Ramsdale gets a chance to show he is worth 30 million against West Brom

I heard for a while concern from some gooners that Arsenal were willing to pay 30 million for Ramsdale. That will only intensify now that the deal with Sheffield United has been confirmed.

We have had to pay over the odds because he’s young and English but that doesn’t mean he can’t be a good signing.

It all depends on what you want from your second-choice keeper, a position the 23 years will start at.

If it’s just a body to fill in when your number 1 gets injured, then yes 30 million is a lot.

Yet I don’t think that’s the idea.

Leno has made too many mistakes so he should be looking over his shoulder.

At the very least this is competition which will either improve the German or lead to a new number 1.

That’s why so many gooners regretted Martinez being sold to Aston Villa.

The hope was by having two quality options, the two would improve each other.

To be fair that’s what Arteta wanted until the Argentine gave him an ultimatum.

That’s why Ramsdale meets the criteria, he’s good enough to be an immediate option but young enough where he’s willing to be 2nd choice for the short term.

It’s generally considered that goalies don’t hit their prime till they are past 30.

The notion that this Is allotted to pay for someone who will sit on the bench isn’t a true reflection of our reality. It gives the Impression that Leno’s status as our number 1 is secure.

He’s one mistake away from being dropped, hence why if our scouts like Ramsdale, now was the time to act.

Leno has made too many errors leading to goals, most recently Brentford’s 2nd last Friday.

We just haven’t had anyone with enough experience to bring in for him.

In many ways he embodies the naivety of a section of our fan base.

Some were quick to christen the German as one of the best keepers in the division just because he plays for Arsenal.

In reality ….


Saints – when ball is headed across goal has already committed himself allowing Austin a header at an open goal



Spurs – Spills a shot allowing Eriksen a tap in


Chelsea – comes out to claim a corner, misses the ball entirely



With two arms on the ball allows it to squirm over the line



With seconds remaining, puts team under pressure by kicking ball out for corner instead of up the pitch





Charges out for header across goal leaving Vardy with an open goal



Charges out of goal and for some reason punches the ball



Plays Xhaka into trouble with poor pass resulting in goal


West ham

Bowen shot goes through Leno’s legs



Mishandles a low cross, ends up an own goal



Passes the ball to opposition gifting them a goal


If Ramsdale plays well in the Carabao Cup at West Brom that might already be enough for a run in the first team.



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  1. You forgot the day he was send of for rushing out of goal and handling the ball out of his area.
    Recently against Brentford allowing the to be held like prey and even after that cared not complain to the officials for them to look at a replay.
    He is good at stopping direct shots, but very poor
    with his legs(playing from behind), defending corners and indeed poor at organizing the defence. He is not vocal enough to warn defenders of impending dangers.

  2. Leno has made many errors leading to goals….epl stats 20/21 season didn’t agree with you on this. According to the stats he made zero errors leading to goals.

  3. me thinks the author of this “article” is pretty obsessed, good god man !, take a breath , and find yourself a hobby. it is only football.

  4. To be fair, you should list down the no of potential goals that he saved which kept us or won us games.

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