Ramsey and Cazorla hint that Walcott will be Arsenal’s only new striker

The rumours linking Arsenal with a big money bid for Real Madrid’s Karim Benzema refuse to go away, despite Rafael Benitez stating categorically that the French international will not be leaving the Bernabeau this summer.

Now a couple of Arsenal stars have been making their thoughts on the subject known, with Cazorla saying that he doubted if Wenger will be buying Benzema. “Everyone would like to have him on their team, but the coach already has a squad and probably will not find another forward,” said Santi.

Meanwhile the Welsh international Aaron Ramsey has backed Walcott to get the 24 goals he needs to reach the magic number of 100 goals for the Gunners. “He did very well at the end of last year,” Ramsey said on the Official Arsenal website. “He’s had a good pre-season.

“He looks sharp, he looks strong and he can be dangerous.

“He is a goalscorer – he has a load of goals for Arsenal and I think he can carry that on and maybe get into the 100 Club this year.

“He’s a very strong character. He believes in his abilities and he definitely has a lot of qualities to offer.

“He can finish – one of the hardest things to do in football is to put the ball in the back of the net and he’s done it on numerous occasions for Arsenal. Hopefully he can continue doing that.”

Obviously Theo is more likely to reach that figure if he plays regularly up front, so perhaps Ramsey and Cazorla have inside information that Walcott and Giroud will be the only two leading the line for Arsenal this season. Arsenal have now officially confirmed that Chuba Akpom has gone out on loan to Hull City, so will those two be enough to fire Arsenal to the title?

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  1. Welbeck is not a striker and hes injury prone….

    so its not enough…

    we must buy a striker!!!!

    1. Welbeck is A STRIKER. He will come good this year. Even without him, we have Giroud and Walcott. Add Sanchez, OX, Ramsey, Cazorla, Ozil and we have a dangerous striking force.

    2. Am sure at the end of last season, almost all arsenal fans knew we needed a Wc striker and a DM to challenge with. Come the new season we av signed just cech. Does Wenger even go to this transfer window with a plan cos seriously i just dont understand how we havent been able to sign a ST and A DM till now. i really hope He gets Bender and A world Class Striker

      1. I also have asking Wenger to get a WC CF but when I looked around to see who is likely going to move, I hardly see any WC CF that would move. Real M. will not let Benzema to leave as they are short in the department, same with Bayern concerning the Pole. Only Cavani but still a problem. We missed it last two years. That was when many were available. We can’t buy for buying sake, it should be a top quality. If Wenger can buy Cech when he had two not too bad GKs, I think he might not be stupid because he knows we are now very close to challenging for the title. We were one goal short of going far in CL and one goal difference sent us to FA semi and eventually cup. We need goals and can only go for the person that provide freely and not managed to provide. COYG.

      2. I dont know y all r going gung-ho about a striker or i say a goalscorer, scoring goals has never been an issue at afc, if strikers dont our midfielders do even our defenders bang around 10 goals per year, its only the defensive fratilities dat need to be sorted out, and to an extent cech has done that too. And regarding our strikers they r regularly scoring so y do we distrupt the chemistry of the team n call for wengers head after it doesnt click, so we as fans should nt go overboard of managing the manager , let him handle the situation , and if he says theo is a striker let it be that way coz he is the one who sees the players day in n day out, and enjoy the best football game in the whole world , when arsenal play it the arsenal way , even barca seems like cambridge united in front of our beautiful game

  2. I don’t get why everyone wants a striker so desperately, obviously I’d love a WC striker.. but if le coq gets injured, we haven’t got another quality option in the defensive midfield position. We need that way more.

    1. @Wootton
      I also believe that quality cover for Le Coq is more important than getting a striker…Remember the DM position is also the position where the player is forced into making tackles and give away fouls so he is more susceptible to yellow and even red cards,and that’s not even counting injuries. Arteta and Flamini are not good enough cover.

  3. I would be sad if petr cech were to be our only major summer signing.
    We need atleast a top striker to wear the vacant number 9 shirt, lewandowski, cavani or benzema.

  4. well well well……… Go ahead!………Tell us if u’re done with the window now WENGER! *picks up a Horsewhip*

    1. you Looked puzzled!…….yea! I’m gon use that on you……Just say the word “DONE”

    2. Those three, will their clubs allow them to move? They are not playing for teams that are looking for money and these teams don’t really have much options in that department. Wenger is willing to get Benzima but did you hear what Benitez said? CF are scarce now. I don’t know why.

  5. With Arsenal, You don’t always believe what You hear. Wenger is so unpredictable when it comes to transfer dealings. You don’t expect Santi and Ramsey to play down their team mate (Walcott). They have to speak good of Him to boost his morale. I also think Walcott will have a big season like OX if they stay fit.

    Having say that’, Let’s wait and see what happens until the end of the transfer window. With Wenger, You just never know…

    1. I have a gut feeling dat ox will be on fire this season, ox or sanchez for the player of the season,
      And if m being optimistic then i say ozil for the balon d’or hehehe

  6. All our english players are injury prone,gibbs,Ox,Jack,walcott,welbeck,but the good thing is they are homegrown,they are all made for the bench and thats why there is the bench.Regarding striker can wenger swallow the humble pie and buy Afobe back or buy charlie Austin to compete with giroud,walcott will be injured in one month

    1. Humble pie? Nah!!!
      I just finished apple pie
      and custard for my
      evening snack.
      Very palatable 🙂

  7. yes we really a top top striker if we can get one benzima if you can get him others if they are available are not worth stupid money, in truth we have great strike force if only garude get those 50%50% chances instead of30%70% he’d be worth 50,000.my main concern is another d.m if cogs. gets injured we will be in the same bloody boat as we were last year,if the boss thinks we are going to have now injures he must be dreaming.we have no other stay at home d.m its not the amount of goals we score thats not problem ,its the ones we let in.

    1. @ozirake.
      Yes a top stiker
      liek “Ben Zimmer” 🙂
      Yis and an udder DiM in
      Kays “Cogs” git injud 🙂

      1. Hahahaha !!!!

        You are a “terrorist”. Why ‘terrorizing’ this guy’s grammar and even his name ????

  8. Benxy is out for a month…and u guys are still tiping him to make d move….naive fanss….clealy you need your mummy for help…seek for help

  9. #WeWait and see;no matter wat we say d decision is eft 2 wenger n d board-we can only hope dey do d ryt thing

  10. Some Fans are ok with Arsenal Striking force,this is foolishness on their part.Giroud and Walcot plus Welbeck can not win us the EPL tittle let alone the UCL. We need an upgrade.DM situation is manageable not the ST position.sorry if am impeding on other fans believe.

  11. ok so what happens when Walcott inevitably gets his 3 months + injury? do we go back to plan Giroud? or maybe Welbeck? man we got to be realistic..we need a striker AND a DM..otherwise the only thing we will be challenging for come May is 4th place.

  12. As I understand it Wenger chose Cech not only because he is a fine keeper but because of the psychological effect it would have on the rest of the team to have a player of his quality in the side.
    The same could be said for having a world class striker leading the line.

  13. Surely we can do with the strikeforce we have. Remember we will only use one striker at a time. If we buy a striker we then have to sell either Giroud or Welbeck. As fo the wingers , It would be a sjame if the likes of Iwobi, Adelaide fail to get game time!

  14. I think Walcott will prove a lot of doubters wrong if he can stay fit, we seem to have done a fair bit of work on upgrading our staff so I do hope our injury curse is behind us now.

    Last full season fit, Theo scored on average 1 in every 2 games from out wide, he can time his run and with Ozil behind him, it could be a glorious time.
    We know Theo isn’t the big strong CF that can bully oppositions defenses, he didn’t do that against Chelsea… He used his athleticism to move around and drag/pull players out of pos, dropping deep and getting forward quick was hard for Chelsea as well. It was this movement and pace that got us our goal, anyone notice it was Theo who set up the Ox after Theo had dropped deeper and then kept himself available incase the Ox needed him.

    I will say that Theo has shown great potential in that central role, he isn’t settled in that role but he has shown that he can do it very well.
    Once he settles in that role then I think he will be challenging for the golden boot while at the same time providing a good amount of assists, at the moment you can see he is trying a bit too hard at times but he did the same on the right before he settled.

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