Rail strike could force Arsenal to postpone North London derby

Arsenal’s North London derby on the 1st of October could become another of the club’s fixtures to be postponed because of a planned strike by rail operators.

A league game between Crystal Palace and Brighton has already been called off because of a strike.

Train drivers and 12 rail companies are planning another one on the 1st of next month, according to The Sun.

Arsenal takes on Tottenham in the afternoon of that day, but the strike means fans will struggle to travel back and forth to the game.

It now represents a fresh headache to the Premier League, who might be forced to move yet another match.

Arsenal has already had their game against Manchester City moved to accommodate their Europa League fixture against PSV.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Scheduling games this season is proving to be very tricky for everyone involved.

If this game is postponed, it means Arsenal will have more matches to play after the World Cup or in the second half of the term.

The FA could cancel replays in the cup competitions to accommodate some of these matches.

Whenever this game is played, we hope our players are prepared to win and earn the north London bragging rights.

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  1. The headline implies it will be Arsenal who postpone the match but that is incorrect as it will be the Premier League who postpones it.

  2. Of course SOME fans come from all over the globe, but for a North London derby with easily enough fans to fill the Emirtaes twice over who live in Greate rLondon- where we havevery many buses, taxis and cars – postponing this game would be a foolishand unnecessary idea.
    If we allow these selfish rail strikers to constantly affect our normal lives, they will choose to strike all the more. STAND UP TO BULLIES I SAY!

    1. There right to strike because thats the only way they can show there grieverances and they can be known and resolved

  3. I’d be surprised if this game was postponed
    Jon is right to the extent that by hook or by crook we could get ourselves there. It would impact the out of towners who rely on regional trains. My line is East midland trains and when I can get to the Emirates it’s fairly busy with Arsenal fans – particularly from Bedford down into London StP.

  4. Booked flights and hotel for two nights already🤬🤬🤞🏻🤞🏻. I’d walk from Heathrow if I had to!!

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