Ramsdale is justifying Arteta’s decision to cash in on Martinez

Aaron Ramsdale joined Arsenal in the summer after suffering two relegations from the Premier League.

It didn’t help that Arsenal had started the season badly when he made the move to the Emirates.

Some of the club’s fans didn’t think he was the solution and found it ridiculous that the club sold Emi Martinez to Aston Villa only to spend money on Ramsdale.

However, the Englishman has proven his doubters wrong, and he is even outperforming Martinez in this campaign.

The Sun created a table that showed the goals each EPL goalie has prevented in this campaign compared to the number they have conceded.

It shows that the Arsenal man has prevented 1.41 of goals he should have conceded.

The next goalie is Wolves’ Jose Sa. Meanwhile, Martinez is having a poor season after his heroics in the last campaign and has prevented just 0.88 goals.

Just Arsenal Opinion

You cannot blame the Arsenal fans who didn’t think Ramsdale was good enough for the club and wanted Martinez instead.

The Argentinian had been a hero in the success we enjoyed when Mikel Arteta first became the club’s manager.

Fans fell in love with him then. We have transferred that love to Ramsdale after he took his time to prove some of us wrong.

Hopefully, he will keep improving at the club.

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  1. This is a stupid argument, you simply can’t compare because there are way too many variables. Put Ramsdale in the Villa team and I guarantee that while still being very good, his stats would be worse.

    Ramsdale has been fantastic though no doubt, I’m sure Martinez would’ve done quite well behind our back 4 vs Villas….both great keepers.

    1. Ramsdale is keeping goal better than emi, no question and independent of his team.

      We’re talking half a season so I do agree they’re both great but I’d argue since he joined, ramsdale has been the best in the epl. Hope he keeps it going

      1. The Sun REALLY. Ramsdale has been a great buy but Martinez was an awful sale. Since moving he has become no52 footballer in the world top 100 and his stock has risen regardless of how he is portrayed in this article. Ramsdale is a brilliant goalkeeper but dont try to justify it with biased Arsenal opinion. Martinez outside of Arsenal is rated very very highly.

    2. Agree, both lads are fantastic keepers , Aaron has the better attitude so he slightly edges out Emi, but Emi is the No1 choice for Argentina which is a huge bonus. Nevertheless, our backline has improved after Mikel’s coaching and we should give him credit for it. From reports, Mikel is now working his magic on Marts, cannot wait for the weekend match to see Laca benched and Marts taking over and our boys – ESR & Saka on the wings. First time I’m feeling ecstatic, the last was the invincibles era players. Maybe history will repeat itself next season with the our next invincibles.

  2. Are we sitting here and siding with a guy who talked ill of the club that gave him the podium and platform to showcase what he had learnt from arsenal and became who he is today (1st choice International shot stopper) while the other guy from Manchester (Romero) became the understudy after being unchallenged for the whole of his international career?! While neglecting a guy who has come and replaced the one who made him hand in a transfer request? Strong men don’t give up! They fight till there is no more left to fight for. That’s what AR has done and it shows who has a better mentality. Again i think The Sun quoted quoted the goals saved that should have been conceded, so that eliminates the defence or am i wrong?

    1. How on earth is “goals that should’ve been conceded” determined???

      A good defence assists with the following:

      -narrowing angle of shots
      -make atracker shoot from further
      -organise midfield
      -tire attackers more

      Defence makes a huge difference. If you put Edison in the Norwich team would you expect him to have the same stats?

  3. Ramsdale has always been a good goalkeeper. Don’t you wonder how he was voted player of the year consistently by his former teams even though the team got relegated? Most people ignored his individual performances and looked at the entire team, which may be flawed when considering an individual’s performance as opposed to a team. Players like that become stars once they join better teams.

    I remember the anger and jest when arsenal signed him.
    He has proven them wrong.
    Arteta knew what he wanted when he signed Ramsdale.
    A great team is made up of a collection of great players with character and mentality.
    I was pissed about the sale of Matinez, but the moment he began to whine about arsenal, I felt relieved we let him go.

  4. Ransdale is great, but sometimes he makes me worried
    by his showboat antics, he has to control his feelings
    a bit better and be the cool cucumber in the team..

  5. I was fully behind EM being no1 after he grabbed his opportunity. Confidence was exuded by him and onwards onto the defence. I didn’t get the squeaky bum moments. Leno, unfortunately didn’t have that bit extra, although a very good keeper.

    Once EM went the arrival of AR was a statement imo. There to put big pressure on Leno rather than being an obvious no2 that only gets a chance in early rounds of the cup. His arrival was Arteta saying that Leno needed competition and it was Ramsdale who rose to the top. I didn’t pay too much attention to his previous clubs’ demise – he wasn’t the reason they got relegated.

    Both keepers have that drive and one chose to go to be no1 and the other ousted the incumbent and hasn’t looked back. It’s about attitude a lot of the time and AR has that in bucket loads. The type of player that Arteta is installing into the squad. The hand wringing and blaming someone else is on the way out

  6. judging be the type of football most top teams play now which is playing out from the back,AR is heads and shoulders above EMI. the only GK in the EPL that probably does it better is Ederson… AR is so good with his short and long passes that he can even be deployed as an AMF

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