Ramsdale’s chance to shine, and Raya will be right behind him at Brentford

Arsenal vs. Brentford:  A Chance for Ramsdale to Shine by Noah

You can’t help but feel like Aaron Ramsdale has been hard done by Arsenal. After playing a crucial part in our title charge and signing a long-term deal in May of last year, he has been left on the fringes since the arrival of David Raya from Brentford.

Despite Mikel Arteta’s claims that the two keepers would receive equal opportunities to prove themselves, today will only be Ramsdale’s 2nd start in the last 15 games. His only other appearance came against West Ham as we fielded a lineup full of fringe players, shipped 3 goals (None of which were Ramsdale’s fault), and bowed out of the FA Cup.

Recently, Ramsdale’s father, Nick Ramsdale, has come out and said “Aaron’s lost his smile” since he’s been overtaken as the #1. While many agree with Nick, others have lashed out at him for potentially creating unrest between the 2 keepers.

Raya has since come out with some really professional comments to diffuse the situation: “We push each other every day in training: when he’s a little bit down, I push him, and when I’m a little bit down he does the same.”

This really highlights the unbreakable bond between this Arsenal bunch at the moment, and I think it is great that they are looking out for each other, despite the competition for places.

Due to Raya being ineligible to play against his parent club, Ramsdale must be licking his lips for the opportunity to prove what he’s all about today against Brentford. I think he will rise to the occasion and show what a massive player he is. I can’t wait for him to rile up the fans at the Gtech Community Stadium and up the tempo of the game.

As we know, class is permanent, and Ramsdale has proven his class to us time and time and time again. Whether it’s his heroics at Anfield, or that save against Leicester, Ramsdale has always been a safe pair of hands, so fans should rest easy when they see him in net.

When all is said and done, we are lucky to have 2 quality keepers at Arsenal in Raya and Ramsdale. No matter who is in the net, I know we can win, and I am so excited for us to have a Nice kick about with the boys…..

Let us know your opinions on the goalkeeping situation!!!

Come on you Gooners!!!

Noah Mroueh

Just for interest – Here is the latest breakdown of Stats between our two keepers……

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  1. It now inevitable that Ramsdale will be the second choice goalkeeper behind Raya and their is nothing to do when arteta make up is mind he doesn’t always change it unless Raya Start making lots of mistake and shipping in foolish goals.

    1. While I agree Raya has become Arteta’s first choice, nothing is set in stone. If Ramsdale can put together some really good form, he can put himself back into intention. Today is the chance for him to do this!

    1. All you are in fact saying then is that if we score even ONE goal, we will win .

      Hardly the modern day Nostradamus, are you!!

      FYI, the huge majority of sides who do not concede a single goal, also win, as 0-0 draws are RARE.

      1. I mean I don’t expect us to score more than one goal, because of Brentford’s defense at their turf, so it’d be better if Ramsdale gets a clean sheet

        1. Yes, they do have a very strong defense. I think they are missing Collins, Rico Henry and Aaron Hickey, so hopefully we can break them down easier. I hope to see some more electrifying performances from Trossard and I want to see Jesus pick up some form!

    2. I agree, with the return of Jesus as well as the good form of Trossard and others, I think we will get the win

  2. @Noah, you wrote that West Ham knocked us out of the FA Cup, they didn’t, it was the League Cup. Our first game in the FA Cup will be in January.

    1. Oh, I’m sorry about that. Thank you, I completely switched them in my mind. I hope we can repeat 2020 and go and win it!

    2. Oh I’m sorry about that! I confused them in my head. Thank you and lets hope that we can go out and win it!!!

  3. It’s sad as nothing the Englishman can do today, as the gaffer believes only Raya is suited to play Arteta ball.

  4. I don’t care which one of them plays. They’ll both have their good days and the odd blooper. Goalkeeping was the least of our worries. I mean we even survived the Alumnia years, the Spanish waiter. Even Fabianski would do. The positions that will make or break Arsenal are wing back, a midfielder who can break the opposition’s attacks and having a striker who will torment defences. I feel for Ramsey though.

    1. I agree, we are so privileged to have 2 quality keepers. I hope that they can continue to push one another to become even better!

    2. Yes, we are still a few ways away from having the perfect squad. We have come so far over the years! We are privileged to have 2 incredible keepers to choose from!

  5. Irrespective which of the 3 Arsenal’s goalkeepers of Raya, Ramsdale or Hein. Is in goal tendering it for the team later today in their Epl match away to Brentford.
    With all said and considered, the most important matter in the match as far as us Arsenal are concerned, is for the Gunners to beat the Bees in the match encounter. And beat them squarely in it to collect all the 3 points at stake in it and collect them unfailingly.
    For, the Arsenal team who will play against Brentford in the match knows the consequency should they not beat Brentford in the match.
    Therefore, the Gunners SHOULD give whatever it will take them in the match to beat the Bees at their Gtech Community Stadium backyard and give it in the game unfailingly. So that at the end of the proceedings in the Epl today Arsenal will remain among the leaders of the League. Or even top the table.

      1. Why should he\? What has it got to do with you anyway! Free speech reigns and those who would oppose it are my enemies!

    1. I agree! At the end of the day, no matter what the lineup is, we must go out there and get 3 points! We are good enough to go out and do so

  6. They are both good shot stoppers, both dodgy in playing the ball out. Don’t really know why Arteta has so taken against Ramsdale ?

  7. Raya will 100% leave after loan if not #1.Ramsdale is on long term contract and young so keeping him on board is possible.since they are comparable,playing Raya #1 is only way to win now and keep both

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