Ramsdale was a nice surprise and another clean sheet

Surprise pick proves worthy of being number one!  (Shenel)

Although it is nice to see an Arsenal win and get up and running in the season we still have a long way to go.

But of course keeping a clean sheet will and should help the confidence in the defence and the goalkeeper.

Yes we only played Norwich but it’s nice to see that after three games we finally managed to keep a clean sheet and it wasn’t Bernd Leno in goal.

I was surprised if I am honest that Mikel Arteta picked Aaron Ramsdale and left Leno on the bench. I don’t know why, but I expected to see Leno in goal although I don’t think he is deserving to be our number one. Normally he is between the sticks though.

For once I agreed with the goalkeeping choice and Ramsdale didn’t disappoint. At times he was tested but if he continues in this form then he will very quickly justify why we have bought him and I hope Arteta doesn’t choose Leno for the next game because the best thing for Ramsdale will be consistency and trust from the manager.

But who knows maybe this will propel Leno in to working harder to really push to being first choice, and healthy competition isn’t always a bad thing.

So finally we have our first Premier League win and our first three points of the season and although it only brought about one goal and a nervy game, it is a goal we are grateful for and hopefully we can push on and quietly go about our own business without focusing on what others around us are doing.

And then and only then will we see our team build and climb up the table.

Next up is an away trip to Burnley, so the tests keep coming, but we have to play each game as it comes and see what happens.

But finally we have arrived in the league!. Gooners?


Shenel Osman



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  1. I do think Leno needs to be replaced as he’s shown he can be fragile and that affects the defence. Clearly a talented keeper, but shouldn’t be our No1 imo.
    Ramsdale seems to have the right mentality, so looking forward to seeing how he does throughout the season. Would say a lot if he turns out well as he’s been written off by a lot of people, and we pursued him pretty hard.

    1. Yes so many Gooners constantly make up their mind in advance of the forthcoming evidence. My view is that I will watch and judge him, if and when he has had a decent “innings”, so to speak and judge him ONLY THEN.

      I thought he did nothing wrong yesterday but wasn’t exactly overused, was he!
      Mind you, I think the same with our under pressure manager . I ALSO INTEND to give him a PROPER CHANCE, unlike so many Gooners.

      1. I feel like Arteta has had his chance now and lost me with the Xhaka contract. I thought this game would be the true test of the team he assembled (weakest team in the division), and we didn’t pass, but understand the players are not going to be 100%. Now I think it will be Burnley – tough game that should be winnable if we are up for it

      2. Leno brings over working onto himself. He does not organize the defence, he cant clear.
        Yes he has good reflexes and acrobatic save.
        I would rather there was no need of such saves to start with.
        Ramsdale may seem like he did not do much, a confident defence always seems so,

        A nervy one is exactly the opposite.

  2. Was nice to see how he celebrated everything and encouraged everyone. Credit where it’s due – he’s made a good start..

  3. To be fair to Arteta,he inherited a dysfunctional team with soo much deadwood within. He’s gradually getting his team with mostly talented and technical players but my grouch is the lack of physicality against the ‘burnleys” and route 1 advocates of the league. A player in bissouma’s mould wouldn’t be bad to have in those scenarios. Asides that,i think the picture is gradually becoming clearer as each transfer window comes and goes.

  4. Though, Ramsdale made 1 unnecessary 1-on-1 with a Norwich player which might end horribly.. either than that, he is good.

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