Ramsdale’s father chose the wrong time to speak reckons Troy Deeney

Troy Deeney believes that Aaron Ramsdale’s father chose the wrong time to criticize the decision to bench his son for David Raya. Ramsdale has struggled to secure playing time this season and has found himself on the bench since the arrival of Raya.

The decision to bring in Raya was initially met with criticism, as it seemed Arsenal did not need a new goalkeeper. However, Mikel Arteta persisted and eventually made Raya his first choice.

Despite Ramsdale’s impressive performances and his proximity to becoming England’s first-choice goalkeeper, Arteta has continued to stick with Raya. This led Ramsdale’s father to express concern, stating that his son had lost his smile.

Deeney suggests that Ramsdale’s father should have waited for his son to have a good game before publicly criticising the decision to bench him.

The former Watford man writes in The Sun:

“As a father, if you want to then speak after that game when your son has played well, that’s fine by me. 

“Apply the pressure to Mikel Arteta.

“Yet he has now put his lad under the microscope even further with his comments criticising Mikel for his decision making.”

Just Arsenal Opinion

The manager has the final say in every football team, and we support Mikel Arteta’s decision.

Most of his calls have been the right ones since he moved to the club and he will continue to get our support.

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  1. Deeny’s correct. Ramsey Sr. needs to chose his moments to shoot his mouth of, and has done nothing to help his son with a drunken rant which must have at least embarrassed Aaron.

    1. Where does it say, it was a drunken rant?
      Do you have children? If you do, you will understand Ramsdales Dad. He may have chosen a different time to say it but you can not call his Dad for speaking his mind. Especially after the way it has come about.

      1. I saw the programme, he was drinking all the way through. And yes, I have children, grandchildren and perhaps even great grandchildren for all I know, none of which makes any difference to a drunk on TV having a rant.

        1. From what I understand is, the programme where he mentioned the above, he was not drunk, he was making a statement. But the social media rant at Carragher, he was drunk because when he read it he was at a golf club and replied after he had seen it. I think all of us would!!!!!!

          1. It was on the Highbury Squad podcast which you might still be able to get on YouTube. He was drinking throughout. It’s only my opinion, but he seemed quite p1ssed.

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