Ramsdale – A certain future Arsenal legend….

Good evening Gooners from the beautiful East African country Kenya. The home of the Big Five.

I am still digesting yesterday’s victory at the King Power Stadium. Let’s be honest, not many of us Arsenal fans had expected a victory. I am sure most of us would have taken a draw before kick-off. Our boys though had other ideas.

That brings me to the best performer of the day. Granted, most or all of our players performed very well. But surely, we must all agree, Ramsdale was the real difference. That save on the 42nd minute was out of this world. I am yet to see such a save since I fell in love with Arsenal 25 years ago.

It is so funny how quickly things change. Barely three months ago, most of us were up in arms against Ram’s signing. No one understood why we were spending so much for a “reserve” goalkeeper. We all had our preferences on how that money should have been spent.

To say that we have all, admittedly, been proved wrong is an understatement. This boy has so far silenced all of us. His performances have been nothing short of sensational. Incredible. We are forced to eat our words.

This boy is going to be an Arsenal legend. Having been a Gooner for a quarter of a century, I can tell a future legend when I see one. Boy ooh boy, isn’t this guy incredible?

Thank you, friends, and COYG!!

Patrick Karani from Nairobi Kenya.

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  1. And Seaman’s save v Sheffield United in the FA Cup semi-final at Old Trafford surely is only second to Gordon Banks save from Pele v Brazil in 1970.
    Someone should write a headline article. Over to @Ken1635

  2. And to think that some people feel it was an unpardonable sin to have sold Martinez to Villa!
    Yet as I watched them again the Hammers yesterday, I can’t help feeling that Martinez was poor.
    At least two of West Ham’s goals, the ones by Rice and the right back, should not be beating the keeper
    This man is fit not to tie the laces of Ramsdale’s boots!

    1. Very short sighted because in the last 18 months Martinez has won an FA cup and Copa America. If players were bought and sold on one game, you would end up with a right mess.

      1. Good to see you bring some much-needed perspective to the conversation Reggie…we’ve seen purple patches before, but they were either short-lived and/or failed the all important “eye test”…to make any sort of long-term projections about a player/squad/manager after a couple of top drawer performances simply isn’t prudent

        even in regards to Ramsdale, who’s been a standout thus far, it’s still way, way too early to heap such nonsensical praise, as he’s likely still living off the adrenaline rush that oft-times comes with the territory…it’s funny that those who actually see in Ramsdale those very same traits that Emi exhibited, but won’t admit it, are so quick to castigate Martinez whenever he lets the ODD “bad” goal in, not realizing that in doing so they’ve raised the bar to such a level that our young Keeper will have a difficult time living up to this unrealistic standard over the long haul…of course, I hope he becomes a legend, but to even discuss that possibility now is both short-sighted and a little disrespectful considering the efforts of those few who have earned that honour

        1. Ramsdale has been a breath of fresh air TRVL, i think you only have to look at him to see he is a talent but also very highly strung, so he will make massive boo boos just because of his make up but its how he reacts after them that will make him a top keeper or an inigma.

          1. of course, from what I’ve witnessed thus far, I’m hopeful that his current form will become the norm and not simply a passing phase…if that turns out to be the case and we can likewise get a reasonable fee for Leno, I’ll be over the moon

  3. David Ospinas points average was one of the best of all our goalkeepers. Does that make him a future legend.

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