Hands up – Who said Ramsdale would get Arsenal relegated?

One thing is for sure- Ramsdale won’t be getting relegated this season!

When he first joined us, there was no doubt that some fans and pundits raised eyebrows and were not impressed with the signing of Aaron Ramsdale, but he soon saw to that and wiped away the critics in one clean sweep!

Sooner rather than later, Ramsdale has begun to prove those critics wrong and is slowly making a name for himself at the club.

Having joined us with a record of being relegated twice, each time he has been in the Premier League, once with Sheffield United and once with Bournemouth, fans and pundits questioned the appointment by Mikel Arteta after we were supposedly pursuing some more “experienced” -to quote- keepers.

But I think it is safe to say that we won’t be getting relegated with him between the sticks and so for him it is a first, being in the Premier League and ending up hopefully at the opposite end of the table than what some would say he is used to.

He has proved himself to be a trusted keeper between the sticks and long may it continue. To his credit he has fully deserved his continuous place in the team. He has done nothing but impress so far since he has been at the club and has no doubt added a greater bout of confidence to the back line and the team.

The great thing about him is that he is still young and at only 23 years of age he can only go and improve and get better and better.

Our only worry is that he could get too comfortable and then begin to falter as he realises there is no competition.

Although someone of Ramsdale’s mindset and character for now, seems to always want to improve no matter if there is competition in the team for his position or not, and so we hope that he stays with us for many years and improves so much that he becomes England’s and Arsenal’s number one for many years to come.

And here’s hoping that he helps to take us to the very top of the table and to fill our trophy cabinet with many more trophies than we are used to recently. And he may even end up with the golden glove at the end of it. But as long as we win, he can concede as many goals as he wants, although not too much that we begin to question our defence!

Here’s hoping hey Gooners?

Shenel Osman

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    1. Yes you are right Gai, Pickford is performing for England so no need to change him soon. Ramsdale time will come. Beside, national team performance sometimes requires experience which Pickford has in plenty. There is also the need to see how Ramsdale end the season with Arsenal.

    2. Whats a strange article? Are you seriously suggesting Ramsdale was responsible for the other teams getting relegated? I thought he had 10 other players on the pitch. !!!

  1. Lets hope he doesnt get complacent. I’m not very confident of Turners displays. Apart from penalty saving, he doesn’t strike as anything out of ordinary.

  2. One of those fans you are referring to is me, , I will be the first to admit that.
    Also I strongly question the gaffer judgment on this one.

    There was even strong discussion if Arsenal was too big a club to be allowed to fail, there was even one manager speaking about things should get really bad to have it improve.

    He is definitely England number one now as I herd a fan shout out to him, he has that presence in the back line , you often find yourself watching him during matches , seems very likeable, a keep saying one of the gaffer greatest strength I observed is his anticipation, what makes he single out this young lad over quite a few others, I may never know.

    One thing I can tell you he is going to look even better , once we sign a lethal striker like say Martinez or Calvert Lewin who can be targeted from distance with deadly accuracy.

    1. Gun Smoke your post shows the foolishness of fans who think they know more about football and judgement of current players than our now proven manager.

      All true fans need faith in managers, until and unless they have proven beyond doubt not to be up to the job Those who constantly railed against MA daily , sometimes several times a day , are now invisible and look extremely foolish. Hasty and premature judgement is so often badly wrong, in many walks of life too, besides just football.

          1. First of all I backed him when he got appointed ,so first mistake you have made .
            Secondly I’ve not been sent packing anywhere .
            Nice try though ,be abit more original next time .

          2. DK, don’t even waste your breath on this nothing burger of a poster…I take it as compliment, as this little Fk’s actually name dropping you and I in order to bring attention to themselves…as for the clown show that is JF, his grumpy old man schtick had grown so tiresome for so many that the only way to remain relevant was if he leaned heavily into the whole pro-Arteta narrative, heaped praise on anyone who wrote a pro-Arteta article regardless of their respective merits and acted like the most “woke” person in the room, which is an absolutely laughable notion…maybe this two poster can combine forces under a new namesake, Fk Jon Fox

              1. your such a thirsty little Fk…instead of acting like such a fanboy poster, actually bring something of substance to the mix…until then sayonara

          3. AdPat, why wouldn’t you simply erase the original troll-like comment that set the ball in motion?

      1. There was a point this season or last where you, Jon had lost faith in Arteta. It was beginning of this season or last.

        wont be able to find post without access to DB.

        1. HH 👍
          Some of the things he’s come out with over the years beggars belief.
          Bandwagon jumper comes to mind .

  3. Before the season had started and we were linked with Ramsdale, DCL and then Maddison, this was during the Euro’s i said if we signed Ramsdale, he could become a great keeper.

    I had watched him and come up against him a few times while couching U18’s football and thought he had everything needed to be a great keeper.

    I argued my case on here many times before we signed Ramsdale and was called many things.

    to all of you who did rip me for my opinions on him back then ..I..

  4. Constructive criticism is good for the soul, indeed my judgement was poor Jon fox.

    But am happy I was proven wrong on the gaffer decision on Ramsdale

  5. Jon fox that decision was a master mainly because of the timing, remember Leno was pretty decent and we had lots of other area needed strengthening.

    It’s for these simple reasons am optimistic, people put in charge must be able to think out of the box or rather able to see things novice like me unable see to from the get go.

    An abundance of reasons to be optimistic, win lose or draw later it’s not our league position, but a clear part of our direction

  6. “The great thing about him is that he is still young and at only 23 years of age he can only go and improve and get better and better.” I disagree, we’ve seen countless young players who showed great promise at Ramsdale age,only for them not to be heard again.

  7. I will openly admit that I called him the grim reaper of relegation. I hold my hands up to apologize. Infact among our summer acquisitions the only signings that impressed me the most were Ode and Tomi. Ode mainly because I followed him since he joined Madrid and watched his performances for sociedad, Tomi mainly because he was part of a defensively sound Bologna side and could play both CB and RB, and defenders in Italy are usually very good. But yeah, out of the rest Ramsdale has been immense and I will gladly eat my words about him. Though thats not to say he has been consistent throughout the season, with some howlers also which fortunately went unpunished. But he has taken failures in his stride, it seems and at 23, has plenty of time to become consistently good. I just hope as Siamois says above he doesnt disappear, and that is something that has to come from both him and MA. And the early signs look good.

  8. in regards to Ramsdale, I have no problem admitting that I was off-base regarding my assessment of what this player might bring to the equation…now it’s still a relatively small sample size, but he’s been nothing short of spectacular on most occasions…to be fair, my concerns weren’t unreasonable, in that he had struggled at times in recent years and, let’s face it, MA hadn’t earned the benefit of the doubt, especially considering his mishandling of this particular position…for me personally, which isn’t a slag whatsoever against Ramsdale, I would have much preferred we had kept Emi, sold off Leno, when his value was still decently high, then used both the Leno and Ramsdale monies to properly address more pressing needs…of course, there’s no going back now, so I’m happy that I was wrong about my take on the Ramsdale situation and hopefully we’ll be able to recoup something in the off-season when I’m assuming we’ll part ways with Leno

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