Ramsdale insists it’s time for Arsenal to “put some new history on the wall”

Mikel Arteta has made a lot of headway into his rebuilding project at Arsenal, and has changed practically the whole team and populated it with talented youngsters who can hopefully develop into world-beaters.

Obviously it is too soon to tell if “the process” will be a success but recent results show that the youngsters are showing grit and determination, despite only getting to know each other at the moment.

Aaron Ramsdale was one of Arteta’s surprise additions to the first team after it was assumed he would start off as backup to Bernd Leno, but the 23 year-old has impressed everyone, and has made it clear that he believes Arsenal are still big club, despite our recent difficulties. Ramsdale told the Mirror: “I think the club has been in a difficult situation for a while. Obviously the performances on the pitch haven’t been great; the club have been in a transition period.

“You can sense it [the history] as soon as you walk through the doors that the club isn’t happy where they are. We want European football.

“It’s a young team so it’s step by step; it might have to be the Europa League and then the Champions League, but we want to get back there. You understand the pressures that brings, but it’s an enjoyable challenge, and when the highs are high they’re really high.

“Around the training ground, you see the history. The players that have played here with their unique numbers, as we have with England.

“You’ve got the Invincibles on the walls everywhere, so you understand the history of the football club. It’s now our time for us to put some new history on the wall.”

Ramsdale went on to desribe how he felt when he arrived at Arsenal: “I think when I came in I got told to be myself, and my character is to be loud, be a leader and show passion. And I also knew that I might have to shake things up in a positive and my own way.

“That’s why I’ve been brought to the club, to be myself, but the fist bumps to the crowd – again, the striker scores, Bukayo Saka scores and everyone runs to Bukayo and I’m on my own, so my teammates become the fans, so I celebrate with them and sometimes my celebrations look like I’ve scored a goal myself.

“That’s just the pure emotion and hard work throughout the week to get the three points and get the win, so it all comes out and I enjoy it.

“I think it is well documented that they were missing leaders. I don’t think we’ve now all of a sudden all turned into leaders, I just think now this team that is playing at the moment is full of confidence, we are working together, we’re earning each other’s respect and playing better football. That’s the way I see it.

“If leaders come out in different ways, Emile Smith-Rowe and Bukayo are young lads, but they lead by example with the performances and you’ve got Granit Xhaka, myself, Gabriel, Ben White who are vocal and you’ve got the captain himself who is our talisman, our go-to man and we’re all different leaders in our own way.”

Ramsdale has definitely shown that he is the leader in the defence and has only conceded once in his four games to date. And he also craves to be successful with Arsenal and believes in the club and his team-mates.

All in all, he may prove to be Arteta’s very best buy this summer, although he has a lot of competition for that title at the moment. Only time will tell, but I am loving the confidence he shows in his words and actions…

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    1. He does say ““It’s a young team so it’s step by step; it might have to be the Europa League and then the Champions League, but we want to get back there.”

        1. Agreed Jon.

          I very much like the attitude Ramsdale has arrived with.

          Personally I like what he had to say.

          Better than arriving and sitting quietly in the corner whilst underperforming – we’ve had too many of them of late.

          A player that loves being at The Arsenal, simply for that very reason.

          Let’s be honest, he probably thought this magnitude of move may have never happened during his career, and is grabbing the chance with both hands – literally.

          I see nothing such as arrogance or such like in his words, just a young player determined to play his part in helping the club attain former glories – step by step.

          Well done Aaron, work hard and keep it up .

  1. In my view Ramsdale has brought more to the position than at first appeared the case.

    It’s perfectly fair and reasonable to discuss the merits of the two as goalkeepers.

    But where Ramsdale has really made an immediate impact is his character ( apart of course from being a very good goalkeeper).

    Aaron has introduced a number of excellent character traits he possesses to the side.

    His confidence , communication (most importantly with the defence in front of him, but also interacting with the crowd) and infectious personality has been a breath of fresh air – and most importantly of benefit to the team.

    He is a vastly more verbal keeper than Bernd Leno, and superior on the deck.

    So although it may seem extremely harsh the way Leno has been ousted, I can see a number of very good reasons why.

    I think Leno will of course move on.

    1. AJ I see no way that LENO can ever become our number one now that Ramsdale is here.


      Namely, a dangerous hesitation with the ball at his feet, punching not catching, lack of vocal ability, failure to come off his line to collect high balls and a general introvert personality, which few keepers can afford to ever have.

  2. Ramsdale would be wise to slow his roll a bit on his seeming crusade to win over the fanbase…he’s only been here for a cup of coffee and has been rarely tested, albeit he’s done exceedingly well when called upon, so maybe a little less chatter until he’s earned his wings…of course, this isn’t meant as a slag towards him, as I’ve enjoyed his brief tenure so far, especially when it comes to his commanding presence in and around the box, it just means that instead of adopting the MA model of more talk, less action, try employing the reverse option, at least until the ink’s actually dry on your first contract here…to be honest, I’m a little more critical of Ramsdale than he probably deserves, it’s just that I’m still incredibly frustrated by the way this club has dealt with the Keeper position since Leno’s injury and Emi’s subsequent revelatory spell between the pipes

      1. So he gets asked questions by the Mirror and should just say, No comment? No of course not but having said that, does anyone really believe he said most of that or did the Mirror embellish his answer somewhat? If you’ve ever read the rag you might very well agree they did.

          1. Cheers PJ…obviously I wasn’t suggesting that he should be admonished for anything he did or said, just wish that he would remain squarely focused on the on-field side of the game and leave the other “nonsense” on the back burner for the time being

  3. Ramsdale is a good leader on the pitch, both demanding and commanding. He organises his back 4 very well. A good young lad and has a bright future for Arsenal, good to have a GK as a leader. Interesting he mentioned Xhaka as one of the leaders on the pitch.

  4. Love Ramsdale’s character. And I love that he collects high balls, the ones keepers should be collecting. He is a breath of fresh air for an Arsenal team that hasn’t seen his likes for a long time, makes you talk about a back five again when using 4231 formation. Still early doors and none of us want to put too much onto the young man, it’s just that he’s been really good so far as well as him being an extremely likable lad.

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