Ramsdale explains why Arsenal players are scared “to step out of line”

Discipline is key in everything one does, and that’s no different in football. Much can be attributed to Arsenal’s fine fortunes this season, but what doesn’t receive much credit is how disciplined the Gunners have been under Arteta.

Arsenal players have managed to be in control of their emotions; Granit Xhaka doesn’t easily get into stupid fights like he used to, and now it’s only injuries and not red cards that see key Arsenal players miss games. It is hard to tell from the outside how Arteta has instilled discipline in his team, but listening to Aaron Ramsdale describe it gives you the perfect picture of how.

“I think that’s where the manager and the coaching staff come in,” he told Sky Sports. “He has us on a tight leash, which allows us to express ourselves, be ourselves, be our own characters, and then all he has to do is give it a quick pull and we’re back in order, back in line.

“It’s very easy to get ahead of yourself when you’re doing so well and as such a young team with young players. But when you have the boss as our manager, instilling the fear factor in the team, it’s very hard to step out of line.

“But when you do, he gives you a little quiet word because making mistakes is part of football and life. We’re all individuals, he has different ways of doing it. You’ll be back in line sharpish.”

Ultimately, all that is going well for Arsenal is because Edu won a jackpot when he gambled on a green Arteta back in 2019 to take charge of Arsenal, after they were in a position where it seemed they had lost their way.

COYG! In Arteta we trust…

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  1. Month of April, make it break it for us. 6 games, 3 home, 3 away. City, Liverpool, Chelsea. Let’s go, we can do this!!

  2. Mirror.co has the same subject, but with the addition of Elneny being quoted as saying, Arteta has shown the way to not allow big egos step out odf line by getting rid of Aubameyang.
    No doubt, there has been a much needed cultural change.

    1. Anders, Getting rid of Auba and before that, of Ozil and Guendouzi were IMO, the single most importantly correct decisions MA has made in our club, where internal and cohesive player harmony and great spirit are concerned.

      I have written more times than I can ever remember, that football is a TEAM game and the foolish cult of theindividual(which many unwise fans have indulged in) is actively harmful to any ambitious and top class TEAM.

      TO MY CLEAR THINKING LOGICAL MIND, THAT HAS BEEN OBVIOUS ALMOST MY WHOLE LONG LIFE, at least since leaving my foolish teenage years behind.

  3. I was reading a while ago that Arteta was like this as a player, which made him a bit unpopular with team mates, but it’s how it should be as no manager or captain should be a soft touch as you just get taken advantage of (are you reading this Aubameyang?), and end up out of a job, as Patrick Vieira & Arsene Wenger might testify to.

    1. Arteta was like that as a player and that’s why he was the captain even ahead of the longer serving Van Perdue, Mertersacker and Koscielny. As Arsene Wenger became older, he lost the energy and motivation to keep the players in line. But not Mikel Arteta. And we are reaping his rewards right now.

  4. Hopefully Turner is better in penalties and in tight angles than him, otherwise we might have to tap into Robert Sanchez or Donnarumma

    1. GAI, how many PL penalties or tight angle shots has Ramsdale been involved in, versus his one on one saves, his brilliant shot stoppers and distribution techniques?

      You seem to have this very negative opinion about Ramsdale, but, in my opinion, fail to look at the bigger picture.

      Check out his clean sheet record this season, compared to every other PL keeper and, by the way, I do believe he actually made contact with three of the five penalties that SL scored last Thursday.

      1. Too many for my liking, Ken. His strengths are great for a long competition like EPL, but his weaknesses could make us lose in most penalty situations

        1. What are his weaknesses.
          Thought you were reminded about his saves during the game and near saves during the PKs

        2. Ha! He got both hands to one on yesterday and still couldn’t keep it out. I would imagine that his coach is working on this “weakness” regularly.

        3. That’s not an answer GAI, it’s usually known as BS!!
          When you make these statements, please back them up with facts.
          Just say you haven’t any faith in the player, if that’s your view – don’t go waffling on about something that has no factual evidence.

        4. gai Increasingly over the recent period, I have read extremely foolish, distinctly left field and rather silly claoims from you about a number of matters concerning our club and especially our players.

          I have answered some of them and ignored others.

          But suffice to say, that after reading such utter bilge about RAMSDALE, who is by any sane analysis, an exceptional young keeper with an excellent team personality, I have sensibly resolved never to read YOUR posts ever again!

          1. @john fox…thank you for sharing exact sentiments as myself about Ramsdale…it’s impossible to please some arsenal ‘fans’
            It’s getting truly ridiculous to read some of the complaints from these people…

    2. I see you have let go your obsessions with the terms such as adept left foot, left foot deep lying playmaker and picked up another one which is ramsdale’s weaknesses as a goalie. Guess what mate, Arteta doesn’t care about such opinions and as such statements as ” otherwise we might want to tap in to donnurama and Robert sanchez ” are mere opinions based on your fantasies.

  5. I guess you missed the outstanding save from Zaha’s shot that kept us from going behind. Kepa is a “penalty expert” – let 10 in a row in against Liverpool. Penalties are a lottery. Ramsdale is a quality goalkeeper as good as anyone in the PL and probably only second to Courtois (along with a fair few others to be fair), but there aren’t too many much better than him.

  6. I see you have let go your obsessions with the terms such as adept left foot, left foot deep lying playmaker and picked up another one which is ramsdale’s weaknesses as a goalie. Guess what mate, Arteta doesn’t care about such opinions and as such statements as ” otherwise we might want to tap in to donnurama and Robert sanchez ” are mere opinions based on your fantasies.

  7. We are forgetting that Chelsea’s penalty keeper haven’t even saved them recently.
    Sorry I mean no harm if I have a Chelsea fan around but nobody goes to d market for a keeper just for penalty .
    Penalty is less than 5% of a full season.
    So think about it

  8. Honestly gotanidea, do you really think Mr Arteta and Mr Edu are going to send out an urgent 🆘 to Sanchez and Donnarumma to come to Arsenal to save a spot kick. Ramsdale is doing quite fine. The lad is still very young, and is around some of the best coaching staff, whether it be at Arsenal or the England coaching staff when on international duties. And when on international duties, especially in tournaments, and it’s sorting out the penalty takers in case of penalty shoot outs, it’s Ramsdale, not Pickford, that’s in goals for those sessions. So it would be very safe to say that Ramsdale is quite competent in penalty situations. If a goalkeeper can get into the head of the opposing penalty taker, and resort to playing all kinds of mind games, well then, the goalkeeper’s job is a quarter of the way in putting off the penalty taker. There’s a lot more to it. It’s not only making yourself big. As for you mentioning Ramsdale and his angles, he’s not the only goalkeeper in the English Premier League that’s been getting beaten on his near post. What used to be a cardinal sin for a goalkeeper getting beaten on his near post, is now unfortunately an up rising trend. Defenders in this day and age are making it more difficult on their own goalkeepers when defending their near post by putting their hands and arms behind their bloody backs while trying to defend. The amount of times I’ve seen shots go through a defender’s legs and making the goalkeeper look an idiot is really ridiculous. It’s a wonder you haven’t criticised Ramsdale for not being tall enough,, or being an inverted goalkeeper or even a pivotal one at that. I will always have Ramsdale over Martinez,,, especially in the dressing room. He’s still young,, still a lot to learn,,and will one day be England’s number one

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