Aaron Ramsdale should leave Arsenal now for the sake of his career

Ramsdale not going unless a significant bid comes in

It’s being reported that Arsenal aren’t considering selling Aaron Ramsdale unless a significantly big bid comes in for him. Which does make sense, at least in January, and if he’s not insisting on going then maybe he wants to fight for his spot at Arsenal, but is this just a baiting technique from Arsenal to say he’s available, but only for the right price.

Ramsdale for me, is a great keeper, he’s done a lot for the club, and I just genuinely think he’s a good person who loves the club and wants to be there, but it’s no surprise that losing his spot would have not only lowered his confidence, but left questions as to what he wants with his career and if Arsenal is the right place for him to be.

And if you want my opinion, I don’t think he should stay with us, for his sake alone, I think he deserves more than what we’ve handed him this season and I know a keeper’s spot should always be up for grabs and competition should always be there, but I really think Arteta shot himself in the foot with the keeper situation this season, and it’s now left us in a weird position. Even if he could manage to get a loan, I think that would be better than sitting in Raya’s shadow.

David Raya has been good and his season with Brentford last season was clearly why Arteta was attracted to the idea of bringing him in, but the whole situation was a bit of a mess and could have been avoided.

Ramsdale did a lot for us last season and yes, he wasn’t perfect, but you could tell he had a lot of pride playing for the badge, and while a lot of Arsenal fans doubted him when he came in, he quickly proved that he was good enough. Thanks to a lot of his hard work last season, we came close to winning the title and got back into the Champions League after years and years of being out, and It just doesn’t sit right with me how he was somewhat shunned from the squad for a loan signing after one tough game.

Nothing against Raya, as I said, he’s been good, but I just don’t really see the difference in form, Raya hasn’t done anything that has truly amazed me or led me to think that Arteta 100% made the right choice, but if I was Ramsdale and I wasn’t being assured the top spot, I’d be looking for another club to join right now, for the sake of his career.

Some might not agree and that’s fine, but Ramsdale, for me, should be given the benefit on the doubt over a new keeper, when he did so much for us last season.

What’s your thoughts Gooners? Should he stay or should he go?

Daisy Mae

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  1. Ramsdale probably should move on if he wants to maintain both his club and international positions. I’d rather he stayed and was first choice again, but it doesn’t look as if that’s likely to happen any time soon, so if we can get at least our money back, I’d wish him well. Then there’s the question of who our back up keeper’s likely to be. Karl Hein? Is he even any good?

  2. I see him coming in to replace Raya at some point this season either through injury or a change of personel between the sticks, He’s still very much an important player for us, especially for the FA cup where we will go all the way.

  3. People are saying Arteta shot himself in the foot. That is based mainly on a negative narrative and certain disgruntled elements amongst the fan base. It has little to do with outcomes on the field.
    I don’t think it is straightforward to suggest that Ramsdale go to play elsewhere. Where would he go that he would be guaranteed number one spot? Most people seem to think that he is close to Raya in ability and it is clear that some rate him higher. If this is the case why should he not fight for the number 1 GK spot at Arsenal?

    1. I don’t see a greta deal of difference in the goalkeepers but should Ramsdale stay and fight for his place? Well it comes down to whether Ramsadale has trust in Arteta making a equitable
      and fair selection. Of course it is great for Arsenal to have two goalkeepers of great quality but for Ramsdale his England future is at stake and who could blame him if forces a move. Ramsdlae might be considering at how Tierney is saying he doesn’t want to come back to Arsenal.

      1. If there is not a great deal of difference and Ramsdale has sufficient confidence in his own ability he ought to stay and fight for his place. If he was angling for a move to another top level club as a guaranteed starter I would understand a desire to move. However, I can’t see him going to other top PL clubs and displacing the incumbent No1.

  4. Agree 100%. A balanced article. All that’s left to say, we predicted this would happen. Oh well! Just another day in the chaotic reign of the Arteta.

  5. Arteta goofed on the goalkeeper situation. Ramsdale should never have been bought in the first place. The sale of Martinez set the ‘process’ back a couple of years. Marinez should have been made number 1 and Leno sold, but here we are.
    We shouted it.

  6. I don’t see the point of Ramsdale staying at Arsenal. Regardless of what is said by MA it is very clear he has made his mind up who is number one goalkeeper is.
    Obviously he see something in Raya but he also sees something in Zinchenko at left back and Jesus or Eddie up front so he is not always right…

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