Ramsey: ‘Arsenal will always mean so much to me’

Aaron Ramsey has taken time to reflect on his time at Arsenal days amidst the break from football, and he still reiterates his love for the club he left just under a year ago.

The Welsh midfielder left North London on a free transfer to take up a new challenge with Juventus in Serie A, and is currently closing in on his first ever league title.

He had a rocky start to the current campaign, starting a number of matches on the bench, but has recently forced his way into the fold, only for the current pandemic to suspend football indefinitely.

He’s taken some time out to relive some of his best moments at Arsenal, admitting that he was taken aback by the way he was brought from Cardiff into training alongside stars like Cesc Fabregas, Kolo Toure and William Gallas.

‘It happened so quickly at Cardiff. I played the final game of the season before and then had a pre-season, went off with first-team, we had a mad cup run where we got to the final and that was it then. It was done within the year,’ Ramsey intimated.

‘All my life I’ve been trying to achieve this thing of playing for Cardiff and then the next thing I know I’m walking into a dressing room with the likes of Fabregas, Gallas and Toure.

‘I’m 17 years old, I’m just like, “What’s going on here?!”. I just felt out of place but they were really cool guys, made you feel really welcome but still you had to pinch yourself.

‘Wenger was a massive pull. He would give youngsters opportunities, he talked me through how he saw my career path going, how he wanted to improve me and what I needed to improve on.

‘He brought me straight into the first-team to train every day with these world-class players and he believed in me.

‘I just felt he really wanted and felt like he made the most effort to try and secure me.’

The 28 year-old was then asked about what it felt like to say goodbye to the Arsenal fans after 11 years with the club.

‘I wasn’t prepared for that. I was just thinking I’m going to go out there, say my bit and I couldn’t control anything,’ he revealed.

‘It was just pouring out. I spent 11 years there, I grew up there, I left Cardiff at 17, I’ve been married, had kids and been through so much on and off the pitch. That club meant so much to me and always will.’

You could argue that Ramsey has been the greatest Arsenal player of the Emirates era, and his departure was a sore one for any fan.

You have to wonder whether Arsene Wenger’s departure played a big part in Ramsey’s decision to quit the club at such a crucial part in his career, but time goes on.

Has there been a bigger player for Arsenal in the post-Highbury era?



  1. You surely cannot be serious(to quote John McEnroe) in that last line question? I’d say the answer is well above a dozen others were bigger players than Ramsey, post Highbury. When you write “you could argue… etc”, please don’t include me. I could not and would not ever argue such an obvious untruth.

  2. Yet another player deemed “not good enough” by some of our fans.

    But, when UE (not to blame at all by the way) selected our four best players, Auba, Lacs, Ozil and Ramsey, we won five games in a row

    The day Ramsey rejected manure and chose us instead, meant it was another young player who recognized what our club had to offer and his respect towards Wennger and The Arsenal says it all.

    £50,000,000 down the drain, due to gazidis and the new regime – let him go without a whimper.

  3. Been watching a lot of old games recently and I do look back fondly at Aaron Ramsey… he’s another who wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but he scored some really important goals for us…. and some beauties too!
    I thought he was set to stay with us, but we pulled the plug on the new deal?? Well whatever it’s in the past.. and another left for nothing…smh….
    Was an emotional day watching him leave, was gutted he didn’t get to play against Brighton… thanks for the memories (& please don’t go to Liverpool 😂)

  4. Been an Arsenal fan since 1952 and through all that time we lost many players to other teams. Aaron was the only one I wrote to when it was announced they weren’t keeping him.
    Have nothing but respect and admiration for him. The trouble with a lot of fans is that they have short memories; Ramsey used to score and assist regularly for us, something that the midfield we have now rarely does.

  5. Crikey,
    The biggest player in the post Highbury era?
    Sorry, but I could think of a few who were better. However, that is not to say that he wasn’t a faithful servant to the club and his horrific injury probably affected his influence after. I liked him.

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