Ramsdale will play against Brentford but I still think he should leave Arsenal

Ramsdale back to play against Brentford this weekend

Arteta has made it very clear this season that David Raya is his number one choice in goal but as we get set to face Brentford this weekend, we will get to see Aaron Ramsdale back between the sticks for the first time in what feels like forever. Raya is still on loan from Brentford so is not eligible to play against his parent club this season, meaning Ramsdale will start the game between the sticks against the Bees.

Although Raya has looked great this season and even though it took a little bit longer than us Arsenal fans would have wanted, he does look like a great player for the way Arteta wants to play his squad For me, I’m still a tad bitter over the way Ramsdale was treated at the start of the season and I know it’s football and things don’t always go player’s ways, I still think Arteta could have handled the situation with the two keepers better than he did.

Ramsdale had a great season last season and was one of the main reasons we did as well as we did and also managed to get a spot in The Champions League for this season. When news broke that we were going to loan Raya from Brentford, I didn’t expect him to automatically take Ramsdale’s spot and with all the “the keeper’s spot isn’t full decided” stuff we saw at the start of the season, I don’t think Arteta made it easy for himself or the English keeper.

Keeper is the hardest position when you’re not the number one pick, there can only be one keeper and although you work in a keeping team, alongside the other keepers, having a solid number one that knows they’re number one is a massive deal. When two keepers are in some what limbo, it’s not good for the team and Arteta being his wishy washy self, I think made things worse than they had to be.

Ramsdale will start on the weekend and although it’s a chance for him to get some minutes, I think we are past the point where if he proved himself he would get another shot, which leads me to wonder if for his own sake, Ramsdale should be looking to go elsewhere in the summer. We are clearly going to make Raya’s move a permanent one, and if I was Ramsdale I’d be looking at the future and I’d have to be selfish about what I want and where I want to go.

Not only at club level but at national level too, Ramsdale will want to be playing for England, and while he’s sitting and warming the bench, Southgate is very unlikely to pick him. If he spends another season on the bench it could be really bad for his career.

It will be good to see him back between the sticks on the weekend but, as I said, if I were him I’d want to start looking around for a better options then what he’s been given this season, and I don’t think anyone could blame him for doing so, he’s far too good to warm the bench.

What’s your thoughts Gooners?

Daisy Mae

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  1. So you think he should leave us then?
    Good grief ,its scarcely a secret from ANYONE who knows football that he WILL be on his way come summer.

    ITS A CERTAIN FAIT ACCOMPLI, OR WILL BE, IN A FEW SHORT MONTHS. Not a matter of will he or wont he, at all then! .


    1. Exactly Jax! This writer is trying, but failing, to gain Gooners interest in an article that discusses as a “possibility”, something we have ALL KNOWN FOR MONTHS ALREADY, WILL, NOT MIGHT, HAPPEN.

      I am bound to wonder, has she been living in a cave, away from all fan communication, these last six months!!

  2. I’m not a fan of bringing in no2s there is always a gulf in class But this season we are lucky to have two very good keepers My ideal scenario would be Ramsdale loving it at Arsenal so much so that he decides to stay here fighting for a place Unlikely I know but that is what I want maybe give him a bump in pay to see if that entices him to stay

  3. Whenever a good player left ARSENAL I would be angry with him for leaving my beloved club. For the first time, in the case of Ramsdale, I encourage him to leave as soon as possible because I feel he has been unfairly treated. It will be beneficial for him to leave considering his England carrier. Wish you all the best Ramsdale. Whatever team you go to I’ll watch you play because you are extraordinary.

  4. Actually, if one thinks about what Daisy is saying, we ALL have instances where MA’s decisions regarding player selection has not sat comfortably.
    But that’s why he’s MOTM for the seventh time, he makes the decisions that HE wants, after being with the players week in and week out.

    I feel for Ramsdale, as he did nothing wrong and see so much similarity with Pep and the way he chose to drop the city and England keeper, whose name I’ve forgotten as I type this! Curses!!

    1. Ken
      You are absolutely correct that Arteta is the manager and it is his decision. I just wish that he would stop with the “keeper’s spot is not fully decided,” or “competition” when he has already made his decisions regarding players and positions.

      As far as Ramsdale, it is nearly certain his is off this Summer. A talented young Keeper no doubt, but what ambitious player would stay clearly as 2nd choice and no chance to win back the spot?

      1. Why would Arteta tell everyone the reality? Next you will be saying he should tell the tactics of how we are going to play against the opposition this weekend!


        He has to say exactly that to at least keep Ramsdale.motivsted for the season. Arteta’s one and only goal is to win matches and how he does that is up to him

  5. I agree Ramsdale is almost certainly on his way out in the summer. The question is where will he go? The top 5 or six clubs already have quality keepers so if he wants the No.1 spot he will probably have to lower his sights a bit. Nothing wrong with that, he just needs to be playing regularly he is too good to be a No.2.

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