Ramsdale fumes: Brighton clash was ‘Supposed to be the reaction game’

Arsenal were disappointing 2-1 losers this afternoon when they played host to Brighton at the Emirates Stadium, and Aaron Ramsdale was not happy at how his side performed.

From kick-off, you could tell that this wasn’t the same hungry and confident team that we had grown accustomed to watching prior to the international break, and we were struggling to retain possession in our rival’s half.

Even after Lee Trossard put our side behind, there still wasn’t enough guile shown to convince me that we were going to come alive and chase the dying Champions League dream, with the most passionate and inspiring moment the actual celebration for our disallowed goal, which VAR ruled out for offside just before half-time.

Ramsdale agreed that today’s showing was simply ‘not good enough’, and added that he was expecting to see his side show a positive reaction to last week’s painful display, something that just didn’t happen.

“It’s not good enough,” Ramsdale told Arsenal.com. “Two games on the spin where the first 45 minutes has got away from us. You make it an uphill battle against any team in the Premier League if you’re losing at halftime.

“We were not in the rhythm of the game, that’s unlike us, especially at home where we’ve normally started really well all season. It was a really poor performance and as I said we, went to the end but that’s a given at any club, especially this club. When you give a team a step up in the Premier League it’s always hard to get back in the game.

“One-nil down is tough enough, two-nil down in the Premier League is even harder, so if we’d have got the first goal back even earlier we might have pushed and pushed but there was too much to do in the end.

“This was supposed to be the reaction game but it wasn’t. We’ve lost and not managed to pick up any points and next week is even bigger. I think we just need to go out there and be free and play our game, you know? It’s a game of football and I think in the first half we were very tense and slow so we just need to go out there next week, trust what the manager and the coaching staff are saying and go and play our football, which we’ve done all season.”

I can’t help it, but unless the likes of Tierney and Partey are back any time soon, I cannot see this side finding what they need to fight for the top four. I’m not sure whether it is the confidence in our unit that is lacking in their absence, or the solidity of having a complete back four that you can believe in to earn clean sheets which is ruining our mentality, but what is evident is that this team doesn’t believe.

When the players aren’t believing, or when they’re clearly struggling to give their all, the fans will not be onside, and all these negatives will build up.

Did you see any belief from our players today?


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      1. OT, as for those who say Arteta fixed the defense, we have already given up the same number of goals as the defense that had Luiz and Bellerin starting.

        Think about that, still 8 games to go. Spent £50 million for a CB when we needed a midfielder, and sent a capable Saliba on loan.

        Likely give up more goals than that defense we mocked with Luiz, Bellerin, and Leno.

        1. You are absolutely right Durand we will certainly concede more goals this season than last! The defending is still comical, there are days they couldn’t tackle a snowman with a flamethrower, but no worries Arteta just needs 10 more transfer windows it’s apparently Wenger and Emery’s fault 😑

    1. Perhaps destroying the midfield by taking Xhaka and playing him at LB was wrong decision?

      Holding at CB, White RB, and Cedric LB?

      Perhaps 3 CB with Tavares and Cedric as wingbacks?

      Perhaps ElNeny’s experience in midfield to partner a rusty Lokogna? ESR had a real stinker today anyway.

      Just seems Arteta made the worst setup, and no idea how to fix it.

      Leaving Laca on with his 4 goals in PL and bringing in Nketiah with 0 PL goals and expect what exactly?

      Pepe and Tavares should feel hard done by when toothless Laca is never dropped.

      How was Laca’s “Link up” play today? As golden as the Palace game, right?

  1. Five goals conceded in just two games, while our world-class keeper Bernd Leno is warming the bench. Kudos to Brighton for making good use of the 50M charity donation for Ben White. We needed midfielders but wasted our money on luxury players.

  2. I honestly thought we’d gotten over this rot; that we now have a team that can make us happy again. Didn’t know the bubble would burst so quickly

  3. Whappened to elneny he could partner lokonga in the middle and let odegard run the show upfront.. he played well for egypt im sure hes hungry

    1. Good question, Pepe also had a solid tournament, but both still can’t get chances.

      Man management continues to be a profitable Arteta; either he cantor won’t learn.

      He was let down twice and said he “thought they were ready”

      Fine, bench Laca then, play Martinelli as striker and Pepe on LW. Partey is out, so partner ElNeny with Xhaka.

      ElNeny lack top quality, but NEVER lacked heart or effort, BOTH of which we lacked against Palace and Brighton.

  4. Solution:. just bench laca and put anyone at the front….

    the problem is not the defence… in premier league.. if you don’t score there is 98% your opponent will score you…

  5. Why not play Pepe up front?
    Certainly can be no worse than the god awful plum he has been playing so far.
    This squad is so small and limited. He (or the media) talks of bringing in four new players in the summer but that is not enough unless he has the confidence in the young players that are coming through.
    First things first it is a priority to sign some goal scorers and if we don’t get European football then it will be very difficult.
    If we don’t get European football we should be looking for a new manager first..

  6. First and foremost we need a change in personnel at the games.
    Holding should start at centre back with Gabriel. Cedric and Tavares as full backs. Xhaka and White as the midfield pivot thus controlling the tempo. Ode, Saka and Martinelli as the 3 and Nketiah/ may as well be given the CF role. He was quite lively when he came on. Or even Pepe as an instinctive CF. Pepe is wasted on the right wing.

  7. As far as I’m concerned, top 4 is gone, top 6 almost gone. Expecting 7th and above meaning a possibility of no European football. If the board is serious, they better act and get a very good and experienced Manager. Let’s see what happens at the end of the season.

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