Ramsdale admits he’s ‘loving the connection’ with Arsenal’s fans

Aaron Ramsdale stated that he is ‘loving the connection’ with Arsenal’s fanbase after his move from Sheffield United this summer.

The 23 year-old was initially expected to play as back-up to Bernd Leno following his arrival, but after the German conceded nine times in our opening three fixtures, the English shot-stopper was given the chance to shine, and he did.

Ramsdale opened his account with three consecutive clean sheets, quickly impressing the fans with a number of displays, with his communication and will a delight to see.

The goalkeeper has clearly felt the love from the fans as well, as he told his former club AFC Wimbledon this week.

“I’m loving the connection I’ve got with the fans there, like I did here [at Wimbledon]. But ultimately, they are not the ones picking the team. If I keep the manager happy, which I’m doing now, I’ll be doing well.”

Ramsdale is doing extremely well so far, and while he is playing with heart and showing us that he isn’t just doing his best, but playing at the top level, he will no doubt keep that connection with the fans.

It would be naive to think that he will be able to not make any mistakes from time to time, but he has quickly showed that he is worthy of the number one spot, and Leno will now have a huge battle on his hands if he is to try and get back ahead of our summer signing.

Has Ramsdale already got a better connection with the fans than Leno ever had?


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  1. Ramsdale is a natural extrovert while Leno is an obvious introvert. In general, extroverts are more liked than introverts, all other things being equal.
    And in football effectiveness they are not equal, as Ramsdales clear personality advantage is also a football advantage when needing to connect with his defenders.

    Leno so often looks like a rabbit caught in headlights, esp when he has the ball at his feet with attackers pressing him.

    1. now there’s a logically-conceived and concise assessment of our two distinctly different Keepers…that said, just imagine if our novice manager could have seen the light through the trees when we had the highly vocal Emi already in-house, so that instead of allocating such a considerable sum on a lesser version, while still having another highly paid Keeper on staff, we could have sold Leno and used the Ramsdale monies to address more pressing needs…just saying

      1. TRVL yes but we must stop agreeing in this unusual fashion. People might think we are friends, if we go in this way!
        To be serious though, I believe that almost all Gooners will surely see Martinez leaving, as a mistake.

        BUT, we must remember that he demanded to be first choice OR leave and so his bluff was called. He was not asked to leave but to stay and fight for his place.

        Yes, he had been here a long time already but not under this manager.

        Wrong then in ONE way to call his bluff, as he is now seen to be clearly a better keeper than LENO, but in another – as no one can TELL the manager who to pick – it was RIGHT to call his bluff.

        I say this to illustrate that managers decisions are not so straightforward as some fans seem to think and many wider team and future team harmony questions need to be weighed up in the balance when such decisions are made.

        Shades of grey do NOT suit some fans but they exist my friend, they exist!

        1. the whole “demand” argument simply doesn’t cut it for me, especially in this age of contractual assurances…why would it make sense to cast dispersions against a player whom had toiled behind the scenes for a decade, came good, then asked for some assurances, but it’s perfectly ok if newcomers, with no connection to the club whatsoever, like Ode and Willian, demanded positional and/or playing time assurances…for me you simply can’t have it both ways

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