Ramsdale criticised for what he did in win over Man Utd

Danny Murphy has slammed Aaron Ramsdale for celebrating Bruno Fernandes’ missed penalty when Arsenal faced Manchester United.

The Gunners won the game 3-1, but the outcome could have been different if Fernandes had converted his spot-kick.

Ramsdale has been an inspirational presence in goal for the Gunners in this campaign, but he didn’t save that spot-kick. Instead, it hit the post and went out.

The Arsenal goalie celebrated as if he had made a save and the former Liverpool man, Murphy, was not impressed.

He tells Talk Sport: “I’m a bit torn on it, to be honest.

“I’m not that bothered, but I think he’ll look back on it and think that if he wants to be an England goalkeeper he must keep his emotions intact, you know? The game isn’t over.

“He didn’t save it, it hit the post. He just forgot where he was for a second and I think he’ll look back on it and think ‘I’ve got to leave that be’.”

Just Arsenal Opinion

Ramsdale has been enjoyable to watch while playing. Admittedly, we also love watching him mocking the opponents sometimes.

But Murphy has a point. Showing too much emotion might not be good for him, and his actions against United could easily have come back to haunt him.

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    1. Exactly.
      Besides, I think Ramsdale did have a part in Bruno missing it. Bruno was waiting for Aaron to pick a side but he didn’t

  1. I disagree with Murphy. Ramsdale had every right to celebrate . If the ball had gone into the net, it would have been the equaliser and it would have brought the moral of the players down. It was a thing of joy even to us watching the match.

  2. The question I’m asking him then is should he have been crying, because I don’t know what else this so called pundit want from us.

  3. Mchew!!! Nonesense and rubbish!!!
    He is angry or what??? Ramsdale can celebrate all he wants. All the players knew the miss was their last piece of key to victory, why won’t they celebrate, starting with the keeper that faced the penalty?

  4. Pundits and alike will always be critical of us, some even claims the gaffer shows too much passion in the dug out.

    I happen to like Adre Villa Boas from Chelsea for exactly those passion he shows in the dug out

    Ramsdale did play his part in the goal not scoring as his reputation of being a good goalie must have had some effect with
    Fernandez mind in missing.

    Saw former goalie Martinez went up and challenge Ronaldo, that he should take the spot kick instead of Bruno, it did put Bruno off as well, didn’t hear any ranting from Mr. Murphy

  5. Hardly a criticism, more an observation and methinks some people listen to TalkShite far to much and take umbrage to peoples opinions. In my opinion, there is nothing to see here, please move on.


    Presumably, just like Murphy for Liverpool , RAMSDALE IS ALSO A FAN OF THE CLUB HE PLAYS FOR. And Arsenal fans across the globe will certainly have celebrated that missed penalty.
    And until now , I had thought Murphy to be intelligent!
    How very wrong I was!

  7. It was okay for McTominy to knock off the ball from Saka’s hand just before he played the penalty. Murphy didn’t comment on that!

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