Arsenal fans have done any drugs , been to jail , started a fight , cheated on spouse based on what team they support ?
          Think how stupid that is ?

          1. Declan says:

            No, punishment, big punishment AND education. But now you’re bringing other stuff into it, drugs, jail, fighting, cheating on spouses! What the f has that got to do with racism? For goodness sake all these things have been done by our players let alone us fans. Stick to the point of racism which was the point of your original article.

          2. Dan says:

            So you agree with article then ?
            Not sure your argument ?

          3. Midkemma says:

            I have not once said that they should go unpunished, I have been saying over and over that they need to be educated.

            Both can happen, I am against throwing people in jail and costing the UK tax payer over £40k a year to impresion them without taking actions to try and ensure that doesn’t keep happening.

            Treating them as scum and never allowing them to ‘grow up’ because of prejudging will do nothing to encourage them to stop their behaviour.

            I have thought about this Dan, it isn’t silly to know that people can learn, all human beings have the capability to learn if the environment is optimal for them do learn.

            Maybe you need to stop the articles and think for a bit yourself, think how silly you are in thinking we shouldn’t try and make these people better for society and instead incarcerate them at the cost of society and ignore the routes to remove negative aspects of society.

          4. Dan says:

            I’m just following the law
            If you agree they should be punished what’s the issue ?

          5. Dan says:

            So if for example a 40 year old man racially abused someone at a football match
            What are you suggesting happen to him?

        3. jon fox says:

          You have widened the specific post on racism to a far wide matter of educating those who are in prison and thus avoided or at least diluted, the SPECIFIC topic Dan wrote about. Of course education is vital to many, even most people who are in prison. Many are illiterate and innumerate and had litle real chance in life before ending up in prison. But that was not the topic and you have chosen to go on a wider and far deeper subject and yet linked it to mature (in age only) racists. Why? The topic is whether or not adult racist can be educated to change. I know the failure rate among racists – apart from very young ones- is huge. Most racists do not even go to prison . Some do but not most. THEY ARE THE SCOURGE OF DECENT SOCIETY AND NEED TO FACE THE CONSEQUENCES OF THEIR EVIL AND UNTHINKING BEHAVIOUR. YOU CAN HELP MANY PEOPLE, I do agree but mature racists are nearly always non changeable. I know! I HAVE WORKED IN THAT FIELD AND HAVE MUCH PRACTICAL EXPERIENCE TO BACK UP MY POST. HAVE YOU?

    2. jon fox says:

      Declan, Surely you know better than to praise Midkemma, who thinks fully fledged racists can by changed by education. If you have worked undercover as a racist informant as I once did, for a period of my life,you would know the truth is very different. I do not mean youths and teenagers who CAN be changed BUT aduly fully fledged far right racists. They are trash and incurable by education . It sounds a good idea at first glance but i assure you and others that they are way beyond help. Please do not encourage woolly thinking. It hinders, not helps. I realise you mean well and all you say in the rest of your post is clearly true, though Dan’s headline is also clearly true. Also DECLAN, DO YOU NOT OBJECT, AS I DO, TO BE INCLUDED IN THE RIDICULOUS CLAIM BY “GOT AN IDEA” THAT WE ARE ALL RACISTS IN VARIOUS WAYS? I FIND THIS DEEPLY OFFENSIVE AND HAVE EMAILED THE ADMIN TO SAY SO. Socially liberal folks who naturally hate racism often have the delusion that all ills can be cured bu education. Nice theory and if only it were true.

      1. Declan says:

        How many times do I have to say it, without SHOUTING as you love to do, that racists need punishing and educating, both are equally important, that’s it.
        Of course I object to gotnoidea’s comment but that wasn’t what I posted about. At my age I need to concentrate on one at a time!

        1. jon fox says:

          Declan, Have you ever tried to educate an adult long term racist? Have you mixed with them? Others have tried education who have more understanding of this subject but with a huge failure rate. If only education could cure all bad people! When still young it often can do. But I was talking about mature( only in age) adults. NAIVETY from those who have all the theories but none of the life experience at the sharp end, and though , in their innocence of how real life works , they do mean well, are away with the fairies. Intensely frustrating when you have been deeply invoilved at street level , as I have. I don’t peddle naive theories; but only what works. Unlike some on here! And I am older than you, i believe , but can still concentrate on many things . It isn’t that difficult. Especially if you
          REALLY care.

      2. Midkemma says:

        Everyone can better themselves if they are encouraged to do so.
        That is part of being human, it is why every human being on this planet is great (even if I hate people).

        We all have the ability to learn new things, even you Jon, as hard as it may be for me to believe but even you can learn new things.

        Why can’t they?

        Unless you want to be just like them, assume they are scum and it is okay to treat them as lesser beings.

        Someone as hypocritical as you Jon assuring anyone is a joke, where is your data? Peer review? If it is true then prove it, don’t assure, prove it!

        Or you can’t and you want to act equally disgusting but this way other people are less likely to speak against it and you can have a nice warm fuzzy feeling inside about being a nasty person to fellow humans.

        If we can educate and change 50% of the racists then that will be 50% less racists than just throwing them in jail and letting them rot for 12-24 months. Over time this will reduce the volume of racists in society, with less of it around then less of it will breed into the culture.

        I am not delusional to think it will stop it all together, I do think it can reduce it greatly and over that time we can learn new ways to tackle the ignorance that racism thrives on.

        Not once have I said that they should go unpunished, I refuse to accept that jail alone will fix the problem when we have had this issue for how many decades now??? Jail worked in all this time? BAH!

        1. dan says:

          Do you think in 2018 adults are not aware of right /wrong
          Saying ing they are not educated is an excuse
          And yeah , if you bully anyone based on race , gender , religion they are scum
          What law deems a suitable punishment is up to them but I see no harm in banning orders

          1. Midkemma says:

            Was the question “Do you think in 2018 adults are not aware of right /wrong”?
            Or more than just that part? If just the bit I am assuming then..

            If so then I would say some people do not believe that the actions are as serious as they are. Some do know and they do not care. Some know and they do it to cause hurt as revenge.

            I have an issue with banning if it bans people (for life!) who have demonstrated that they have ‘grown up’…

            After telling Declan to grow up, do you not believe that others can also ‘grow up?

            Many actions can be taken to help remove something from society, one thing we need to do though is learn to accept that people can change, people are always changing and we need to accept that if we are to encourage change in people. More so if the change is what we want them to change, reward them for changing! Remove the bans if they have changed… Do not keep punishing once they have rehabilitated into society. To do that though they first need the chance to go through that process. This is a form of education.

          2. DAN says:

            If someone does something as serious as racial abuse , which is serious
            Then banning them from a football ground is trivial in comparison
            If they did that at their place of work , should they be sacked ?
            Of course
            Football or an employer would pass over to the law
            They decide the punishment
            If while in jail you want to educate them , cool
            Never said I was against reeducation but if your willing to abuse someone , you know there are consequences
            Really not seeing your argument here?

  7. jon fox says:

    Bravo Dan! You simply cannot help some “people”, if they even deserve to be called people at all. The idea that scumbags like racists would be be helped to shed their Neanderthal nonsense by a free trip to Auschwitz is for the naive and idealistic only. Sounds a good idea, until you actually think more deeply about it. By the time you are a fully fledged racist, and knowing how anti racist society rightly is, you are way beyond help. I think Abramovitch is merely trying to look good by putting this idea forwward. As a man of the world , he knows full well it would fail. Maybe he hopes his ban from Britain might be overturned, if he is seen as a do gooder. Racists should be banned from football grounds for life. That would not cure them either but it would keep them away from humans who are fully human , not merely human in a physical way.

    1. dan says:

      Jon fox
      Have we found something we agree on lol
      Don’t worry , predictions back next week lol

      1. jon fox says:

        Yes Dan , WE HAVE! The dreadful affliction of racism and the harm it has done to our planet and our human race is far more important then mere football opinions. Some well meaning liberals with little expereince of thre real world , sadly, think tragic racists can be cured by education. When stll young , sometimes they can. But not when far right fully grown adults. And don’t assume all are male either. They are not.

        1. Midkemma says:

          Little experience of the real world…
          You creepy stalker you!

          Or is it just you being Jon and being delusional enough to think he knows how we all live and what we have all experienced in our life…

          Did you know I served my country? I have been to multiple countries. I can speak more than one language. I have spoken to people from many different cultures.

          What experience have you had Jon? You seen a friend killed? Seen your family suffer due to racism? Suffered homelessness due to issues which you prefer not to think about?

          Are you really qualified to say what people have experienced on a online forum?

  8. Phil says:

    Very off topic -Holland 3 Germany 0
    Does anyone agree that Mesut Ozil would have made a difference to Germany?
    And for what it’s worth I have long ago refused to participate in any racist posts on this site.What started out as a very precise article from Dan has been allowed to deteriate into too many comments that has nothing to do with what was originally posted.We should all be adult enough not to be drawn into the type of reply that involves the African Slave trade which I felt was totally inappropriate and quite meaningless.

    1. DAN says:

      Yeah I dont get what I said that was so bad

      1. Declan says:

        Dan, I think the main problem is you mentioned Arsenal racists in the headline and the article was about Chelsea. I also read the article in the media and Arsenal were never mentioned, just Chelsea. This point may seem trivial to you but not me so that’s where we differ. If i saw racism at Emirates stadium I don’t care how big they are I would say something and report them. Yes it has happened there in the past but it has stopped as far as I can perceive due not only to punishment but also education, mainly by the peers of the racially afflicted morons who have ostracised them.

    2. Sue says:

      I wonder what Mesut thought of that result??!! I see Iwobi assisted tonight in a 4-0 win

      1. Xxnofx says:

        No Phil it wouldn’t have made any difference because it’s a meaningful. Friendly and ozil is sh1t , let’s not kid ourselves with him , we have had his best football and it wasn’t even that good tbh , maybe move on m8 like 90% on here have .
        Regarding this post by Dan , I think admin need to delete it ,absolutely terrible that you let him post it tbh ,all you’ve done is start a stupid agument between football fans that as nothing to do with this website .
        Racism as be around for thousands of years ,and all we’ve done by letting Dan post this is cause a debate about something that most fans on here don’t want to read ,abit like his post yesterday about social media .
        And for everyone having ago about igotanidea maybe read what he wrote and how it came across before shooting him down

        1. DAN says:

          Mate I just write about anything reported in media and then give my opinion
          I had no idea others would get so angry about it lol

          1. ozziegunner says:

            Xxnofx, I think your 90% of fans on here who have moved on regarding Mezut Ozil, is way too high. I still live in hope that he will get his head together and reach his full potential again.

  9. Tom says:

    Interesting topic, some interesting comments.

    Some thoughts
    “It’s been discovered that you can keep locality and realism by giving up just a little bit of freedom.”

    So to accept entry into any stadium (Or most public spaces) and accept the observation of the true nature of events current, you have to give up some freedom (to be apart of that moment) and therefore in doing so you have to give up any idea of anti-social behaviour.

    Freedom is linked to free will and you can have as much free will as you want when you are alone. But within the presence of people, free will doesn’t exist.

    This comes from the world of physics and all things matter – like you and I. So if it’s nature’s law it should be human law.

    The best education is Zero tolerance. 100% evidence is another topic…

  10. Gooner4 says:

    One thing i do know for a fact is that there’s no real racist arsenal supporter just doesn’t exist

  11. David Rusa says:

    The issue of racism is a tricky one. The question is “Who is a racist and what constitutes racism?” In the Western world racism is almost synonymous with anti-Semitism which is itself a vague expression because it refers only to Jews yet the Arabs are also Semites. Hitler’s racism was targetted at non-Aryan people while in former Yugoslavia it targetted all non-Serbs. The Africans in particular have been targets of racism almost by every other race! The best way to tackle racism should be a multi pronged approach. It should involve education, social economic programmes, religious instructions, political decisions, legal issues, psychological training and sociological approach. History shows that whenever the ecomic situation is hard non-nationals and immigrants become targets of attack. Similarly where there is a hostile political climate become targets. The underlying cause of racism is intolerance which needs to be handled using both persuasive and coercive means.

    1. David Rusa says:

      Correction :economic not ecomic

  12. Alldwayfromafrica says:

    I find some of them reactions and comments here funny and borderline hypocritical…because for months now some sections of us here have been treated in a certain type of way that could comform with the word racism….some of us have been called “uneducated” with “virtually nothing to live for” by certain members of this forum who are here now leading the match against racism ignorant of there tendency to be a closest racist…while you guys ignore such comments like nothing happened..hell even admin on many Occasions dont let us air our grivenece( I’ll be surprise if this shiit get posted) …”racist who attends arsenal game!!” Really!? How about those who come on here on the daily !? Making derogative comments about others… especially those who are of different cultures…what gets to be their punishment…or is it allowed if offender is one of the popular people here…or do we just pretend that there aren’t things more important and keep talking about football like admin advocates..
    .”scumbags” way to go fox you nailed it right in the head with that word..if only you apply that type of thinking when is matters ..one thing is clear though…let’s not talk about racisms like we know what it is especially when you are only talking to feed your temporary white man’s remorse…it’s not going to end today… tomorrow….no matter the level of education or inclusive thinking you suggest….like and old man once said…”some people, racist actually are beyond education’. Just one thing is clear though.. at the end of the day you are the same with next man no matter the skin color

  13. Alldwayfromafrica says:

    Phil my man…I don’t know what kind of bubble you live in…but the African slave trade is never meaningless in respective of the content in which it is use….like I said the comments here keeps cracking me up.

    1. Phil says:

      What I said was the slave trade is meaningless on an Arsenal Football Club site when the article was about racism NOW not 300 YEARS AGO (or whenever it was).
      The whole debate was so off topic from what the Author intended and it was wrong for him to be accused as he was when he clearly had no intention of insulting anybody.
      This is a very delicate subject and i wonder if people living outside of the UK appreciate and understand the context of the type of racism Dan was highlighting.Living abroad and on another continent as you do means you may not be aware of the specific issue the Author was writing about.Tottenham fans have a large Jewish support (as most certainly do Arsenal) and their fans get anti-Semitic chants and songs aimed at them.Arsenal West Ham Chelsea fans are most likely the worst when it comes to this because Spurs are hated by all these clubs supporters.It is illegal to chant these views at matches and if I can interpret what Dan wrote as being correct he merely said why would Chelsea try to educate these supporters when they should clearly be punished.What he wrote was not racism in any form and certainly did not deserve the vitriolic abuse he received.I am concerned that from an article on anti-Semitic issues we suddenly have the Slave Trade being brought into a debate when there was no need whatsoever.Living abroad as you do probably means you have no idea of the context of what Dan wrote.But it is a concern that whenever a racist issue is mentioned we receive comments from African supporters who are too quick to accuse anyone of being a racist without understanding the issue and the exact context of the issue.
      Arlfrican people on this site seem too quick to judge people as racist without understanding the context and issue correctly.Does that make me a racist for making that comment?

  14. Alldwayfromafrica says:

    Nope it doesn’t..I actually can’t really see anyone insinuating that your are a racist for your comments on this particular article…and contrary to your thoughts, I actually appreciate dan for this post even though I don’t really get the full gist as you rightly pointed out..good to know he cares about other things relating to football..
    However, my problem is the fact that you think as Africans we throw up racism anytime we want without any or due cause which I actually find funny…You Mr Phil on this very forum once insinuated that we got nothing live for…on this very forum your pal Jon fox called us uneducated and those are the ones I still can remember..imagine I turned to a Jewish man and call his entire religion proponent “uneducated”.. man that to me will be on par with any chants he gets during games…so what punishment do you or jon get !? Since we all agree racism’s should be tackled with more than education…
    I get the fact that this issue(anti-Semitic chant) is a big problem..even more unfortunate is that fact that in 2018 the world still have problems like this ..but there is only a slim line between this and what you and many others have or insinuated on this forum which went ignored by everyone and on many occasions admin even prevented us from pointing it out…
    I’ll like to come to this forum everytime and not feel alienated by the post or comments you guys subconscious or consciously post…by that aint happening anytime soon…

    1. Admin says:

      This post is beginning to sink into a fest of finger-pointing and counter accusations and I think that we have probably all had enough. On previous posts I have deleted lots of comments for these very same reason, especially as the other articles were nothing to do with racism. The article is about anti-semetic chants which all Arsenal fans who go to games are very well aware of, and as Phil rightly points out, has nothing to do with Africa or the slave trade.

      Let’s all move on to the next post and get back to talking about football please….

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