Ramsey and Ozil singled out by Unai Emery for praise after impressive Arsenal win

Arsenal manager Unai Emery has given his initial reaction to the impressive 2-0 win over Newcastle that saw us go third in the standings, and he singled out Mesut Ozil and Aaron Ramsey in particular.

Naturally, he spoke about the whole team praising both their individual play, their quality and the team as a whole but it was Ozil and Ramsey he identified as the quality duo that drove us on to victory

Speaking on Sky Sports, Emery said: “We were good individually, our players gave us quality and they worked for the team. Our supporters at home are very important and we can be stronger together.

“We were improving little by little and our first goal helped us a lot. Mesut Ozil has quality, when he can find the best performance for the team, he is playing like we want with the system and how tactically we want. He is giving us his quality.

“I think Aaron Ramsey is happy, he is helping us and is playing with a very good performance and scoring. Each energy from the players is very important for us and he is doing that. We are at the most important moment of the season.

“We are making progess in the table but we know it is difficult, Tottenham, Chelsea and Manchester United are going to win a lot of games.”

Emery is right to single out both players, they did make the difference when it mattered, they offer that little bit extra that prevents frustration setting in, they bring a calm assurance that feeds to the rest of the team, it was noticeable how often the other players looked for Ozil and Ramsey knowing they would be the catalyst for a breakthrough.

It is a shame we are losing Ramsey at the end of the season but we will still have Ozil, and if tonight has proven anything, it has proven that we are a better team with the German maestro in it.

Sam P


  1. Ozil could have scored or gotten an assist. Overall, he gave a good shift. Another ref could have allowed Ramsey’s first goal, good we got another before the half time break. Nothing as relieving as goal down the tunnel at HT with goal(s) up.

  2. An impressive display, am afraid of bad officiating for disallowed Ramsey First goal.

    1. Yes, but now many fans wish Ramsey stay. See how the media can easily incite and change the minds of the fickle fans

      About Ozil, I think the club would try to find a suitor for him next season

      1. Cmon mate ,ozil last night was something else ,his last 3games that he’s played we’ve looked so much better ,you keep saying ozil should be sold but who we going to replace him with .
        I don’t think fans appreciate what he does
        But rather look at his wage which at the end of the day is what he was offered,who in their right mind wouldnt take as much as they can get in any kind of job .
        I watched him last night and he does stuff no one can come close to when he’s on form .the way he caresses that ball around with no effort is second to none .
        I for one think he should be starting every match because without him around we look ordinary.

        1. Unbelievable Dan-What more can Ozil do?Is it’s coincidence that as a team we look so much more balanced with MO10 in the side when going forward?And for all those wanting him out they should ask themselves who we replace him with

          1. Dan and Phil, just arrived home after driving back straight from the game.
            Ozil was superb last night and didn’t the crowd appreciate him?
            Ramsey was also awesome, who else would give what he is giving, knowing that the club took back a contract?
            Again, the fans gave him the response he deserved.
            My two downers were Iwobi and Guards, both seem intent on running down a blind alley.

            Hopefully Kos, xhaka and Torreria will be back for the everton game and we can put mustafi back on the bench, along with the two already mentioned.

            £1 billion pounds to find and out of the CL… could it really happen?

              1. Robbie Lyle from AFTV made the comment that in the recent match in Dubai, the majority of the local fans went to see Mezut Ozil play. His shirt sales must help raise the price of the Arsenal shirt contract.

                1. Ken – That was a tough drive back after the game.Absolute total respect sir.
                  Ozil did what only Ozil can do.BUT.Emery wants consistency and if the hard treatment the player received earlier in the season is to produce performances as last night EVERY GAME then the Manager receives every bit as much of the credit as the player.
                  Aaron Ramsey?Total respect for his commitment and professionalism for every game he has played this season.He has had his critics and doubters about consistency and worth to the Club with me included among them) but nobody can ever doubt what a fine example of a Proffesional Footballer he is.Could just be he will be much harder to replace than we all (or most of us anyway) thought.
                  Iwobi-I refuse to discuss him.I continue to believe he is and always will be well below the class expected of an Arsenal player.
                  Guendouzi?Never hides and at least tries to influence the game.He is still only a teenager and will only improve as the seasons go by.A real talent in the making who has played probably more games than anyone thought-including himself.But I believe he has the Managersctrust and will be expected to make his mark over the next few seasons.
                  Will drop you a line on email Ken-keep a look out for it.
                  Again total respect for the efforts you continue to do to follow your club.

                  1. Phil, I suppose that, at the end of the day, UE and Ozil ironing out their differences is a win-win for everyone involved at our club.
                    I thought that last nights performance was one of his best and, your right, that has to go down to Unai Emery.
                    It certainly knocks the rumour that he couldn’t manage top players on the head, that’s for sure.

                    I wonder just what Ramsey must feel about leaving us?
                    The reception he got when he came off and his reaction to it, was really poignant.and sad.

                    My personal thoughts on Iwobi long term?
                    He would benefit a loan deal with a top overseas club (spanish/german etc) in order to see if he can become the finished article…last night was painful to watch skill-wise, but he does have tremendous heart and gives everything to the cause.

                    agree with Guads, but he ‘s another who deserves a rest, judging from last night.

                    I brought two scotsmen down, one a St Mirren fan and the other a very young (9) Celtic fan.
                    They used my daughters/grandsons tickets and they were blown away by the experience!!
                    Spent a lot of money in the Armoury and I might just have converted a new gooner!!

                    Will watch my inbox…

                    SUE, I forgot about the three match ban, thanks for reminding me.
                    AT LAST a manager has stood up to Riley..what a shocker at Cardiff!!
                    I had to laugh when Warnock said the linesman had apologised…fine lot of good that will do if they get relegated over those decisions!!!
                    Been waiting with baited breath for Kenny’s tirade about this situation, plus the two or three “unusual” ones last night.

                    1. Been yet another shocking week of ref/linesmen incompetence Ken! I always keep an eye on ‘Untold Arsenal’ not a day goes by on there without the ref being mentioned! Kenny would be in his element!!
                      Good on Neil Warnock, about time hey! Although I bet he receives a ban, maybe worse for his troubles.. possibly relegation.
                      Glad you enjoyed the game… I bet you’re tired today with that long drive back!

            1. Ken, I agree on Ozil and am also beginning to think – on balance of probabilities only – that you might prove right and that he will stay. Nothing would please me more, IF he continues to prove it wise, as he IS now doing more and more often. Also much agree on Iwobi but, assuming “Guards” refers to Guendouzi, then I do NOT at all agree . I thought him narrowly MotM last night( just ahead of Ozil , Ramsey and Laca) and though he does lose the ball at times, his rare ability in our team to change the direction of play- which only Ozil surpasses – together with his workrate, speed of thought and action and ability to regain possession and general ability, mark Guendouzi out as a definite star player in the making. I thought Mustafi our weakest link, as he is so often and think him ponderous, slow thinking and mistake ridden , a damning set of weaknesses in ANY Prem CB. But still a great night, though I still think we are outsiders to make top four, even though the bookies firmly disgree, so I have backed my judgement but hope to lose my money this time. WASN’T THE CLOWNISH REF TAYLOR A JOKE TOO!

              1. Jon, I also see Guend (can’t be bothered with the whole spelling!!) as a future excellent player for the club.
                I wasn’t intending to come across as thinking anything else.
                However, last night in my view, the Newcastle players easily bullied him and made him make mistakes.
                He neve gave up trying however and full marks for that.

                I believe you and I have long held the same views regarding Mustafi, but again, to his credit (and maybe UE as well) he had a better game than usual. We were lucky that Newcastle didn’t have a Kane or Lacs leading their line.

                ozziegunner made a very good point earlier regarding Ozils merchandising worth and it seems that the man is/has earning his salary one way or the other!

                THe referee seemed to want to outdo his compatriate at Cardiff with his bizzare decisions.

                Sue – Untold Arsenal is a brilliant site for this kind of thing isn’t it?
                I have never actually quite understood their method of marking referees, but the finished articles always are worth a read.
                Yes, completely knackered, but it was worth it-CL here we come again eh Sue?

  3. I’ve held back this thought for awhile. after watching Arsenal vs New Castle yesterday, I’ve come to the conclusion that Alex Iwobi should never start in the remaining games.

    Iwobi isn’t terrible, don’t get me wrong, but when he plays our attack seems stifled, slow and lacks any fluidity and cohesion.

    I don’t believe his problem lies in his ability and skill set (in fact he has plenty of those attributes), his problem is his decision making, especially when the ball is in his possession. This can be fixed in time, but for the last 7 games he needs to come off the bench

    1. You shouldn’t have to hold back ,it’s what a fan forum is for its not you’re fault that fans can’t handle negative things said about players ,they are paid a fortune to kick a ball around ,if they are not performing they need to understand this ,I’m a builder if I cock a job up I don’t except my clients to say oh well it’s only money .
      When you see that auba as scored 4 goals coming off the bench and playing in iwobis position it just shows the gulf in class .

      1. hence why he earns 5 times what Iwobi earns . Can we leave Iwobi to play and stop the criticism in every game. he has not been good lately .Ozil is been given accolades for moving the ball around and when Iwobi does that he is a headless chicken .lol. Ozil was good last night though . I think a loan move for Iwobi will be good for him .
        No disrespect to English fans but i am tired of people talking about Declan Rice and Lingard. they are overhyped and overrated

        1. The 3 big issues with the “leave Iwobi to play and stop the criticism in every game.” are as follows:

          1. Fans have double standards – It’s easy to slate unfavored players like Mustafi or Xhaka, or media critique darlings like Ozil every game, but fan favorites are exempt (mind you I’m African and I really don’t rate Iwobi, at the moment)

          2. These are professional athletes, and they’re paid astronomical wages for them to perform game after game as fans pay top dollar game after game. (As Xxnofx stated)

          3. When we don’t win games fans like you usually turn to our scapegoats like Ozil or Xhaka, but completely ignore players who affect our fluidity (which basically the most common reason why we lose games), just because you don’t properly analyze the match.

          Iwobi is the biggest culprit of being a disruptor of the team’s fluidity. The reason why this isn’t noticeable is that he receives the ball often, and hangs on to it for unnecessarily long periods and people watching interpret it as him contributing to the team in a positive way.

          Watch how the team’s fluidity gets better(especially attack) when he isn’t playing.
          Again I am not saying we get rid of him, but he needs to improve his decision making and that will in turn add to his brilliant skill set, and until then he mustn’t start.

      2. ” its not you’re fault that fans can’t handle negative things said about players ,they are paid a fortune to kick a ball around” Except no-one gives a shit about offending fans, that isn’t the issue here and it never was. Being negative to your own players is the issue.

        It doesn’t matter how much they get paid (as much as you want to try and belittle it by saying they’re just kicking a ball around), they’re still human at the end of the day, with human emotions.

        How would you feel if you played your heart out every single game and training session, give everything you can to the club, only for the fans to hurl abuse at you and insult everything you do? You think that’s going to make them play better? There are NUMEROUS examples across the years of what a hugely detrimental effect negative fans can have on a player.

        1. You must be one of those neo-liberal snow flakes.

          If you’re an athlete and expect to reach heights like ‘World Class”, expect to handle criticism like a “World Class” athlete should. Those who crumble from fans’ critique were never “World Class” athletes to begin with

    2. exactly ur annlysis on ewobi is very correct.he is very good when with ball,good foot work.the only problem with him is decison making.his legs are faster than his brain.
      He needs to take time when with ball and raise the head up not to look at the ball and fail to see where to pass the ball

      1. In other words do what a footballer should do.
        Two Bob footballer and always will be.I heard he was ridiculed for his performances for Nigeria last week.My god.If you can’t stand out playing in that team with those mugs then how can anyone seriously expect him to perform for us.

  4. Why shudnt iwobi start.. We all knw his combo with kola is worth it.. Besides when iwobi leaves the pitch we tend to lose our superiority.. Lik yesterday n like the first leg against rennes.. He is our best dribbler n he tracks back pls give this boy some love, he is ready to put in work n not scared of being criticised.. So if we where to get another iwobi from another team how much are we spendin yeah.. 50mil?.. I for one think he had a great outing last night

    1. ThankGod for fans like you .
      most people on this forum make it seem like Iwobi is the worst player in arsenal. i am not a fan boy of Iwobi . i just want him to grow into a good footballer for us .

        1. i think ur wrong on ewobi.he has every thing it takes to play for arsenal only he needs to make decision rightfully

      1. Did I just read that right? We tend to lose our superiority when Iwobi leaves the pitch??
        Tbh I couldn’t wait for him to leave the pitch… Auba should have started all day long

        1. Disagree on Auba “all day long” Sue. He would have been shagged out by kickoff! But had you said to start from kickoff at 8 pm, then I could not agree more. PEDANTS RULE OK? To be serious, both our great strikers should always start and play together in all games when fit, IMO. As for Iwobi, that reminds me , I need a poo!

          1. Hahaha Jon smarty pants – you know exactly what I meant ?
            I’ve never seen a Lord use the words shagged & poo ?? (tbf you have been quite funny lately!) ?

            1. Sue If you really knew me, the real me , I am funny and off the wall much of the time and flippant too. This site brings out the serious side in me but in general that is not how I am. Honest injun! And I quite like the sound of Lord Pooshagged for my title! I read many of your conversations with John W and enjoy reading them usually.

    2. Do you remember Gervinho?
      He was a good dribbler like Iwobi as well but lacked good decision making skills.

      Believe me when I say I criticizes Iwobi because I feel he should be better than the likes of Sancho, Gnabry, , Hudson-Odoi, Rashford etc. (That who I compare him too)

      What irritates me with him is that he started off the season on fire making wonderful decisions (knowing when to pass, dribble, being aware of the space around him and finding teammates) and now he’s back to square one with the “Gervinho” syndrome, dribbling unnecessarily and never learning from the bad decisions he just made(which is the common African footballer problem).

      Iwobi should take a page out of Raheem Sterling’s book and see that good decision making is everything in football. Like Sterling he has the skills, he just needs to pay more attention in a match

    3. 50 Mill for what exactly? Please let’s be realistic, the guy has refused to grow. See the way AMN has upped his game in recent times, Iwobi hasn’t grown an inch. yeah he did show potentials to be a great footballer years ago but all he still shows is potential. I will compare him to Wilshere in that they both showed potentials early only that one was greater than the other. Someone needs to seat him down and talk some senses into those dreads

  5. Both played well last night and I hope they can recreate similar effort at the Goodison Park

    Just need to fix the defense a bit because there were some scary moments last night

  6. We have won only 5 away games all season – fact and we have 5 away games left out of 7. Last season and this, away games has been our bane else we would be challenging for the title by now. Secondly, the most of the team we will play against have given them a tough time in the not distant past – Leicester, Watford and Wolves. Only Everton has been easy. Burnley has always been a hard fought 1-0 score line with last minute scrappy goals for past two seasons away. Making it worse, they are playing for their lives. It won’t be easy. Can we really say we are already in top 4 with only 3 points separating us from 6th places Chelsea.

  7. Ramsey is the best player we have right now. If we look closely for Ozil to play like he is doing Ramsey need to be there. Some call Ramsey headless but we’re going to regret the loss when he departs. Can Emery and Team do something to cancell the Juve pre contract please.

    1. Sorry to disagree but despite Ramsey’s current form, Lacazette is the best player Arsenal have right now.

      1. Cannot agree more OG.His consistency is amazing and he is starting to be our main Striker.Great player with heart skill and an unbelievable work rate and attitude

        1. Phil, I also love Laca and think him a far more effective all round player and who is always involved in the game, than Auba, whom I also like but not as much, since he works less hard. Laca reminds me of Wrighty, high praise indeed! I wonder what time that clown “so called ref” arrived back at his circus tent last night. Where do they fund some of these donuts!!!

          1. JF-you would have thought that after the Cardiff game the ref couldn’t do worse.Lo and behold…….They just never fail do they?
            With you on Lacazette and Laca is a Great Striker out of the Ian Wright mould except for his goal returns.When they both play in a 3/5 with Ozil we are undoubtedly a better side.Lot to look forward to till the end of the season.And we have 5 tough but winnable away games to come.The team seems confident and that’s always a good sign.Was I alone in knowing we would score eventually as opposed to just hoping?

  8. Spot on guys.How Lacazette cannot find a place in the French international side is beyond me and I suspect most of the French fans.

  9. Horses for courses. I have said it before and I will say it again. Against average opposition where we have 60+ percent possession and where he has limited defensive responsibility, Ozil is great. He gets a lot of the ball can pick his passes and make his runs with minimal consequence at the back. When we have less possession and more defensive responsibilities, he is an absolute passenger in the game and frankly a liability (With very few exceptions), decent midfielders also have been known to bully him out of the game. He is just too expensive to use as a fair weather player IMO.

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